DTF textile printer

Should You Buy A DTF Textile Printer for Your Business?

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DTF textile printer

Personalized garment printing has been a successful industry over the years, especially as the desire for quick fashion develops and new printing technology make it much easier to print custom T-shirts and the like. The digital textile printing market is expected to reach USD 822.1 million by 2022. With the accessibility of entry-level printers and online guides that allow average individuals to start their print shop from home, it’s any wonder why the industry is expanding.

The relatively recent advent of DTF textile printer has also contributed to the digital printing industry’s rapid expansion. It provides quick printing rates, outstanding print quality, impressive substrate diversity, and long-lasting durability, putting it on par with other printing processes now available. Given that fashion is a continually growing market, it would make sense for you, as a print shop owner, to consider introducing a new printing technology, such as DTF printing, to your lineup.

You can’t just buy a few DTF printers and start selling them and expect to make a rapid profit, no matter how simple it appears. You’ll need to examine important factors, such as whether you should offer it as a new in-house service or outsource it to a contract printer who specializes in DTF printing. Which of these fits your present tasks and specializations?

Direct customer contact: Whether you’re talking to your customers in person or online, direct communication (with your personal touch for each customer) offers you and your customers a mutually beneficial arrangement: you provide them with valuable services and great customer service, and in exchange, your customers will – both directly and indirectly – draw potential clients to your business, allowing you to grow and offer better printing.

Convenience: Instead of depending on another print shop, you can start a new customer order right away and have it completed before the agreed-upon time. There will be no delays or need for back-and-forth calls over the details of the customer’s request; once the order is received, your employees can begin immediately.

Complete production control: You have complete control over each order you receive, from the materials you use to how the order is priced based on what was utilized. It also means you’ll be able to get the supplies you need at a lower cost, allowing you to keep your overhead low while still providing quality that your consumers will appreciate.

DTF textile printer

Maintaining overall costs in check: While the advantages seem appealing, are they worth the higher equipment and material costs in the long run? After all, you can’t just buy these at random; if you don’t get even one order for that newly launched printing method, your investment would be a waste.

Time constraints: Even if you have prospective consumers, can you meet their orders on top of your existing ones on a consistent basis? If you don’t have the resources to keep up with the orders coming in, you’ll miss deadlines and lose credibility with your clients.

Even if there is a demand for DTF printed items, you must consider time and labor concerns in order to meet your deadlines on time – how you do this is entirely up to you. If you invest in DTF printing, your first concern should be the potential.

Taking use of the benefits of DTF printing can add value to your print shop’s services. Still, based on the predicted demand for DTF printed goods, you’ll need to carefully assess the merits and downsides of producing it in-house vs outsourcing it to someone else. When you have a large demand for DTF printed goods but want to stay committed to your core niche, outsourcing is a viable option. If the demand is reasonable and you want to control how your DTF goods are produced, in-house printing is a pricey.

Making the switch to a new printing technology isn’t merely for the goal of increasing profits. Adapting to new advancements in the garment printing industry allows you to stay ahead of the curve and extend your customer base and offerings. Make sure you plan ahead of time before taking any important steps forward.

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