Pros and Cons of the Led UV Printer

led uv printer

With the development of modern society, the current led UV printing technology develops rapidly. But the most novel is the led UV printer that is popular nowadays. The led UV printing process mainly refers to the use of special led UV inks to achieve partial or overall UV printing effects on led UV printing machines. Led UV ink is a kind of green environmental protection ink, which has the characteristics of instant fast curing, no volatile organic solvent VOC, less pollution, high efficiency, and low energy consumption. The led UV printing market has a broad prospect, and it is suitable for product fields such as high-end business card packaging, high-end commercial albums, especially Chinese and special desk calendars, and special label printing. Personalized printing and rich colors are becoming more and more popular. So, what are the disadvantages and advantages of led UV printers?

Pros of led UV machine

Pros of led UV machine​

The printing range of led UV printers is very wide. No matter which industry it is, as long as it is a flat material, UV printing can be used, and it is not limited by any material. It can be colored on the surface of wood, glass, crystal, PVC, acrylic, plastic, stone, leather, etc.

1. Easy and direct-led UV printing

The led UV printer is controlled by a computer and inkjet on demand. There is no waste, no waste or water pollution, and no noise during the printing process, realizing a pollution-free green production process. Whether it is a simple monochrome pattern or a color pattern, or a pattern with a transitional color, led UV printing can be applied directly, and the operation is simple.

2. led UV printing is rich in color

Whether it’s full-color graphics, gradient printing is a breeze, fully capable of color photo-quality results. The pattern is fine, the layers are rich and clear, the artistry is high, and the three-dimensional sense is strong. White UV ink can be used to print patterns with embossed effects, making the patterns lifelike and heavier. What is important is that the printing process is not troublesome at all, just like a home printer. It can be formed once and dried immediately, which is unmatched by ordinary production technology.

3. Meet personalized UV printing needs.

Satisfy people’s individual needs to the greatest extent. The majority of designers can give full play to their creative talents. Design samples can be modified arbitrarily on the computer. The effect on the finished UV printing products. After the customer is satisfied, it can be directly produced.

Cons of led UV printers

led uv printing

1. The cost of led UV ink is relatively high.

The UV printing cost is relatively high. Compared with the consumable costs of traditional silk screen printing and flatbed UV printing, the price of led UV ink is relatively high. The cost of printing colorful UV ink per square is several dollars, and the density of white ink is higher, so the led UV printing cost is also slightly higher, which is about twice that of colorful UV ink per square.

2. The led UV printing speed is slow.

The piezoelectric inkjet printing principle used in led UV printing is mainly short-run digital printing. Compared with traditional screen printing, offset printing, and other processes, the speed is slightly insufficient.

3. The led UV printer is prone to fail.

The early operation of led UV printers is cumbersome and they require a certain amount of time to run in, and their stability is not as good as that of photo printers and engraving machines. The nozzles of led UV printers are also easily damaged, maintenance is more troublesome, and the failure rate of parts is relatively high. It is hard to maintain the components of led UV printers in time after sales.

4. Limitation of led UV printing scope

Although it is possible to directly print patterns on hundreds of materials, it is not suitable for printing patterns in practical applications considering cost, adhesion, water resistance, stretchability, etc.

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