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Some Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Digital DTG Printing Business

DTG printing

Having  your own clothes digital DTG printing business might be a dream come true! But it might also be a nightmare. You may develop your own clothes decorating business and generate a positive cash flow in your first month with a relatively little initial investment, a proven quality printer, good training, plenty of drive, and a solid marketing plan. Here are seven frequent mistakes to avoid to help you achieve your goal:

Buying a DTG printer without geting known its learning curve

DTG printing

The idea that you can buy a DTG printer and make money printing t-shirts in your spare time or from home has been made before; but, running a successful clothing decorating business involves more than just selecting the cheapest machine, press, or printer. It is impossible to gain the skills and information required to be a successful business owner and apparel decorator in a single day. Understanding what the printer was designed to achieve is essential to the end result.

Digital DTG printing requires the management of artwork and the graphics process. It is critical to understand the interaction between high-quality substrates and specific types of garments with the appropriate quantity of preparation. Understanding the fundamentals of graphics, file types, and resolution will have a direct impact on the quality of your printed image. To attain professional results, hundreds of factors and intricacies must be understood. Don’t be deceived by sales representatives who have never owned their own business and have never used a DTG printer. Trying to guess will not work, and experimenting will be a waste of time and money. It is critical to have a realistic idea of the learning curve and knowledge foundation.

Not having enough space for the necessary equipment

Space is required to operate professional digital DTG printing technology securely and efficiently. You will also require space to adequately pretreat your garments in addition to your DTG printer. We do not advocate using a manual power sprayer. However, if that is your starting point, we strongly advise you to spray the pretreatment manually outside. To fully cure your clothing, you’ll also need space for a conveyor belt drier or a heat press. The majority of startups will begin with a heat press. Having some additional ink, pretreatment solution, and speciality platens on hand can help you stay organized. Consider creating a station or area where you can unpack, sort, fold, and pack finished decorated apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and so on. Special electrical wiring, ventilation, and air compressors may be required for large commercial printers and dryers. Most entry-level DTG printers and heat presses, however, do not meet these standards. Make certain that you have a portable printer. If you wish to rearrange or set up your office, this is more than just a convenience. When you take the printer to an event for on-demand or on-site printing, you will also have a fantastic opportunity to raise exposure for your company!

dtg printing

Pondering what you can print

What you can effectively print with a DTG printer is limited. Different textiles and substrates necessitate different ink formulations and temperatures to cure the image. What one DTG printer can print, all DTG printers can print. It’s not the same as being able to print anything and selling a garment that will last, won’t fade, or wash off. DTG ink chemistry was developed exclusively for 100% cotton and cotton blend textiles. What about 100 percent polyester?

Printing on 100% polyester is possible, but the additional work necessary with ordinary ink and the limits in picture longevity make it unrealistic. To put it another way, even if it is theoretically conceivable, it is NOT profitable. Play (or print) to the digital DTG printing  strengths. How about tri-blend tees? Yes, certain tri-blend shirts function exceptionally well, while others we do not recommend due to bad prior performance. Because they are organic substrates, additional organic materials such as canvas, bamboo, or leather can be printed with your Epson F2100 DTG printer and generate high quality images; however, we recommend that you try them first.

Trying to satisfy all the people

Understanding who buys what you’re selling is essential for developing a successful business. You will be concerned in the start of your business and will want to accept any job. Before you say “Yes!” learn to say “Maybe!” Some tasks were never meant for you or your company. It’s critical to identify one or two niche areas in your area where you can dominate. Be as specific as possible when considering your target audience. Other local small business owners, sports teams, high schools, restaurants, printing live at music events, unique birthday presents, insurance agents, nurses, and so on are examples of specific target areas that may be a suitable fit for you.

The more precise your niche, the easier it will be to create an efficient marketing strategy and sell your products. Some consumers will ask for a single item, such as “Can I just get one t-shirt with a picture of my cat on it?” The right answer is YES! Other clients or prospects may request a quote for 5,000 t-shirts and require them in three days. While the Epson F2100 DTG printer is ideal for producing 20-40 custom apparel items in an hour, it is not ideal for printing 5,000 shirts in three days. That would be a job too big for you to handle. The goal is to strike a balance between service and profitability.

Becoming an apparel decorator and launching a digital direct-to-garment printing company is now easier and more economical than ever. How much less stress would you feel if you launched your business with specialists helping you every step of the way from the firm that has sold the most Epson DTG printers in the US? When you start your clothes decoration business with the right materials and training, you will avoid more than the  problems outlined above.

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