Solution to the color difference produced by DTG printing machine in direct printing

The direct printing process of DTG printing machine has been simplified a lot. Which is more worry-free than traditional silk screen printing. However, there are still links such as drawing, retouching, mapping, and setting curves to complete the whole process. Due to the technical differences of different digital printing machines and environmental factors. The quality of the finished clothing digital printing products is affected. So what are the factors that produce color difference?

We must admit that the objective existence is: due to the limitation of many aspects in actual production, the color error cannot be completely eliminated. Only through optimal adjustment, the color quality difference can be controlled within a reasonable color standard.

1.The color of the digital printing is different from the computer monitor

Computer monitors will cause different viewing angles of colors due to different brands, models and individual color value settings. It is based on the fact that the display uses RGB color light to form images, while the printed matter is toned in CMYK four colors. The two principles are very different, which will cause serious color difference between the screen display color and the printed product. Never use the screen color to proofread the color. Therefore, the DTG printing machine must pay attention to color calibration during use.

2.Environmental factors

Environmental factors will also affect the difference in printed colors, printing time, digital printing ink quality, temperature, humidity, material characteristics, etc., factors that cannot be controlled by humans will also affect the differences in printed colors. Therefore, try to operate strictly in accordance with the instructions of our DTG printing machine. The adjustment of temperature and humidity in different seasons must have strict parameter settings.

3.the color value problem

When making the color, the color value of the lightest color should not be lower than 8%, otherwise it may not be printed. Do not use four-color black or four-color gray, which may cause serious color difference after printing. The color of the picture on the design manuscript is RBG, not CMYK; avoid using special colors. When the picture is a gallery purchased from other places. Or materials provided from other places. Sometimes there are description files with special colors hidden but not found . Causing the overall printing color to change color. The result of this color difference will be the overall overall color difference. It is recommended to print a sample as a test after adjusting the color to check the effect. If the effect is good, it proves that the DTG printing machine is adjusted well.

4.The material characteristics

Each material has different characteristics such as background color and ink absorption. If you can grasp the characteristics of the material. The color used in the design will be more comfortable. The darker the background color, the more likely to produce color difference. In addition, there are several points of color difference caused by the operation problems of the digital printing machine itself:

(1) Ink supply system is unstable

DTG printing machine ink supply system is unstable (especially the ink level of the ink cartridge). The liquid level of the ink cartridge greatly affects the ink supply power of the print head and directly affects the printing effect. The color when the liquid level is high is darker than the color when the liquid level is low. Which causes the color difference of the picture. This is not difficult to understand.

(2)Unstable voltage or changing voltage

The working voltage of the DTG printing machine print nozzle directly affects the ejection strength of ink droplets (especially the piezoelectric print nozzle). Furthermore, from the overall visual effect. There will be different shades and different clarity effects. Therefore, before printing out, the print head voltage should be set to normal (usually adjusted in the software).  The input terminal of the DTG printing machine should be connected with a voltage regulator.

(3) Other processing has been done during printing

Other processing may include changing media (largely spliced pictures), changing ink. Or filling different types of ink during printing, too long pauses or too frequent pauses during printing. The above operations may cause the picture to be discontinuous and the picture output has color difference.

In order to avoid the above situation, we need to check whether the media and ink are sufficient before printing. If problems are found, they need to be supplemented in time. It should be noted that for the clothing digital printing machine with heating and drying device.  The pause time is too long, and the color difference of several PASS images printed before. And after the pause is very different.

5.Complete the operation in the same environment

In the same picture, different DTG printing machines or finish printing under different conditions (mainly for large pictures that need to be spliced). Even different DTG printing machines of the same model have different printing effects (color difference). The difference is that after printing and stitching. There is color difference on the whole. Therefore, if there are pictures that need to be spliced. Try to use the same DTG printing machine to print them under the same conditions to maintain the overall effect and continuity.

6.Unstable negative pressure

For the DTG printing machine that uses the principle of negative pressure to supply ink. The negative pressure is unstable, which directly affects the ink supply pressure of the print head. And further affects the ink jet effect of the print head.

7.The nozzle is blocked and frequent cleaning

If the print head is clogged, the ink is broken, etc.. It is necessary to clean the print head frequently, which will cause color difference and discontinuous picture effect on the screen.Because before and after the print head is cleaned. The effect will be quite different. We suggest that before DTG printing machine printing. Please check the working condition of DTG printing machine to ensure that it is correct before production. Secondly, when choosing inks, you need to buy high-quality and guaranteed-quality inks. It is best to match the ink with the machine, and do not change other brands of ink halfway.

Finally, I hope you can fully grasp how to use DTG printing machine to make your machine run at high speed. If you have any other questions about the machine, please contact us.

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