Single-Pass Corrugated Cardboard Digital Printer

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Corrugated cardboard digital printer, supports Single-Pass industrial printing with high precision. Working with paging machine, packaging paper can be produced cost-effectively in bulk print runs and with fast delivery times. Widely applied for corrugated paper, cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper etc packaging paper.

Technical Highlights:

  • Print Head: HP Printhead
  • Max Print Thickness: 450mm
  • Max Print Speed: 40m/min
  • Ink Type: Pigment Ink
  • Print Mode: C, M, Y, K

Top Features:

  • Various printing forms
  • Automatic feeding system
  • Positioning guide strips improves printing quality
  • High efficiency & No need plate-making
  • Environmentally friendly & low cost
  • Intelligent variable data printing
Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)
International Shipping: DHL,FedEx,By Air,By Sea

Product Highlight

Getting Smart With Packaging Printing Solution

Flexible corrugated cardboard digital printer, with single industrial HP printhead, One-Pass high efficient productivity. Digitally print corrugated packages and other materials in a range of thicknesses (Max height up to 450mm), using virtually pigment ink your substrate requires. 

ink type

Pigment Ink

high resolution printing

Up To 1200 DPI

single pass printing

Reach Up To 40m/min

max printing width

Up To 1M

digital printer print thickness

Various printing forms

The machine can support various forms of printing, printing height can reach 450mm, and supports box, folding and other finished product printing.

cardboard digital printer

Easy to operate & user-friendly design

Computer touch screen control, the design of the printing software interface is simple, easy to understand and operate.

positional weel

Positioning guide strips improves printing quality

Materials can be easily positioned during the feeding process without worrying about printing misalignment. It is equipped with an air suction platform and conveyor belt to keep a stable output and high-quality products.

paging machine

Automatic feeding system

Professional automatic feeding system can be customized according to customer products to improve production efficiency.

high resolution printing

High precision and rich colors

Small characters within 1 mm are clearly visible, and the accuracy is as high as 1200 dpi. Multi-color printing is not subject to color restrictions, allowing for richer images and printing effects.

pigment ink

Environmentally friendly & low cost

It uses water-based pigment ink, which is easy to dry and water-resistant, environmentally friendly, low cost, and can print on various water-absorbent materials.

easy maintainence

Maintenance is more worry-free

Original modular ink supply with ink circulation function. Cleaning cloth wipes clean with automatic head sealing. In standby, it can automatically circulate ink at regular intervals to extend the service life of the nozzle.

carton box printing

High efficiency & No need plate-making

Compared with traditional printing, it is simpler and does not require plate making, repeated color registration. One-click turning on the machine, which has great advantages for quick sample, small batch replenishment and urgent order production.

packaging paper printer

Intelligent variable data printing

Realize intelligent printing of variable elements such as barcodes and serial numbers, reducing the time cost of sorting one by one.

Product Specifications -Cardboard Digital Printer

Model CPM-300
Printhead ConfigurationHP Printhead*1
Printing Resolution 1200*1200dpi,1200*600dpi,1200*400dpi,1200*300dpi
Ink Type Water-based Pigment ink 
Ink Tank Capacity CMYK1000ml/color
Print Width 297mm print width, no limited print length
Printing Material RangeMaximum Width1000mm, Height 450mm, no limited print length
Applicable MaterialsPaperCorrugated paper, cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper and other full range of packaging paper
Print Thickness450mm
Interface TypeCable
Rated Power800W
Print MethodColor print 
Print ModeCMYK
Print SpeedHigh quality, variable printing10-20m/min
Standard Production Mode30m/min
Standard Production Mode40m/min
Print Rip SoftwareSUBLISTAR Print Tools
Picture FormatPDF/TIF/JPG
Machine weight (approx.)370KG
Machine SizeL*W*H1566mm*1592mm*1330mm
Packaging SizeL*W*H1760mm*1760mm*1620mm
Packaging Weight600KG
Working EnvironmentTemperature20℃-28℃
Humidity35%-65%(No Frost)
Noise75dB below(Need check)

Meet Sublistar Packaging Paper Digital Printer

Applications of Packaging Cardboard Digital Printer

The printing media is rich and diverse, suitable for various absorbent materials. Application industries include food industry packaging, wine industry packaging, tea industry packaging, personalized gift packaging, document packaging, daily necessities industry packaging, etc, some printable printing media as below: 


Corrugated Paper

honeycomb paper

Honeycomb Paper

kraft paper

Kraft Paper

Letter Paper

Letter Paper

thin wood board

Thin Wooden Board

White Cardboard

White Cardboard

Offset paper

Offset Paper

Drawing Paper

Drawing Paper

Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper

Napkin Paper

Napkin Paper

Corrugated cardboard packaging digital printer, widely used for various paper goods, boxes and displays purchase or produce printed cardboard sheets. Here are some print applications in our daily life.


Q: Can a UV printer print on any object?
A: UV printers can print on many different substrates, including wood, plastic, ceramic, metal, leather, PET, acrylic, glass, etc. (Due to the limited adhesion of uv inks, smooth surfaces such as mirrors, glass, etc. need to be coated layer).

Q: Is UV printing scratch-resistant? Is it washable?
A: With sublistar’s UV ink, the finished product is waterproof and fade-resistant, and the printed surface is scratch-resistant and durable.

Q: Does UV printing need a heat press?
A: UV printing uses specialized UV inks. UV LEDs instead of heat cure the ink onto the print media during printing. No need for a heat press

Q: What can UV flatbed printers print?
A: The UV flatbed machine can print on almost any flat material such as mobile phone cases, medals, packaging boxes, leather, wood, ceramics, promotional items, pvc, etc. With the jig, it can also be printed on curved surfaces, such as cups, golf balls, etc.

Q: What is the difference between UV printer and UV DTF printer?
A: UV printers print on substrates directly while UV DTF printers print on AB films first, and then attach to the substrates. UV DTF printer is extended from UV printer to make up for the shortcomings of UV printing.

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  1. OP

    Oscar Palacios

    Buen día estoy interesado en una impresora de carton corrugado, papel y cartulina o cartoncillo, de 20 pulgadas de ancho en la impresión, para imprimir cajas de pizza, pastel, bolsas de papel, cajas de cupcakes, etc, por favor enviar información al siguiente correo.

    • M


      Hi Oscar,

      Thanks for your interest in Sublistar printer, we will reach you out soon.

      Have a good one.

  2. O


    Buen día estoy interesado en una impresora de carton corrugado, papel y cartulina o cartoncillo, de 20 pulgadas de ancho en la impresión, para imprimir cajas de pizza, pastel, bolsas de papel, cajas de cupcakes, etc, por favor enviar información al siguiente correo.

    • M


      Hi Oscar,

      Thanks for your interest in Sublistar professional product, we will reach you out soon.

      Have a good one.

  3. O


    Me gustaría saber el costo d la impresora

    • SL

      Sublistar Leo

      Gracias por su interés en la impresora Sublistar, nos comunicaremos con usted pronto.

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