SUBLI-800Series High End Heat Press Machine


SUBLI-800Series High End Heat Press Machine

Up to 128" belt width allows heat transfer printing all fabric widths or two side by side.
Oil-filled diameter drum makes the calender able to transfer digital and rotogravure paper.
Transfers a full range of fabrics from trade show graphics to garment fabrics.
Oil-filled drum makes colors consistent from side to side and job to job.
The machines are suitable for all kind of materials like woven – stretch – knits - non-woven.

All About SUBLI-200Series Mini Heat Press Machine


Enjoy these amazing benefits

 Heated oil drum 800mm (31.4")

This model can be used for transferring on continuous or roll materials.There is external tank connected to the oil drum to fill the oil drum full.

Full Oil Drum

Full oil drum improves the stability of oil drum temperature. It makes sure that density of color is the same throughout the large format fabric. New Rotary Heat Press 100% full oil drum is excellent for roll-to-roll transfer. Moreover, heating power (working) is 20% lower now. It helps sign producers reduce the electrical cost.

DuPont Blanket

Blanket is made of American DuPont materials, 10 mm thickness, good transfer effect, long service life.

Automatic nomex drum blanket alignment

This heat transfer machine is small and affordable. And blanket is made of American DuPont materials, 10 mm thickness, good transfer effect, long service life.

Fabric Sample For Free

If you hesitate to order this machine, maybe you can to do a sample test first. Send us your design, we will heat transfer your design with this machine, and send you the transferred textile fabric, so that you can check the quality. All of these are free!


Description 31.4" diameter drum provides for high speed transferring,Oil filled drum makes colors consistent side to side and job to job.  A new self contained, oil heated drum system assures uniform heat across the width of the cylinder and the lowest possible power consumption
Features △ Diameter cylinder 80cm (31.4")
△ Production 17m/min (52 ft/min)max
△ 36 heating elements
△83",98",138"working width allows heat transfer printing all fabric widths or two side by side. GRAND FORMAT 12 ft. WIDE!
△Blanket coverage at least 80%
△Electro pneumatic belt steering system
△Safety bar with reverse control
△Cool down timer
△Exit cooling conveyor
Specifications SUBLI-8021 SUBLI-8025 SUBLI-8035
Drum Diameter 80cm or 31.4”,  Double Layer
Working Width 2100mm(83") 2500mm(98") 3500mm(138")
Voltage 3 phase, 220V / 380V / 480V 3 phase, 380V
Power 75.6KW 90KW 126KW
Transfer Speed 3.3m/min(10ft)-17m/min(52ft)
Number of Heating Elements 36
Feeding Rollers 3
Collecting Rollers 3
Process Path Feeding in Through Bottom of Drum
Roll-to-roll Yes
Piece-by-piece Yes
Packing Dimensions 3600*2000*1600mm 3750*3700*1850mm 5000*3700*1800mm
 Installation size 5000*2200*1800mm 5000*3700*1800mm 5000*3700*1800mm
NOTE: Working width available from 1200mm to 2600mm.


1.Roll to roll,piece to piece printing.
2.Sudden stop alarm system in optional.
3. Durable electric power. Mark each wire to get exact maintaince.
4. Intelligent Touch Screen Control (Auto Switch On; User Friendly Speed Settings; Tempeture control, Smart Blanket Alignment), convenient & efficient& accuracy.
5. Teflon coating on the surface of hot roll, high temperature resistance, anti-static, long life.
6. Advanced heat reverse function, uniform temperature around and around.
7. Equipt the swift to correct the blanket off-line.
8. Roller press blanket, assure the tension and tighness between the blanket and roller, get perfect pringt effect.
9. Equipt tension adjustment, assure the paper and textile into the printing smoothly, reduce the wrinkle.

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SUBLI-200Series Entry Level Calendar Heat Press idea for Garments, Apparel, Soft Signage, Mouse Pad, Carpet, Flag, Tent, Blanket, Curtain, Polyester Fabric in Rolls or Piece.

Fashion Apparel

In daily life, the print patterns of T-shirts, socks, hats and other fashions are complicated and simple. These products are needed every year in life, and the general demand is very large. Roller heat presses generally can directly transfer dozens of products at one time, and the transfer speed can be adjusted to the speed you need, which can also save costs.

In-Store Displays

Display pieces in a store tend to get a lot of traffic, with customers and employees constantly touching them for whatever reason. Even if a display banner is knocked down and trampled on by careless customers, the design printed on it will not be affected if printed using dye sublimation. If they need to be cleaned, it can be done very easily without fear of damaging the image printed on the display.


Advertising banners and advertising umbrellas are generally seen everywhere in large hotels and shopping malls, and they are quickly replaced. Once there are event discounts or holidays, these advertising banners will be placed everywhere, such as subway stations, bus stations, and even the gates of the community.