Sublistar DTG-Pro T-shirt Printing Machine

DTG printer

Sublistar DTG-Pro Direct to Garments Printer

Advanced curing mechanism.
Intelligent alarm ink tank.
Available in multiple speed configurations.
Advanced White Ink Circulation & Filtration System.
Suitable for a wide variety of fabrics, including cotton, naturals, and blends.
Offers unique features and systems that make it more cost-effective and reduce or eliminate downtime that results in lost business.

All About Sublistar DTG-Pro Direct to Darments Printer


Super Fast boot

Fast boot in 5 minutes, get to work quickly, reduce waiting time, All committed to saving costs for your business.

Intelligent Alarm Ink Tank

The cartridge alarm system is set up to protect the machine, When the ink is below the limit, it will automatically alarm.

White Ink Circulation & Filtration System

Advanced white ink circulation & filtration system, prevent the white ink from solidifying, causing the nozzle to be blocked.

Shortest Time from File to Finished Goods

Offers unique features and systems that make it more cost-effective and reduce or eliminate downtime that results in lost business.

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White ink separation system protects the print head.

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The advanced motherboard gives strong support to the machine.

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Intelligent alarm system, So you have no worries.

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Model Sublistar DTG-Pro
Printhead I3200
Number of nozzles 2pcs
Printing accuracy 960*2400dpi
Printing method color, white
Printing speed 47sqm/h
Equipment weight 220kg
Printing thickness 0-6mm
Printing size 371*421mm
Print mode CMYK+W
Printing software Power Plotter7
Graphic format Tiff ,Jpg, Eps, Pdf, Png, AI, Psd
Voltage power supply AC220/110 ±10,50HZ-60HZ
Working environment Temperature:20℃-28℃, humidity:35℃-65℃
Ink type Paint ink
Machine size 1580mm*1480mm*620mm(Length * width * height)


  • Color accuracy-What you see on the screen is what you get on the print.
  • White mask generator-Easily create the white under-base to print on dark. garments without depending onphoto editing software programs.
  • Cost calculator-Preview the ink cost before printing.
  • Archive print jobs, review settings and costs, anytime.
  • White density configuration- Adjust the quantity of white ink and achieve different effects on the same print.
  • Color removal Function
  • Ease of use-Drag, drop and print, no special skills required.
  • Supports all common image file fomats (.tif, gif,jpeg, png, .pdf).
  • Compatible with both Mac 0S and Windows.
DTG printer

DevStudio DTG Rip

  • DevStudio is a Software House with 20 years of experience in the development of PostScript RIP solutions for the retail market and software (custom and OEM)in digital printing and color management.
  • This unique function uses the color of the T-shirt as a virtual coloring, thus minimizing the use of CMYK redlinks and, above all, the white ink, This gives the T-shirt a much more natural appearance and touch, drastically reducing the consumption and thickness of the ink layer on the fabric.
  • Create color variations according to T-Shirt Back-ground:This function also allows you to remap the hue of certain images automatically, adapting it to thecolor of the T-shirt itself .

Advanced Ink Technology

  • The ink prints clearly, do not bloom, the effect is more vivid, and the color is more delicate. Let your design live on paper, and your work will make you love it.
  • The ink has an exclusive formula, fine filtering, no nozzle clogging, wide color gamut, and natural transition. It can effectively maintain the effect of the pattern printed on the shirt, is more resistant to washing, and has high colorfastness.
  • The ink is environmentally friendly textile paint ink. This ink reduces a lot of processing, so it can directly touch the skin, and it is suitable for people of all ages.
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Automatic, In-Line Cleaning System

  • The DTG printer uses a more durable and efficient soft shutdown function. You can set the nozzle to be cleaned once an hour, and the set time is for example 1 hour, it will cycle once every hour.
  • Similar to washing the nozzle, there is an agitator in the ink cartridge, even if it is turned off, the part will be agitated at the set time.
  • Circulation is actually drawing from one ink cartridge to another, pulling back and forth, stirring back and forth to prevent ink from clogging the nozzle.

DTG printing vs Screen printing

DTG Printing and Screen Printing are the two common printing methods for textiles.

  • DTG and screen printing yield fine quality prints, but they differ in method and cost.
  • DTG uses a printer to spray the ink into a garment, while screen printing layers the ink on top of the fabric.
  • DTG enables order fulfillment on-demand with no upfront cost, while screen printed products are ordered in bulk.
DTG prnter


Unique denim

Unique Unique denim, refreshing finished products, and a variety of materials follow the design changes, making your products more personalized, richer in colors, more delicate in touch, and more vivid in layers.

DTG printer
DTG printer

Personalized T-shirt

The black T-shirt can be printed at will, without the limitation of the design material, enjoy the personalized service. Enjoy the admiring eyes and admiring words from others.

Home textiles

Can be more widely used in home textiles, such as bed sheets, pillows, sofas, curtains, and so on. A variety of designs can be customized and produced on demand to add a more advanced aesthetic texture to your home.


Personalized souvenirs

It can be applied to personalized keychains or souvenirs with exotic flavors. These small gifts often have exquisite patterns, vivid images, vivid and cute, this small gift must be amazing.

Fashion hoodies

Hoodie is a trendy clothing that has always been prosperous. Print your custom preferences to fully show your personal style! Whether it is the administrative style of the office, or the lazy style, or the casual style of daily shopping, or show your cute side, you can show all of them.

Stunning hat

Stunning hat

Imagine walking in the spring, wearing such a unique hat, wherever you go, it’s your own beautiful scenery.Rich layers and soft texture. Get a high-quality experience while enjoying the beauty.

Fashion Shoes

Explore Sublistar DTG printer machines for shoes and make shoe printing a breeze for your business.Use your own existing artwork to creat custom designs,or use Sublistar's network to print platform to use design on the web.

Design textile in footwear and apparel, and cutting marks and repeat printing on sublistar's Direct to garment system. Slip-on items, sneakers with laces, and even boots are printed at will there are no obstacles to the type of shoes.

dye sublimation printing shoes

Ink and Consumables

100% eco-friendly ink set for all material types.

Multi-size pallets, upgrades and more.