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Should You Start Your Business with Epson DTF Printer?

A Brief Primer on DTF Printing

Direct-to-film printing (also known as DTF printing) entails printing on a special transfer film and then transferring the design from film to substrate using a heat press. Epson DTF printer simply uses a hot melt powder to apply the design to the surface of the substrate.

This hot melt powder enables the pattern to bind permanently to the surface of the substrate. It is applied to the inks while they are still wet; heating transforms it into an adhesive that permits the design to stick to the surface of the substrate. Once it has cooled to room temperature, carefully peel off the film to complete the operation.

The main advantage of DTF printing is its adaptability on a variety of substrates. DTF printing lets you to extend your consumer base with highly personalised products such as clothing, mugs, and even signboards. Furthermore, the printed graphics are long-lasting, with no cracks or problems caused by straining. A DTF print can endure a long time if properly cared for.

DTF printing is also a cost-effective solution due to the low cost of supplies and equipment. Starting with DTF printing is far less expensive than direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, allowing you to optimize earnings while keeping costs down. You can easily opt for short-to-medium print runs while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

So Why Consider Espon DTF Printer?

Low Startup Costs

The majority of entry-level Epson DTF printers are converted inkjet printers. The name comes from the fact that these low-cost printers are converted from normal desktop inkjet printers. Converted printers are calibrated to print on DTF transfer films and using DTF inks, as standard CMYK inks are incompatible. You should be able to get one for somewhere between $600 and $2,000 from various web merchants.
Entry-level printing is quite simple to learn thanks to a variety of online tutorials. You may begin printing in less than a day, allowing you to begin planning your business and its eventual return on investment (ROI).

Affordable Consumables

Aside from the low cost of getting started with Epson DTF printing, consumables such as transfer films and hot melt powder bottles are also inexpensive. If you shop around, you may discover and buy 500ml bottles of CMYK ink for as little as $12 per unit. Transfer films in packs of 50 sheets can cost as little as $30, while transfer rolls (11.81′′ x 328 ft) can cost as much as $150.

Decent Output and Quality

With the proper configuration, entry-level Epson printers can easily print 15 to 30 outfits in an hour (30 or more for large-scale printers). Even when you need to cut out the printed images before heat pressing them, not having to prepare screens or pretreat clothes reduces overall manufacturing time. You also don’t have to weed out your designs as you would with vinyl transfers; simply cut the image out, heat press it to the garment, and you’re done.


DTF clothes

Epson DTF printers are also quite adaptable; they may be applied to cotton, cotton blends, polyester, rayon, and silk – the possibilities are (nearly) endless! Set your heat press to the proper setting to prevent burns, then proceed as usual to apply the design to the fabric.

You’re not only confined to clothing. DTF printing can also be used to print on ceramic and metallic surfaces. Designs can be easily transferred to practically any surface, regardless of shape. On apply prints to mugs and other products, you only need a specific heat press.

You can even stock up on extra printed films and sell them separately. You can sell your extra prints to consumers who want to put prints you’ve made to their personal stuff. You can save them in a folder or other secure storage media (free from dust and other particles) and neatly organize them in a drawer or cabinet for future use.

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