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Black Friday deals 2022!

Best early Black Friday deals on DTF machine, supplies, software & more! Grab a bargain on one of Sublistar DTF at a very low price during the deals season!


Best Black Friday Sublistar DTF Deals

Our experts have hand-picked the top money-saving SUBLISTAR Black Friday deals on DTF Printers, Inks, Films, Powder, and more. The Black Friday prices are valid only during the event period (Nov. 16th–Dec. 5th). After this period, all machines and accessories will be restored to their original prices. Go and grab this amazing discount!! During the sales season, you can get a fantastic Sublistar DTF machine for a very low price!

DTF-6002 Star IV DTF Film Printing Machine

$ 10000   $7530

DTF-6002 STAR III DTF Film Printing Machine

$ 9230   $7250

DTF-6002 Eco Star III DTF Film Printing Machine

$ 7690   $5800

DTF-450 STAR III DTF Film Printing Machine

$ 7690   $6520

DTF-A3 STAR IV DTF Film Printing Machine

$ 5690   $4200

DTF-Ultra 450 DTF Printer All in One (XP600)

$ 6150   $4635


$ 35/kg   $13.7/kg

Sublistar DTF Transfer Film

$ 75/roll   $40/roll

Sublistar Hot Melt Powder

$ 15/kg   $6.8/kg

EXTRA bonus

Total Value: $300

Buy 1 Free 5!

When you buy a Sublistar DTF printing machine, you will get a DTF supplies bundle package valued at $300 for free, including 100m of DTF film, 2kg of DTF powder, 1 set of DTF inks, 1 set of cleaning supplies and rip software.

All services in one place

Sublistar provides you with complete and high-quality after-sale services to make your business easier.

Onboarding Service

We have a dedicated team of professionals who can share video or screen share to ensure you get set up and printing as soon as possible.

One-stop Printing Solutions

We offer a wide range of environmentally friendly inks, coatings, and print media designed for various printing needs. With our supplies, you will get a perfectly finished product.

"Heads and All" Warranty

We provide a 6-month free warranty for print heads, and all printers are backed by a standard 24-month warranty. You can also extend the warranty for peace of mind.

On/offline Training Support

We provide important after-sales support, free online training, and on-site coaching to customers worldwide. There are several video programs available as training resources.

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