Seven Core Components of UV Printer and Their Functions

Those people who intend to buy UV printers to start businesses may want to deepen their knowledge of the core components of UV printers and their functions. Mastering the structure of the UV printer is not only convenient for customers to operate the machine, but also conducive to the maintenance of the machine. Today we will explain it to you.

  1. Nozzle

When buying a UV printer, you should first pay attention to the nozzle. After editing the pictures on the computer, the rest of the printing work is performed by the print head. The quality of the nozzle is related to accuracy, speed, and stability. At present, there are two main types of nozzles in the industry, which are the Epson nozzle and the Ricoh nozzle. The commonly used Epson nozzle models are I3200, XP600, R1390, R1900, and XP2000. Ricoh mainly has Ricoh G5, G6, and G5i. In addition, other brands are Kyocera and Konica. The printing speed and accuracy of each nozzle are different. In general, if the printing speed is fast, the definition of the printed pattern will decrease. A nozzle with extremely fine ink holes can print out beautiful patterns as a photo, but at the same time, the printing speed will decrease.

A good UV printer must be equipped with high-quality nozzles, so the price of the machine will not be too cheap. Therefore, when buying the machine, you must pay attention to it.

  1. Boards

The main board is equivalent to the “brain” of the UV printer, controlling the inkjet of the nozzle and the operation of various parts. The board mainly includes the main board, head plate, ink supply plate, negative pressure plate, UV lamp adapter plate, nozzle adapter plate, and UV lamp interface plate. At present, most of the well-known UV boards in China are from Beijing and Shanghai, and some manufacturers are independently developing plates.

During the use of the machine, there shall be no water or liquid dripping on the board. In addition, static electricity has a great impact on various systems of the UV printer, and the grounding wire can effectively eliminate static electricity.

  1. Ink

The ink supply system is like the “blood circulation system” of the UV printer. A timely ink supply can ensure the smooth printing of the machine. The ink supply path is the main ink cartridge-the secondary ink cartridge – the nozzle. The corresponding accessories of this system include an ink pump, ink pipe, secondary ink cartridge, filter, and ink supply plate.

The ink of UV printers cannot be used indiscriminately. Each type of nozzle uses different ink. If using the wrong one, it may cause irreversible damage to the machine.

When printing wood, marble, or ceramic tiles, it is often operated indoors. If the indoor air circulation is bad, please pay attention to using safe and environmentally friendly UV ink.

  1. Platform

The platform used to place the objects is critical. For those who have seen UV printers for the first time, it seems that the printing platforms are similar, but the prices of different platforms may differ by 10 times. Some UV printer platforms are made of aluminum plates, while others are made of steel plates. A good platform will not shake during the printing process and can guarantee the quality of articles.

  1. Guide rail

The guide rail is the running track of the nozzle trolley. It supports the carriage to move back and forth during printing. Generally, the imported THK mute double guide rail is selected for the track, which not only operates accurately but also has low noise.

  1. LED curing lamp

Also known as a UV lamp, its function is to cure the ink. The LED curing lamp emits single wavelength invisible light, generally below 400nm, mainly 365nm, and 395nm. It is installed on both sides of the nozzle, and the LED light will emit ultraviolet light to cure it after the nozzle spray ink. The better the UV lamp, the better the irradiation effect, the less the decline of light attenuation, and the longer the service life of the lamp. A good UV lamp can quickly solidify the ink and avoid the ink from contact with dust, which will affect the firmness of the pattern. If conditions permit, customers who want to buy UV printers can go to the manufacturer’s site to check the real printing effect of the machine.

  1. Body of machine

Compared to the appearance, many UV printers have almost the same body. The frame is like the foundation of a high building. UV printers will vibrate with a certain amplitude during operation. The pure steel one is relatively firm and stable.

The stability of the UV frame directly affects the accuracy of printing. If it is made of pure iron, UV printers will shake greatly after printing for a period of time, accelerating the scrapping speed of parts.

The number and model of UV nozzle, the size of the printing format, materials of the machine body, the ink quality, and the performance of the main board are the key factors that affect the effect of UV printing. Novices should pay more attention to these factors when buying UV printers and choose manufacturers with a good reputation.


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