Digital Sublimation Printer-What Kind of Print Head Can Meet Its Needs

When we choose a digital sublimation printer, we usually also consider the situation of the nozzle. Do you know how to choose a suitable nozzle according to the printer?

1. Effect of temperature:

After the temperature of the inkjet digital sublimation printer decreases, the most common feeling is that the nozzle is “blocked”, that is, the private nozzle is “broken”. Because of the same ink, the temperature decreases, the viscosity will certainly increase, and the thickness is too expensive, which is easy to appear in the process of high-speed printing. The detachment, several advertising, and marketing companies all use inkjet printers. They must think the nozzle is blocked. Just clean it up. Before long, it will copy itself, and consumers will think it is the quality of ink.

The second problem of digital thermal sublimation printers is ink absorption and drying. The temperature is also low, which is not conducive to the absorption of ink by inkjet medium and the volatilization of ink solvent. Cause the phenomenon of “ink accumulation”.

digital sublimation printer

2. Effect of humidity:

Both “dry” and “wet” are measured by “relative humidity”. “Household humidity” does not depend entirely on how much moisture is in the air (“total moisture”), but also on the temperature level. The temperature is low in winter, and the hydrophilic water will certainly dry up whether it is heating or cooling.

Drying will certainly lead to the rapid solidification of ink on the print head, resulting in the illusion of “blocking the print head”; In addition, a completely dry atmosphere is more likely to cause material warpage, especially PP paper. If you are not careful, you will rub the print head. In severe cases, it triggers the print head and motor. Damages.

3. Effects of static electricity and dirt:

Nowadays, in the normal indoor environment, especially with air conditioning and carpet, the fixed power supply in winter is particularly easy to burn the circuit board and nozzle.

Most dye digital sublimation printer media are “insulated”. “Ink” or “spray” phenomenon, the printing quality will be seriously weakened.

The dirt composed of fibers on the inkjet material is also easily bound by the surface area of the material. When fixed electric energy is applied, it also corresponds to the surface area of the nozzle, resulting in printing quality problems.

To sum up, due to the weather and human conditions in winter, the probability of nozzle damage of inkjet printers is very high. Therefore, we must adopt the safety net and ensure the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment to ensure the appropriate temperature (grade 20-28) and humidity (40% – 70%) of the working space. The service life of the machine depends on the typical detailed maintenance.

What kind of nozzle can meet the printing needs of a high-speed industrial digital sublimation printer

For digital printing technology, now is a breakthrough period of rapid technological growth, which requires the joint efforts of nozzles, inks, equipment, and integrators to accelerate the maturity and leap of technological transformation. Among many factors, lawn sprinkler is the leader in the whole technology, so it is particularly important.

So, what kind of print head can meet the needs of high-speed industrial electronic printing? According to the study, compliance with three factors is one of the most critical factors:

(1). Longevity:

The nozzle is considered to be one of the most expensive components in the whole equipment. The faster the manufacturing speed, the more specifications, and varieties of nozzles. When the price loss is great, printing and dyeing manufacturing equipment needs more durable and stronger nozzles.

digital sublimation printer

(2). Understand broadband uniform and stable printing:

Printing and dyeing plants need to achieve at least acceptable speed and stability if they want to replace the digital printing machine from the whole production line.

(3). Meet the diversified needs of different market segments:

The textile industry is divided into different groups, which have completely different application requirements for different textiles and different places of use.

Benefits of micro piezoelectric inkjet innovation of digital thermal sublimation printer

Recently, the innovative development of inkjet printing has made a qualitative leap in inkjet printing. Hieroglyphics is the core printing tool of modern piezoelectric inkjet printing technology. With its excellent performance, fast printing speed, and high printing accuracy, it is suitable for many industrial applications and has become the mainstream product of inkjet printing equipment.

The modern technology of mini digital thermal sublimation printers belongs to the innovation of normal temperature and pressure printing. The standard concept is that ink droplets are extruded from the nozzle through the deformation of the crystal. The deformation will change with the change of image information voltage. Under the safe state of normal temperature and atmospheric pressure, the ink in the ink head will output ink evenly and accurately.

digital sublimation printer

The micro piezoelectric inkjet piezoelectric picture machine using modern technology is one of the core components of the piezoelectric nozzle. Because the cost of ink-jet print head manufactured by modern piezoelectric technology is quite high, while the stress of electric ink-jet head is quite small due to low stress, and the nozzle is actually changed by the piezoelectric ceramic wafer. In the micro piezoelectric ink head, the nozzle and ink cartridge have different structures. One nozzle can support multiple cartridges. When replacing the ink, just replace the ink cartridge or add ink directly to the ink cartridge without replacing the print head, saving money. As part of the cost of printing consumables, once the print head is damaged, repairing it can be considered a major event.

In order to obtain the high-quality printing effect of digital thermal sublimation printers, in addition to the precision print head and advanced printing technology, ink is also a very important factor. Micro piezoelectric printing adopts mechanical pressure, which makes ink absorption more flexible. For example, pigment ink with superior water resistance and light resistance, combined with modern micro piezoelectric printing technology, can effectively play a role in inkjet printing.

The Large format digital sublimation printer technology has better control over the ink beads, the shape of the ink beads is neater, the positioning is more accurate, the printing resolution is improved, and it is easy to realize high-precision printing. Because the micro piezoelectric inkjet does not need to be heated, the ink will not be chemically adjusted due to warm heat, so as to minimize the demand for ink and prolong the service life of the print head.

With the application of modern micro piezoelectric inkjet printing technology, a large format digital thermal sublimation printer is more stable and compatible than a thermal foaming printer using thermal foaming inkjet technology. Printing media, media and ink have excellent compatibility, which makes them more widely used.

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