misunderstandings about led UV printer

Several Misunderstandings About The Led UV Printer

misunderstandings about led UV printer

Whether it is a led UV printer or other products that we do not understand, there are always many cognitive misunderstandings that affect our judgment. On the one hand, it will pay extra costs for our cognitive limitations; on the other hand, it will bring losses, which cannot meet the real needs of doing a UV printer business. Therefore, today we are goanna to introduce several cognitive misunderstandings about UV led printing.

Misunderstanding 1: Can I make money or start a business on the led UV printer?

First of all, you need to understand that a UV led printer is just a device, or a tool, just like a bread machine, a juice machine, a car, etc. If you buy it for your own use, instead of serving others through it, it is impossible to make money. In a word, the secret to success is how you apply led UV printers.

Finally, in recent years, many users have made money through UV printers, mainly because UV printers can meet people’s personalized needs, the added value of products is high, and the profits are huge. This also guides the novice when choosing products and industries, it is best to have large demand and high added value.

Misunderstanding 2: Nozzle Warranty for a led UV printer

Warranty for a led UV printer

The print head of a UV printing machine is a pain point for users, and it is also a component that is prone to go into trouble in the daily UV printing process. So whether the led UV printing manufacturer can provide a warranty has become a guarantee and premise. A quality guarantee seems like an essential factor for buying a UV printing machine, but the truth is the opposite. The print head itself is a kind of consumable, and it has its life service. Coupled with many improper factors, the life of the nozzle will be shortened. Looking at this rationally, it is not easy to fall into the so-called “printer warranty” trap provided by some manufacturers. To know the additional terms, conditions, and mandatory purchases when buying a led UV printer, manufacturers shouldn’t provide the warranty, and it can save money for UV printer buyers. In other words, wool comes from the sheep’s back.

Misunderstanding 3: led UV printers are all good and cheap

This cannot be true unless all led UV printing manufacturers don’t like making money. For traditional UV printing manufacturing industries, unless it is a monopoly product, then the profit may be 100%, 200%, or even higher. The lower the price of the product, the lower the profit margin. The reasonable gross profit of a led UV printer is also about 20%. During this period, the manufacturer’s rent, employee costs, procurement costs, etc. must be deducted, and it is good to leave 5%-10% of the net profit. Merchants must ensure that their products are profitable, but it’s too hard for UV led users to have lowered prices, and the cost has been touched. What should I do? Faced with this, some small manufacturers replace the internal parts of UV led printers with defective or refurbished, or low-standard ones, which will reduce the cost. But after this led UV printer is bought back, all kinds of problems will break out in about a month, not to mention affecting the normal production. The cost of various repairs can make it a pity to throw it away, but it will be a loss if you don’t do that.

led UV printer

Misunderstanding 4: 3-year warranty is better than a 1-year warranty

This marketing concept is a typical use of people’s risk-averse psychology. The focus is not on the length of the warranty, but on the content in the quality warranty of the led UV printer and who will bear the costs incurred in the middle. This is the top priority for UV led printer buys. Especially after the user just purchased a UV printing machine. In the first half of the year, it is basically a running-in period, and various small problems will occur between UV printer businessmen and buyers. During this period, if the service provided by the manufacturer is comprehensive and caring enough, it can help many users to tide over the difficulties in the initial stage. And this kind of service is much more practical than those empty 3 or 5 years of guarantee.

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