Fast Dry Sublimation Paper

Fast dry sublimation transfer paper which transfer on all kinds of polyester textiles materials(soft and hard substrates). Which is superior quality for digital printing for sportswear, blankets, curtains, wider wall covers, tents, banner, flag, skis and snowboards.

To ensure the smoothness of the paper, we coated with three times. Pre-coated before coating the liquid, and also back coating. Paper will never curled when printing.

Xtreme Thin 35gsm Sublimation Paper

Coated extreme thin weight 35gsm sublimation paper, especially designed for sublimation onto fabrics used in the fashion and home decor markets.

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Light-weight 70gsm Sublimation Paper

Coated 70gsm sublimation paper excellent color brilliance on polyester textiles and polyester-coated substrates, improved dying.

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Classic 100gsm Sublimation Paper

Most widely applied for most of digital sublimation transfer printing. Transfer on all kinds of polyester coated hard substrates and polyester textiles.

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Ultra-thin 45gsm Sublimation Paper

New generation 45gsm sublimation paper, instant-dry, high transfer rate. Suit for high-speed industrial plotters and single-pass printers.

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Next Generation 80gsm Sublimation Paper

80gsm sublimation paper Suits for fabric, metal, bag, clothing by sublimation dye ink with inkjet printer. Suitable for medium to high ink coverage.

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High-Weight 120gsm Sublimation Paper

Especially designed for sublimation onto fabrics used in sportswear and soft signage, and display market. Very high ink coverage and deep colors possible.

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Ultra-light 58gsm Sublimation Paper

The ultra-light 58gsm sublimation paper is designed to save time and money by increasing process efficiency in industrial textile printing.

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Economy 90sm Sublimation Paper

It weighs 90gsm and is mainly used on the traditional plotters, to produce sports garments with ink quantity up to 300%. For medium to high ink coverage.

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