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Buy DTF Machine Get Supplies for Free !

Buying any Sublistar DTF machine, you will get a DTF Supplies bundled package valued at $300 for free, including 100m DTF film, 2kg DTF powder, 1set DTF inks. 1set DTF ink cleaning kit.

High-performance, reliable direct transfer fabric printing.

DTF-Star iii series printers are designed to increase overall production, while dramatically reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Breakthrough motor life

Suitable for almost all types of fabrics, no matter dark or light color.

Huge Energy-efficient upgrades

Affordable and require no pre-treatment without the hassle of PreTreatment!

Exception Durability

Fully automatic production mode. 200 to 250 T-Shirt print capacity per hour.

Next-level hardware

No need to make screen, print from computer directly.


DTF Pro max is a new generation of the digital revolution, creating a new digital dtf film printing process. It makes up for the shortcomings of the existing dtf technology. The max print area is 13 inches x 19 inches paper size A3+. Max print speed upto 8m2/h.


Latest DTF technology far better than DTG & Sublimation. Comprehensive & Cost-Effective Digital Transfer Printing Solution for Garments. The max print width 24inch. Max print speed upto 20m2/h.


Know New Features About DTF STAR-III Below

Ink Damper Heating Available

Ink damper device with external heating function. Since The heating unit is installed on the outside of each ink damper. With this technology, the printer can work normally in an environment with large temperature differences. In the printing process, the heating function can ensure the good fluidity of the ink.

print head
Pinch Roller Adjustable

Pinch Roller Adjustable

According to the printing material, adjust the platen support to adjust the pressure of the pressure roller to ensure smooth paper feeding and improve the effect. which can increase the friction force during paper feeding, make the process more stable and reliable, and avoid indentation and other phenomena during printing. It ensures high printing accuracy during printing and output.

Nozzle Compensated

The original Nozzle compensated technology can solve the problem of missing printing. Through this technology, the printer can automatically monitor the printing process. If the lines are discontinuous and there are blank areas, the nozzle will spray again to fill up the missing areas to ensure the output of a perfect picture(improved print head lifetime; increased reliability; increased up-time; improved print quality)

dtf printing machine

Automatic Moisturizing System

In order to prevent ink from clogging the nozzle, the ink cap will eject some moisturizer every once in a while to keep the nozzle clean and moist,  which can keep the printer nozzle in the best working state, and avoid blocking the nozzle hole due to the volatilization of solvent, and prolong the service life of the nozzle.

Imported Filter

Our imported filter not only effectively intercepts large particles, gels, and other impurities, but also allows the required pigment dyes to pass through and remain in the ink. The imported filter has excellent impurity filtering ability and longer service life.

ink filter
mute THK guide

THK Mute Linear Guide

Stable operation and low noise. The use of ball cages eliminates friction between steel balls and improves grease retention, thus achieving low noise, high speed, long service life and long-term operation without maintenance.


Check Out More Info About Star III

The DTF STAR III is a DTF printer with a dual/four printhead design that mixes CMYK colors with the first printhead and then places the perfect amount of white underbaseon top of the color. it creates a crisp design edge that you can’t even get with traditional screen printing.

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Epson PrecisionCore Printhead

Epson PrecisionCore Printhead for industrial-quality output at impressive production speeds. Stable and low maintenance time.

Advanced bulk ink system
Advanced bulk ink system

Equipped with a bulk ink delivery system, that reduce ink replenishment frequency and cost.

Integrated Purifier
Integrated Purifier​

Integrated purifier for the option to replace of exhaust pipe make the use of the machine more convenient.

Smart PLC Touch Screen
Smart PLC Touch Screen

Equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen. Navigate the menu by simply touching the desired option.

Ink tube ink limited system
Ink tube ink limited system

Prevent print heads excessively flash spray, damage the heads.

Infrared Drying

Adjustable temperature infrared and heating drying improves and protects color reproduction.

More than Just T-Shirts

Suitable for almost all types of fabrics. Works on both white and dark textiles. No pre-treatment is required.

Incredible Overall Value!

The highest quality DTF starter kit printing supplies. DTF Starter Kit Includes:
Film: 0.6m*100m/0.3m*100m roll size (cold peel)
Powder: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Ink: 1000ml*6 (c,m,y,k+w)
DTF ink cleaning kit
Sublistar DTF environment settings
Sublistar DTF instructional video
DTF Printer sale

Benefits of Sublistar DTF

The highest quality print of any direct-to-film printer on the market.

Heavy professional production machine. Can be used 24/7.

The lowest maintenance cost of any direct-to-film printer.

Prints on any kind of fabric. Cotton, Polyester, TriBlends, 50/50 Fabrics.

Get free DTF supplies, Rip software and online technical support.

Free training by Sublistar Expert Technician! No Extra Charges.

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