Auto dtf heat transfer process

New Arrival! DTF Intelligent Heat Press Carousel Automates DTF Printing

DTF printing is still one of the most popular printing techniques in the market. As is known to all, heat press machine is an essential consumable for DTF printing. Hence, for those who own large scale of DTF business, they need to employ more labors to operate more than one heat press machines to finish the orders in appointed time. Actually, this is time-consuming and increases labor cost. To solve this, SUBLISTAR develop a game-changing machine – DTF intelligent automated heat press carousel.

The DTF intelligent automated heat press is a highly advanced tool that can automatically perform the heat pressing process, greatly reducing the manual workload and improving production efficiency. This article will discuss about more details of this new machine:

First Look: How Does DTF Printing Automated by Heat Press

The DTF printing and T-shirt printing marketing have been expecting a complete smart DTF printing solution for years, as the last steps in DTF printing process, heat press always required manual work, now, a intelligent automation heat press machine finally arrives, the SUBLISTAR heat press carousel makes a end-to-end automating Direct-to-Film printing come true.

Let’s take a look at how does it work to meet the printing business owners’ expectation: automated, labor cost saving, less time consuming & more efficient.

Product Highlight of DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel

The intelligent heat press is equipped with robotic arms, which makes the whole heat press process totally automatic, meaning automatic film release, heat pressing, and film tearing without manual intervention. You just need to do some preparation work before starting the machine, including putting all the film in fixed place and setting temperature and time according to the specific fabric. After test, this machine can reach 10 seconds for one T-shirt, which will greatly improve production efficiency, making sure that all the orders can be finished in time.

Fast dtf production
auto DTF heat press machine

Advantages of DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel

Efficient pressing

With the Sublistar DTF automatic carousel’s advanced heat press carousel system, film release, heat pressing and tearing off can be finished in 10 seconds. Whether you have small quantity or large quantities of orders, the intelligent heat press machine will definitely finish the orders at high speed and guarantee the quality at the same time. The automated process allows for faster production and higher output while reducing labor cost.

Customized Options

This machine is equipped with a wide range of adjustable parameters to accommodate various materials and sizes. There are three types of work area to choose from, 16*24 inches, 16*20 inches, 15*15 inches, meeting different design needs. Besides, the heat press is equipped with customizable time and temperature settings, enabling you to set suitable pressing parameters to get the best printing result.

Reliable Durability

The automatic DTF heat press is designed with high-quality components and robust construction for long-lasting work.

Auto heat press

Import heating board: 

The flatness of the heating board is high, and the temperature error is within two degrees.

Auto suction DTF Film

High quality carousel: 

The carousels, equipped with 3cm high-frequency processing gears, utilizes variable frequency speed adjustment to solve the jitter defect of the machine brake disc.

Aviation Aluminum Plate

Pure aluminum press plate: 

The press plate is made of pure aluminum instead of ceramics which is easy to deform. And the aluminum plate can keep the temperature error in 1 degree positive and negative and last for 20 years.

Auto dtf heat transfer process

Highly smooth integral plate: 

The integral plate is very smooth and processed by mirror grinding bed. It will be guaranteed for eight years without deformation.

User-Friendly operation

As the video shows in the First Look, it is not difficult to operate the machine. What needs to be done is to set the parameters ahead of time in the PLC touch screen and then press the “start” button. Afterwards, the intelligent automated heat press will work.

Applications of DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel

Although this DTF intelligent automated heat press carousel is specially designed for DTF printing, its application is not limited to DTF printing. It also can be applied to vinyl and sublimation printing.

It not only works on fabric surface but also metal plate. Here are some instances: T-shirt, hoodies, jeans, pillow, iron box and much more!

customized pillow
cotton fabric
metal uv
dtf printing hoodies
canvas bags
anti-sublimation dtf powder

In conclusion, the DTF intelligent automated heat press carousel advances the digital printing industry by applying artificial intelligence technology- robotic arms, which meets the demand for a high-production while reducing. By virtue of the automated capabilities, you are able to complete more orders within the prescribed time, helping expand your business scale.

After reading this article, if you want to find more about this machine, click the button and talk to the expert at SUBLISTAR for more.


Is the automatic heat press machine worth it?

Of course, it is. The machine increases production efficiency while decreasing the labor cost, to some level maximizing return on investment.

Yes, the T-shirt can last for a long time. Although the heat press machine is automatic, the quality does not change. The pattern will not fade or fall off easily.

According to our test, it will take 10 seconds for the machine to transfer a cloth.

Improving production efficiency, reducing labor cost, guaranteeing the quality, wide range of applications and easy to use.

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