Save Your Sublimation Ink With These 6 Tips

Premium high density dispersed sublimation ink and printers are becoming more and more common in the textiles industry.  We should consider saving sublimation ink in the process of using. Because the cost of printing consumables is getting higher and higher.  Especially imported dye sublimation inks are more expensive,  we could reduce unnecessary consumption. Here are some ways to save ink.

In fact, per ounce of sublimation ink, it may cost more than the price of exquisite champagne. It was mentioned in the reports of many professional testers,  when they complained that their sublimation ink disappeared for no reason, and even only used after 2-3 times printing, it was discovered that after a few months, the entire ink was wasted and clean. Where did they go and what did they use?

Minimize cleaning times for sublimation printers to save sublimation ink

Dye-sublimation printers use heat energy . It transfer water-based dyes ink hidden in the ribbon inside the printer to substrates.  It can control the proportion and intensity of the color , by adjusting the different temperatures of the semiconductor heating element. However, due to the limitation of temperature, the dye sublimation printer is prone to block the nozzle under continuous operation.  The high temperature causes the ink in the nozzle to evaporate,  causing unnecessary cleaning work.

The print head is often clogged during the use of the equipment. There are many reasons for the clogging, such as the working environment of the machine, the quality of the ink, the time the machine is idle, etc., because each cleaning of the ink jet head consumes a large amount of sublimation ink, so The number of cleaning ink jet heads should be minimized.

Clean the nozzle properly to save sublimation ink

When cleaning the print head,  a large amount of sublimation ink waste is unavoidable.  When it is turned on,  most ink jet printing equipment will automatically clean the print head.  There are buttons to clean the print head. If the automatic cleaning function of the equipment is invalid,  you can manually clean the nozzle in the operation manual.  You should follow the steps to disassemble the nozzle. For manual cleaning of the nozzle, a thin rubber tube can be used. It will be placed on the front end of the medical syringe .  The rubber tube is rinsed with strictly filtered water. When washing, observe the nozzle with a magnifying glass. If there is sludge around the nozzle, it can be removed with a soft rubber product.

The nozzle should pay attention to the following points:

A.Do not clean the nozzle with sharp objects, do not hit the nozzle, and do not touch the nozzle with your hands

B. Do not disassemble or install the spray head in a charged state. Do not touch the electrical contacts on the spray head with your hands or other objects

C. The nozzle cannot be removed from the machine and placed alone, and the nozzle cannot be placed in a dusty place.

Try to keep dye sublimation printer continuous printing

how to save your sublimation printing ink

When using a dye sublimation printer, the worst thing is to print it every few minutes. If you need to print a lot of things, I suggest you collecting the things that need to be printed and printing them together. Because every time the machine is started, the nozzles must be cleaned and the ink delivery system must be filled with ink. This process wastes more ink, so try not to start the machine frequently.

Here, the author also recommends users who use dye sublimation printers to avoid continuous high-burden jobs during work. After running printing for tens of meters, rest for a period of time to continue printing can effectively prevent the nozzle from overheating and reduce the cleaning work.

Try not to turn off sublimation printer

Even if there is no usage requirement, try to keep one print in a day to keep the printer working normally. If there is no printing demand within a period of 1-2 months, our printer can also be fully turned on and standby. The internal cycle cleaning inside the machine will not consume ink.

Customize different printing methods to save sublimation ink

By choosing to use different ink cartridges, media types, self-adjusting printing density, and custom printing modes, the purpose of saving ink can be achieved.

Using premium quality sublimation transfer paper to match sublimation ink

use sublimation paper can help save your sublimation ink

Use high quality dye sublimation paper to print images, which can help you save your high density sublimation ink. Dye-sublimation printing paper is coated with a special dye-sublimation material on the surface. It makes printing smoother, quick-drying. When  printing the same length of content, the ink consumption is lower.

In addition, when using high-level sublimation paper, you can appropriately reduce the quality of the sublimation ink. Using cheaper sublimation inks will not compromise the printing effect, which will help you save costs even more.

what proportion of a complete ink can be completely used on paper?

Professionals once set up a special test to see what proportion of a complete ink can be completely used on paper. In the test, print text or 30 pages of color patterns, and print the test intermittently in three weeks. After the test, we found that different  printers will have varying degrees of ink waste. The premise of the test is to print periodically within three weeks. In fact, this frequency is not much different from the frequency of small business companies.

The final conclusion of the test shows that in the worst case, printing ink can reach a waste of more than 700 yuan per year. Since premium dispersed  sublimation ink is more expensive, the cost of wasted is higher. This ratio is even more than the ratio of our daily use of ink.  Usually we buy a set of sublimation ink  for printing .   The ratio of printing is less than half of the waste.

The test data also shows that,  the maintenance of most brands of printers still waste a lot of ink. Therefore, as users, if we improve our usage habits and cut down some unnecessary operating habits, we can effectively reduce our sublimation ink waste.If you have never paid attention to it, then maybe you should improve in the above fix aspects in the future.

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