Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper

jumbo reel sublimation paper

Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper

Designed to high-speed production and higher glycol inks, especially for high productive printers. With more meters on a roll, you will be able to generate a perfect quality, at lowest cost of use.

Suitable for sportswear printing applications for the industrial platform.

Usually low weight jumbo roll sublimation paper suits for large roll fabric printing.

All About Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper


Testing Condition:

Ink-load: 400% Max
Transfer Temperature: 200-230℃
Transfer Time: 20-30 seconds

About Storage:

In order to protect unused sublimation paper, it is recommended to store it in its original packaging, in the poly bag at 68°F -82°F( 20°C -28°C) and 40-60% RH.

About Printing:

Image side is wound to the outside of the paper. Printing is performed in ″mirror″ image. Allow the printing ink to dry before transferring.


  • Paper Brand: Sublistar@
  • Gsm: 35gsm/ 45gsm/ 58gsm/ 70gsm/ 80gsm/ 90gsm/ 100gsm
  • Jumbo reel length: 3000~20000m
  • Printer compatibility: Industrial printers.
  • Suitable ink system: Water-based Sublimation Inks


  • More than 98% ink transferring rate.
  • Hybrid quick dry suitable for high speed printing..
  • Excellent runnability and outstanding efficiency.
  •  Less curling of paper surface in wet condition.
  • Wide application for garments, accessories, signage etc.

Paper Sample For Free

Hesitate to order our sublimation paper?  Maybe you can take a sample test first. We provide free paper samples for our favorite customers. The paper sample size is usually 0.61*10m.


- Lycra materials-cycling
- Polyamide-Swim&Surfwear
- 100% polyester(stretch)-cycling, running, ice hockey wear
- Sports and functional textiles

*Home Internal:
Curtain, Blind, Cushion, Table Cover, Towel Cleaner, etc.

- Flags
- Banners
- Felts
- Gaming tables
- Home Textiles

*Hard Substrates
- Ceramics
- Metal plates
- Skis
- Snowboards
- Mug, Cup

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