Sublimation Transfer Printer-How to solve The Problem of Slow Data Transmission?

The sublimation transfer printer is bigger mechanical equipment. When using the piezoelectric large format sublimation printer, you must take notice of the voltage stability of the piezoelectric wide format sublimation printer. The unstable voltage of the piezoelectric digital sublimation printing equipment will certainly cause the piezoelectric sublimation equipment to be unstable. The primary components are melted or harmed.

sublimation transfer printer

Many visuals advertising store owners or large-scale advertising and marketing printing companies normally do not function in a poor environment for the piezoelectric printer. In order to reduce the instability of the supply voltage, the piezoelectric printer is damage.

I wish to remind all the bosses to configure a voltage stabilizer for the piezoelectric photo machine to produce a normal and also secure voltage condition for your piezoelectric image equipment. Adding a power stabilizer can prevent you from being affected by unpredictable voltage. Necessary losses, such as the burning of the print head, the print head of the piezoelectric printer is the major part of the piezoelectric printer.

The power regulator is a power supply circuit or power supply dye sublimation transfer printer that can automatically adjust the outcome voltage. Its function is to stabilize the power supply voltage needed by huge variations and also unsuitable electric equipment within its established value variety, to ensure that numerous circuits or electric appliances The equipment can work normally under the rated functioning voltage. It is additionally suitable for individuals at the end of the low-voltage circulation network where the power supply voltage is as well low or too expensive, and the change array is huge, and the electric tools with big load changes. A kind of defense.

sublimation transfer printer

What causes the slow data transmission of the sublimation transfer printer?

Some individuals report that the transfer of data is really slow-moving when the sublimation transfer equipment is publishing. What is the factor for the slow information transmission of the image machine?

1. The relevant vehicle drivers of the sublimation printing machine need to be mounted properly. For the USB port digital textile sublimation printing equipment, the vehicle driver must be set up on the USB; the network port photo maker is on the internet, and also the IP settings are set according to the on-internet setup instructions provided by the maker.

2. The computer system configuration is reduced or the computer system responds gradually, the HOLE software application data cache space is restricted, the computer system operating system is infected with destructive code viruses, and so on, which cause the data transmission to be interrupted or slow; for this trouble, you can attempt to change the computer online test printing, and also the computer system Inspect the virus procedure, re-install the pertinent SLIT software, and also set up adequate information cache room for the HOLE software program Montai in the photo maker.

The USB port of the inkjet sublimation printer makes use of USB data for online data transmission. If the USB information cord is also lengthy or the high quality is bad, it will impact the information transmission issue of the printer throughout printing. If it is a picture made with a network interface, please check the internet network cable, whether the crystal head of the network wire is in the excellent call, and whether the sorting order is appropriate.

For network online sublimation printing devices, it is better to utilize an integrated network card or outside PCI network card. Do not use a USB outside network card, because in the USB external network card, when the photo maker is online, there will certainly be information transmission delays.

Common problems with sublimation printer:

Inkjet sublimation transfer printers utilize a big quantity of ink. After an extended period of use, the ink will affect the nozzles and printed images. The wear, as well as ink buildup of nozzles during long-lasting procedures, also influences the high quality of the printed photo. Therefore, the proper option of ink and the correct maintenance of nozzles are issues that can not be disregarded by every individual inkjet printer.

The nozzles are most likely to block the nozzles due to also lengthy printing time, inappropriate use of ink, or long-lasting extra use. Of course, the use of inadequate high quality ink will certainly additionally trigger blocking of the nozzle holes as well as impact the print high quality, and also create the entire nozzle to be junked in extreme instances. There are often strong bond printer toner or impurities from the nozzle to the nozzle hole and around the nozzle opening.

Many of the nozzles that appear to be scrapped only have their nozzles obstructed and can not function, as well as their printing feature can be brought back by just purging. In the printing procedure, the maker regularly loads ink or cleanses the nozzles, yet the printing effect is still inadequate or the nozzle is seriously clogged, the maker can not fill up ink, or the inkjet printer rejects to function, so you can just utilize manual cleansing techniques. After getting rid of the nozzle, utilize a magnifying glass to carefully discover the nozzle that is clogged with the nozzle, as well as after that make use of a syringe to infuse the cleansing remedy into the nozzle.

sublimation transfer printer

Digital sublimation transfer printers often have various problems when they are in use, so choosing a good supplier is very important. Before choosing a supplier, you should carefully examine the business’s reputation, after-sales service, and other basic issues in order to achieve longer-term cooperation and provide better guarantees for product quality. We have a variety of sublimation printers of different sizes, such as 1.8m, 2m, 2.5m, 3.2m, etc., and with Epson I3200 print heads, you can choose from 2 heads, three heads, four heads, six heads, handle heads, 15 heads Epson I3200 print head. This is to choose the best combination of printers according to your needs. And we have remote installation instructions from technicians and after-sales service for up to one year. If you have any problems with your printer during this year, you can contact us.

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