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Something You Need to Know about UV Printers

UV printers have the advantage of not requiring plates, allowing them to print not only ordinary effects but also 3D and relief effects, as well as a wide range of printing materials such as packaging boxes, acrylic, KT board, U disk, glass, tile, wood, metal, and so on.

UV printers have grown fashionable since their introduction to the market. The UV printers use of the process is highly stringent; any inappropriate operation may shorten the equipment’s life and lead to unsafe activities.

uv printer

1. Do not plug or disconnect the line.

There is no electric discharge treatment when inspecting the machine board and nozzle. The line will come into touch with the board, and the print head will be damaged as a result of the non-standard use. As a result, before draining the machine, it is required to cut off the power and unhook the power cord.

Tighten the needle and align it with the data wire hole, avoiding any deviations or oblique needles. Install and disassemble the UV flatbed printer circuit at will if the power is not turned off and the complete power supply is not cut off. This action will shorten the system’s service life and ruin the sprinkler head.

2. Using Strong force, adjust the nozzle.

Adjust the nozzle location with external force. When replacing or fine-tuning the sprinkler head, avoid using brute force. Please take special care of the sprinkler head according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Ignore the working environment

Static electricity affects UV flatbed printer printing substantially, therefore check the ground device connection frequently and sprinkle a little salt water around the ground on a regular basis. The machine should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, the working area should be ventilated, the dry and humidity levels should be controlled within the parameters given in the machine handbook, and the machine should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

The repair of vulnerable elements improves the machine’s stability and extends its life.

4. You can disassemble the head whenever you want.

The print head is a delicate and accurate component. Replace the plastic pieces of the print head at your leisure, but do not wipe the circuit board within the sprinkler head. If the head cover has to be replaced, contact the machine manufacturer for assistance; non-professionals should not attempt to replace it.

5. For cleaning purposes, the power supply is not shut off.

To protect circuit boards and other internal systems, cleaning should be done with care. When cleaning, please cut off the power and avoid getting water on the circuit board or any internal systems.

6. Use a low-quality cleaning solution.

Use a low-quality cleaning solvent to clean the nozzle. Sprinkler heads are easily dirty and worn, therefore please clean them with the manufacturer’s recommended materials as well as quality inspection goods.

7. Cleaning nozzle with high pressure

If the nozzle is slightly clogged, it is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust before cleaning it properly. This method should not be used.

8. Clean the nozzle by soaking it in water.

Although immersing the entire nozzle in the cleaning solution for a long period is more successful at removing stains, the cleaning solution is corrosive, and if the time is more than 48 hours, it will affect the print head hole itself. As a result, only a small amount of the nozzle should be used in the cleaning process.

9. Cleaning the UV print head with sound waves

To clean the print head, you should use an ultrasonic cleaning machine for a long time. In fact, if you maintain your print heads properly, you won’t need ultrasonic cleaning. The sprinkler head may be damaged by ultrasonic waves. However, if the obstruction is severe enough to necessitate ultrasonic cleaning, 3 minutes is the maximum cleaning time. If the print head hasn’t been cleaned yet, please wait for it to cool down naturally before cleaning it again.

UV Printer

10. Use sloppy ink

Different batches of ink can be added at any time, or inferior ink and cleaning fluid might be used. When two different ink configurations are mixed, the color and quality of the ink will vary; the quality of the ink will impair the printing effect and block the nozzle, reducing nozzle life.

11. UV Printer Machine and precision parts maintenance and upkeep are impossible to fix.

The users and operators have a lot to do with how long a machine lasts. We all know that we will maintain and replace vulnerable sections of a car on a frequent basis. Only in this manner will we be able to utilize it for a long period while maintaining a high level of safety and stability. The same is true for printers as users.

We have a responsibility to maintain and replace vulnerable elements on a regular basis in order to make the printer safe and stable. Cannot simply use and ignore maintenance and maintenance; over time, the age of components and lines, as well as pipeline problems, will have an impact on use and printing.

The machine’s life expectancy, in more acute circumstances, will result in ongoing issues.

The above are a few potentially hazardous UV flatbed printer procedures. The proper usage and maintenance of a UV flatbed printer may not only assure the machine’s normal and efficient production operation, but also extend its service life and save expenses and costs.

Some improper activities not only diminish the printer’s service life but also have a negative impact on production efficiency.

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