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How to Make Luxurious Foil Stickers? [Step-to-Step Guide & Video]

Foil stamping, also called hot stamping, is a decorative technique that applies foil film to the surface of the items to form luxurious visual effect. Traditionally, people use hot stamping machine to create foil stamping effect, which is very expensive. But luckily, the UV DTF printer now can enable people to realize foil stamping at a relatively low cost. In this article, you will learn how to make luxurious foil stickers with UV DTF printer.

What is UV DTF Printer?

UV DTF printer, one type of UV printer, is a printer that focuses on printing UV DTF stickers. One of the amazing advantages of UV DTF printer is that it can print on almost all the materials, whether of flat or curved surface. Typical applications of UV DTF printer are toys, acrylic, wood, plastic, glass, phone cases, keychains, metal, luggage, fountain pen and more.

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How to Make Foil Stickers by UV DTF Printer? Step-by-Step Guide & Video

UV DTF printer can realize foil stamping process quickly and conveniently in 7 steps: Design pattern, Print on A film & laminate waste discharge film, Peel off, Laminate hot foil stamping film & peel off, Laminate B film, Peel off A film & attach, final Press and peel off.

Below are the step-to-step guide & video.

First of all, you need to design the patterns on the computer. You can design the patterns by yourself or buy picture materials directly from professional graphic designers.

Print on the A film using UV DTF printer to produce labels that are not laminated. Then use the laminator to apply waste discharge film to the A film.

Peel off the waste discharge film to remove the extra glue to prevent from influencing the foil stamping process.

Using the laminator to apply the hot foil stamping film to the top of the A film. In the laminating process, the metallic layer will be transferred to the patterns on the A film to create golden performance.

After the hot stamping process, applying the B film to the surface of A film by laminator. This is to make sure that the foil stamping effect can last for long time and stickers can be attached to the items.

Peel off the A film and you will get the final foil stickers. Afterwards, attach the sticker to the surface of the object.

Finally, press the sticker and peel off the film. A product with hot foil stamping effect is finished.

What Are the Benefits of Foil UV DTF Stickers?

Most importantly, it brings expensive appearance design to your products without pricey packages. The gold or silver sheen leaves a deep impression on the item.

Secondly, the foil UV DTF stickers are of versatile applications, not limited to light or dark color, flat or not flat surfaces. Even in curved or round surfaces, the stickers will still maintain good adhesion ability, not peeling off easily.

Thirdly, except popular gold and silver foil, there are also other types of foil like gloss foil and matte foil. Different styles ensure that you choose a best look for your items.

What Industries Are Foil UV DTF Stickers Used For?

The foil UV DTF stickers are applicable in various industries including: packaging industry, invitation industry, advertising industry and business industry.

Packaging industry – Gift packaging, cosmetic packaging, book cover packaging, wine packing and more. The gold or silver foil will look particular luxurious on dark-colored packaging.

Invitation industry – Wedding invitation, anniversary invitation, party invitation, and etc. A elegant invitation card will show your effort in preparing the activity. To some degree, it can show your social status too.

Advertising industry – Promotion brochures, presentation folders, product catalogs, and other advertising items. With foil stamping effect, the advertising material will be more eye-catching, leaving deeper impression on the customers.   

Business industry – Business cards, personal reports, envelopes, business stationery and etc. Adding foil stickers making them look high-end, which is benefice to establishing company image too.


It is easy to add shinning visual effect to the products by using UV DTF printer to print foil stamping stickers. If you wanna see some samples, click the button to apply for them or leave a comment under this article.


1. Is UV DTF sticker durable?

Yes, UV DTF sticker is of strong durability and can last for a long time.

Of course, UV DTF printer totally prints on plastic. Besides, it can also print on wood, metal, glass, acrylic, leather and other materials.

No, they are different. UV printer can work directly on products, but UV DTF printer needs to print on the film firstly. Read this article to learn more, What’s the Difference Between UV Printer and UV DTF Printer?

UV DTF printer enjoys many advantages, including wide range of applications, environmentally friendly, quick turnaround time, user-friendly and etc.   

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