Riding the Tide– DTG Printing Technology in the Cultural and Creative Boom

Cultural and Creative Boom & DTG Printing

With the gradual stabilization of factor-driven and investment-driven economic development, the economic environment has ushered in an innovation-driven development model. In recent years, people’s living standards have been improving day by day, and the concept of “consumption upgrade” has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Consumers are more and more willing to pay for creativity, and cultural and creative products have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain.

What customers want to buy is no longer traditional products, but the innovative ideas, service attitudes, and spiritual feelings of businesses. For example, the Forbidden City Museum, which has become popular in the past two years, has annual sales of cultural and creative products reaching 1 billion yuan. By activating cultural creativity, the ancient Forbidden City has been given new life. In addition, in the Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in Chengdu, cultural and creative ” IP”, “painting mat”, and  “Du Fu ” wine with exquisite packaging design have all appeared. The use of intangible cultural heritage crafts “Mianzhu New Year Pictures” presents the museum-style, making the building simple and elegant.

The Chengdu “Panda Post Office” is another excellent example. In a post office of less than 20 square meters, there are functional areas such as special panda mailboxes, product display, cultural display, interactive experience, product sales, and personalized printing. Time mail, lacquer seals, commemorative stamps in various forms, postcards printed, DIY stamps, emoji stickers, phrase stickers and other projects quickly created a record of more than 50,000 yuan in sales per day.

Cultural innovation has become a unique business model that has rapidly become popular in the new consumer economy. The root of cultural creativity lies in the dual combination of “cultural creativity + commercial product development”. Under the added value of unique cultural elements, the newly developed commercial products are more distinctive and have a unique charm.

The trend of “New Consumption”:  Design to Production, Fast and Precise

DTG Printing Technology

With DTG digital direct printing, merchants can quickly print on demand and only produce orders that have been received. DTG reproduces images in realistic detail, and any design inspiration can appear on a garment. DTG orders can not only help private creators to achieve self-expression, but also meet the creative needs of online operators.

DTG print

Photography Studio

The public hopes to hold the beautiful moments so that the touching moments in life are always remembered and new. Such a printer can be equipped to make beautiful images captured into various home crafts in some large photography studios. Especially those photo studios with wedding photography businesses can even make invitations, souvenirs, etc.

DTG printing

Campus DIY

The campus souvenir shop is a great place to gather ideas and make exclusive gifts and souvenirs. During the admission and graduation season, the school will make virtual simulation tickets (the departure time is the graduation day, the departure place a certain location of the school (playground, dormitory, office building), and the destination a distant place), a shirt with the school logo , hats, hand-painted portrait playing cards, sweaters with miniature campus images, etc. It will be a place for DTG printing technology to show its talents.

Scenic Cultural Tourism

The national 5A-level scenic spot, the scenery is spectacular, and the source of tourists is guaranteed. Customized tourist souvenirs, for example, tourists can put their own photos into personalized templates and make them into curtains, tablecloths, canvas bags, etc.

DTG printing


Product Stores Around Museums and Art Galleries

Large museums and galleries attract steady tourist crowds. Businesses around these buildings can invite customers to participate in souvenir making, such as backpacks, pillows, etc. Those goods are very good choices.

With the rapid development of digital technology, cultural and creative products are becoming more and more popular. In cultural consumption, only by allowing consumers to experience a more creative and aesthetic experience can businessmen truly seize market opportunities.




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