3d dtf transfer prinitng solutions

3d DTF special-shaped transfer printing

Since DTF technology can only transfer printing to flat textile fabrics, in order to expand the printing substrate and reduce printing costs, our technical team has developed 3D DTF printing technology.

3D DTF transfer printing supports transfer of the image on the transfer film to curved, uneven surfaces, and special-shaped objects. Such as EVA slippers, PVC, PU sandals and skateboards. The ink has good versatility, high coverage, excellent adhesion, low odor and environmental friendliness. Can produce good adhesion on substrates.

3d dtf printing

Compared with the original Screen Printing, 3D DTF printing has the advantages of:


Why 3d dtf will replace screen printing?

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a technique that uses a grid to transfer ink onto objects, except for areas that are obscured using a stencil. Start by creating a stencil (printers call it a "screen"), then use that stencil to apply multiple layers of ink to the printed surface. Use a different template for each color, one at a time, and combine to achieve the final look. Only one color can be printed at a time, and if you want to achieve multi-color printing, you will need several screens for this.

Digital Heat Transfer Printing

Digital printing is a newer process where your artwork is processed by a computer and then printed directly onto a transfer film, which is transferred to the surface of the product using pressure and temperature.

Digital printing is best for items that require a lot of detail and small orders. The fact that digital printing presses do not use screen allows photographic printing with far more detail than traditional screen printing. Richer colors. With no screen or physical setup, the fact that the design is digitally processed and printed allows for a quantity of one.

3D DTF Sample Gallery

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