Sublimation On T-shirt Transfer Paper

Professional quality iron-on t-shirt/cotton fabric transfer paper. Transfer paper to print any full colour images, photos or text onto light-coloured 100% cotton/poly-cotton blend fabrics, using your inkjet printer.

Heat iron (without steam) to maximum cotton setting. The fabric should be 100% cotton; iron first if necessary to ensure flatness.

Let fabric cool before ironing transfer image; lay fabric on hard, smooth surface. Place transfer paper with the printed image facing down in the desired position on fabric.

A3/A4 Light T-shirt Transfer Paper

Light T-shirt heat transfer paper is one kind of heat transfer paper, which specifically is printed for the white or very light color cotton T-shirt or fabric transfer. It is different from the ordinary transfer paper. Specifically, it is transferred to the T-shirt which contains 40% or more cotton!

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A3/A4 Dark T-shirt Transfer Paper

Dark T-Shirt Transfers are designed specifically for use on dark 100% cotton t-shirts or fabric. great for personalizing gifts for friends and family or just for keeping. Create any image using photographs, graphics or text on a computer and print on the transfer using a home inkjet printer.

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