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Some Common DTF Shirts Mistakes to Avoid

The global custom DTF shirts printing sector has grown into a massive enterprise worth almost $5 billion. Everyone from small company owners to crafters to garment suppliers has been manufacturing shirts with personalized designs, resulting in a significant increase in custom T-shirt sales.

It has also increased the variety of ways in which personalized shirt designs can be combined. In 2023, you may use a variety of T-shirt printing processes to bring your custom shirt ideas to life.

DTF shirts, or direct-to-film shirts, are among the most popular sorts of shirts these days. DTF shirts are made by printing a picture on a specialized film, which is then transferred onto a shirt using a heat press.

Many have come to realize how simple it is to produce DTF shirts. Yet, before you start selecting shirt designs and attempting to use them to build DTF shirts, you need be aware of several typical blunders to avoid.

Here are some pitfalls you should avoid while designing DTF shirts.

1. Hastening the DTF Shirts Design Process

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Consumers have grown to appreciate Direct-to-Film t-shirts for a variety of reasons. They adore them because they provide nearly limitless color options when creating shirt designs. They also like these shirts because they allow them to insert delicate elements into the mix without using outlines.

You should make the most of the advantages of DTF shirts by taking your time when designing them. You should be able to develop some fairly interesting designs for the DTF transfer films that you’ll use to make your DTF shirts.

2. Not Investing in a High-Quality DTF Printer

If you intend to create your own DTF transfer films and print them yourself, you will need to invest in a DTF printer. And you shouldn’t just Google “DTF printer” and select the first solution that comes up.

Preferably, you’ll want to get your hands on a high-quality DTF printer made by a reputable brand like as Sublistar. You’ll also want to be prepared to do DTF printer maintenance so that you don’t have to deal with issues like clogged nozzles, which can have an affect on the DTF transfer films you print.


3. Making DTF Transfer Films with the Wrong Supplies

Aside from acquiring a high-quality DTF printer, you’ll also need to purchase a slew of components for creating DTF transfer films. These supplies will contain items such as:

1. DTF powder

2.DTF ink

3.DTF Transfer film 

You’ll also need to keep DTF cleaning fluid on hand to keep your DTF printer clean. Low-quality DTF supplies will result in low-quality DTF shirts, so you won’t want to scrimp on these supplies at any time.

4. Not Being Aware of the Option to Order DTF Films

You are welcome to purchase a DTF printer and all of the associated components in order to build your own DTF transfer films. But, you should be aware that you can acquire custom DTF transfer films.

This is something that a firm like DTF Transfer Zone can help you with. Using this online designer, you may construct your own personalized DTF transfer roll or sheet. It will save you from having to print out transfer rolls yourself, allowing you to focus on making personalized DTF shirts.

5. Using a Poor-Quality Heat Press

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Whether you print your own DTF transfer films or purchase them from a company like DTF Transfer Zone, you’ll need a heat press to put them to use. You don’t want to have to rely on a low-quality heat press that won’t produce the shirts you want, just like you don’t want to rely on a DTF printer.

You might be able to locate several heat presses for under a couple hundred dollars. Yet, they may not always be able to get the exceptional outcomes you require. It is worthwhile to spend a little more money to obtain a high-quality heat press that will make the DTF procedure easier for you.

6. Failure to properly prepare DTF Transfer Films

Just before you start applying DTF transfer films to T-shirts, you should prepare them. If you’re going to make your own DTF transfer films at home, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Printing your DTF shirt designs on DTF transfer films
  2. While the DTF transfer films are still wet, sprinkle adhesive powder on them.
  3. Curing the adhesive powder on DTF transfer films for around two minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit using a heat press.
    If you purchase customized DTF transfer films from DTF Transfer Zone, you can skip these steps. However, you should still keep them under your heat press to get them ready to go because they will not perform effectively if they have any moisture on them.
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