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Solid modeling shape combined with eco-friendly green streaks. The design concept of environmental protection is embodied in its low power and energy consumption.


The passion of blaze is melted in its red tough shoulders. It runs more smoothly and fluently with super stable performance.



Assembled like a MechWarrior with bladed streamlines. It’s integrated together with hi-tech sense, subtle design, and futuristic look.


In the basic functions of the ULTRA I generation, the appearance has changed.

What remains unchanged is the same quality and stable output. Easy to use, easy to print on different fabrics, easy to operate, and easy for beginners to learn.

Can undertake multiple types of group services, bulk orders, or small custom orders, with quick response.


With polygons as design features, it has a strong hi-tech sense, and it can form a big difference compared with market products.

With three-stage heating in the front, middle, and rear, the drying process can start immediately after printing.

Applicable to a variety of Sublistar consumables, with DTF Glitter Film, DTF Gold Film, and Luminous Film, the effect is better.



Based on the arc shape and blade silk screen, the arc surface is interspersed to create a sense of space for the product, Like the extension of flame power, it symbolizes a steady stream of orders.

Using Japan's high-precision mute guide rail, the operation is more stable and the noise is low.

With Sublistar's various hot melt powders, Anti-stretch DTF Powder, and Anti-sublimation DTF powder, it is easy to print elastic fabrics and various shades of T-shirts.

Amazing Display from DTF Ultra II Film Pinter

DTF Ultra II Film Pinter inherits the unique performance of the first generation. In terms of appearance, it adheres to the original design, the design concept is diverse, the sci-fi is subtle, the rigidity and softness are combined, and it is nimble and natural. It is the combination of mechanical stagnation and the softness of clothing fabrics.

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