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DTF tpu powder

High-Purity TPU Hot-melt DTF Powder

$ 5 Per kg
  • 100% High purity TPU materials
  • 1KG/ 5KG/ 20KG Package bags and barrels
  • Application: cotton, Jeans, silk, polyester, denim, nylon, Lycra, leather, blends, etc.

TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Powder Features

TPU hot-melt powder

High purity

Up to 99.9% TPU material, new polymer environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive, particle size between 1-200um, very fine powder.

high elasticity printed shirt by sublistar dtf

High elasticity

High-purity TPU DTF adhesive powder has high resilience, stretch resistance and not easy to crack and deform. Work perfectlly on stretchy fabrics

High fastness

Has good adhesion to fabrics and is resistant to washing. Durable, scratch-resistant, not degummed after long-term use, soft to the touch.

Why Choose TPU Hot-melt Powder?

TPU hot melt powder, has performance stability, high purity, and good resistance to high temperature. Not easy to yellow, and also has good softness and long-lasting bonding with great peel-off strength. We list some comparisons between TPU hot-melt powder and normal hot-melt powder as below. 

TPU adhesive powder
Features1) Excellent washing resistance and elasticity
2) Excellent dry cleaning resistance
3) Excellent bonding strength and fabric lamination
4) Excellent endurance; no pollution.
5) Soft feeling
6) Mixed with water-based glue or dusting printing processes
1) Good washing resistance, no elasticity
2) Good dry cleaning resistance
3) Good bonding strength,fabric lamination.
4) Good endurance, no pollution.
5) Hard feeling.
6) Mixed with solvent base & water-based glue, or dusting printing process.
Applications1) Heat transfer printing, DTF, hot stamping, flocking ink, printing ink
2) Woven and non-woven interlining, shoe lining, shoulder lining, and cap lining.
3) Lamination.
4) Other industries.
1) Interlining,
2) Fabric lamination,
3) Heat transfer printing,
4) Other fields.
MaterialThermoplastic polyurethaneThermoplastic polyester
Melting Point(°C)105-115°C125-135°C
Hot Pressing
Density1.21+0.02g/cm31.20+0.02 g/cm3
Washing Resistant Time60°C/72h90°C/72h 
Thickness0-80, 80-200 um0-80, 80-300 um

FAQ About TPU Hot-melt Powder

What's your MOQ of TPU hot-melt powder?

Our minimum order quantity at least 1 Ton start. 

Sealed in cool and dry containers and avoid direct lighting, with temperature below 35°C and avoid heating and fire.

Traditional hot melt powder is not environmentally friendly because its ingredients contain toxic and harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, or they require some toxic and harmful solvents to achieve viscosity. TPU hot melt powder is a material in hot melt adhesive films. Its main component is TPU, a polyurethane elastomer rubber polymer compound. It is an environmentally friendly material that is harmless to the human body and the environment. It is toxic and harmless and is oil and water-resistant.

If you need some powder samples for test, please let us know your full name,  address/zip code etc info, and then we will arrange our sales to contact you directly about samples. 

Shelf-life: 12 months under proper conditions.

dtf printing application
TPU DTF powder
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