Multi-Uses of UV DTF Printers in the 2022 World Cup

The application of UV DTF printers on posters and banners

The application of UV DTF printers on posters and banners

When the 2022 FIFA World Cup begins, many banners and posters produced by UV DTF printers will be put up. In terms of signs, the official poster for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar was unveiled at a special event at Hamad International Airport. For the first time, a series of posters were produced for the competition—all designed by Qatari female artist Bouthayna Al Muftah.

The main poster depicts the traditional headdress being thrown into the air—a symbol of celebrations and football fans in Qatar and the Arab world. These supporting posters show the passion of Arab people for football, bringing families together.

“My main inspiration comes from the concept of collective memory,” Al Muftah said. She also hopes that “most of my work focuses on past experiences and memories, which link them with the present and archive them in a modern way.” I hope the posters follow this theme and tell the story of Qatar’s football culture. She continued: “I hope that every poster can show the celebrations in Qatar and football fans.” The main poster depicts “gutra,” and “legal ‘[traditional headwear] waving in celebratory air-this is what fans do when they score.”

Jean Franç ois Pathy, the marketing director of FIFA, said: “Qatar’s official posters in 2022 are an atmospheric reflection of Qatar’s art and football tradition. We are proud of this series of beautiful posters depicting Qatar’s enthusiasm for football and drawing global attention to this talented female artist. “

the 2022 world cup T-shirt

The practical use of UV DTF printers is expected in the accessories of the World Cup. There are distinctive peripheral products in the global market with the theme of the 2022 World Cup because of the popularity of this activity. For example, the 2022 World Cup poster published by FIFA (the Federation of International Football Association) has sparked a worldwide craze, generating various products, including World Cup jerseys, the World Cup emblem, and even some commemorative coins.

The application of DTG printers and DTF printers in the 2022 World Cup jerseys

FIFA world cup Qatar in 2022

The U.S.A

Home court: The home jersey usually uses the traditional white ground color, as the US team does. In addition, red and dark blue stripes are set on the sleeves and neckline, perhaps to pursue its ultimate simple design style. This jersey centers the US team logo and moves the Nike logo from the chest to the cuffs on both sides.

Away court: By contrast, the away jersey looks much more colorful. It uses tie-dyeing, combining regular blue, dark blue, and black, highlighting the halo effect. There are particular patterns and textures in the details.


Home court: It is fashionable and simple, but too plain to stimulate any extraordinary emotional reaction. The combination of navy blue and gold trim gives a touch of imperial flavor, but the defending World Cup champions should certainly get more.

Away court: All standard France away jersey hallmarks are embodied in a white shirt with blue trims. On closer inspection, the jersey also features an all-over print inspired by traditional ‘Toile de Jouy’ fabrics, featuring a selection of motifs, including the Gallic rooster logo, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Clayfontaine National Training Centre.

Qatar 2022 jersey
France T-shirt of 2022 world cup


Home court: Qatar’s World Cup jersey has a simple design. The home jersey is red, the team’s logo is printed just below the neckline, and the zigzag design of the cuffs is a reference to the Qatar flag.

Away court: This kit describes the coastline of Qatar, where “a subtle string of pearl graphic overlays pays homage to the pearl diving history of the coastal atoll.” It’s a long history, meant to mimic a sandstorm.

The use of UV DTF printers in the 2022 World Cup Emblem

UV DTF printers can be used in many areas. For example, they can be used to print customized products, such as phone cases, shoe coins, and furniture. Customized services are not only used in materials. It is a business model that uses the convenient operation and flexible printing features of UV DTF printers to make profits by meeting customers’ requirements. That’s to say, it can create exclusive customizations for customers. UV DTF printers are helpful for distinctive materials, including phone cases, packaging, gift boxes, wine box customization, commemorative coins, emblems, etc. Guests can print their favorite patterns on flat items to customize their exclusive items, which are unique and full of personality.

On the evening of September 3, FIFA and Qatar released the emblem of the 2022 World Cup in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The emblem of the 2022 World Cup looks like a white trophy from a distance, on which there is an English “infinity” symbol and an “8” in Arabic numerals. What’s more, it is decorated with burgundy-colored patterns. The emblem has two dots at the top, a football figure between the dots, and a decorative design at the bottom. The English words “FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022” are printed below the emblem.

The three-dimensional form of the emblem is displayed in a swirling gesture, symbolizing the globe and the spherical shape of a soccer ball, according to Qatar’s Supreme Council for Projects and Heritage. The “infinity” symbol signifies that the 2022 World Cup will be a permanent legacy for Qatar and the region, while the number “8” represents the number of stadiums hosted in Qatar. The emblem appears to be covered with a cape that residents of the Gulf countries are used to wearing in winter, symbolizing that the 2022 World Cup will be held in winter.

The committee revealed that the just-announced 2022 World Cup emblem would be displayed on the facades of landmark buildings in Qatar and 23 countries and regions worldwide and on giant screens in these places. The World Cup in Qatar will be held from November 21 to December 18, 2022. So far, Qatar has completed 75% of the World Cup construction projects.

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