The Accuracy of Inkjet Sublimation Printer Printing Color is The Standard for Its Quality

Interior and exterior inkjet sublimation printers are commonly used in the advertising and marketing production industry. In the choice of image machine printing tools, individuals are seeking greater printing accuracy, faster printing speed, as well as much more stable efficiency. For that reason, the shade accuracy of inkjet printing and printing The abundant performance of colors also has very high demands.

In addition to the assistance of high-precision digital inkjet sublimation printer printing modern technology, high-grade ink is additionally required for inkjet printing results. The option of ink, the color gamut improvement of the printing devices, the modification of the ink contour, and also the shade scheme of the tools, make the printing output, as well as photos of the picture maker printing devices, achieve better shade reproduction, attain rich color expression, lower shade chromatic aberration, and understand Greater interpretation as well as far better picture performance.

inkjet sublimation printer

Evaluation of the Factors for the Burning of the Key Board of the Piezograph

There are several reasons the inkjet sublimation printer burns the motherboard. One of the most essential ones is that the circuit line linked to the print head is not effectively linked, which triggers the motherboard to stress out; or the voltage is expensive and the secure voltage is not maintained at 220 voltage, resulting in fatigue; the photo machine itself can not be powered. Readjusting the voltage creates the maker to short-circuit and also burn the motherboard; the electrolyte in the device can not break down some substandard ink, which creates the nozzle to burn out as well as the motherboard burns out, etc.

Is exists any type of great option for how to avoid the motherboard from melting on the printer?

1. Maintain a secure voltage when the picture machine remains in usage;

Second, choose a good ink

So just how do you pick a great ink for your very own use?

1. The acidity and also alkalinity of the ink of the picture device, for instance, the metal parts of the photo equipment will be worn away if it touches the ink. It is recommended that you use a photo machine ink with a neutral pH.

2. The fluidity of the ink is great or negative, purchase some trial inks and also put them airborne, as well as observe if there are any type of major particle troubles in one month, then you can identify the fluidity.

3. The surface area stress of the ink is also an element. The better the fluidness of the ink, the smaller sized the tension of the ink, as well as the finer the printed visuals lines.

Pay interest to the conservation of the ink: purely regulate the indoor temperature level and moisture, as well as the minimum indoor temperature level, shall not be lower than 18 ℃. Extreme moisture will create the screen to be hard to dry, and also the product is very easy to be moist, which will influence the printing result and the post-processing of the display.

What should I do if the piezoelectric photo equipment prints in and out of the paper twisting?

When the wide format inkjet sublimation printer prints out a huge style, the paper feeds constantly for a long time. If the paper media is not fed smoothly, the paper is distorted, etc, it will affect the printing picture screen of the residential picture maker. So what’s the issue of the paper fastening of the imaging device? What variables will trigger the photo device to bend? Generally, there are several reasons for the paper buckling of the photo maker, the typical ones are as adheres to:

First, the irregular paper feeding system is a common variable for the fastening of the paper feeding of the image machine.

For instance: the pace of paper loading and also roll paper is irregular, or there is an obstacle at one end of the image-maker when printing photos, which will certainly create the paper to bend. On top of that, inspect the pressure roller as well as the pressure sheet to see if the pressure is also tight, as well as you can readjust it suitably. The stress of the paper roller is irregular, or the pressure roller does not revolve or jam, the stress of the paper roller is too strong, and so on, to ensure that several of the paper rollers rotate to move the paper, as well as some press the paper to stop, so the paper feeds Occasionally issues such as arching or wrinkling occur.

inkjet sublimation printer

Second, the irregularity of the suction system will likewise trigger the paper to bend.

If the follower of the paper suction platform does not rotate, and there is an issue without any suction power, the product can not be connected to the printing platform well, to make sure that it is simple to bring the material away throughout printing, and also the sensation of arching happens.

Third, the issue of products.

If the top quality of the material itself is unqualified standard, it will cause the printer to feed extraordinarily, and trigger issues such as smearing-aware printed by the inkjet sublimation printer. Furthermore, if the product is damp, it will also create the printer to buckle. Consequently, you need to acquire premium materials as well as save them correctly to avoid moisture.

Typically the CMYK color of the ink we pointed out is the basic 4-color shade in jet printing. Consequently, for premium ink, each shade should be close to the theoretically prescribed printing shade. Nonetheless, the colors of inks on the real market will certainly have some distinctions, which are brought on by differences in ink basic materials, manufacturing technology, as well as whether they purely comply with the printing color standards. Today’s print outcome software (RIP) has much more effective functions, as well as generally all have effective color change functions. With the excellent performance of the inkjet printing devices of the picture machine as well as the output software program (RIP), the shade can be changed through the software. Outstanding picture output high quality to accomplish much better precision of printed colors.

inkjet sublimation printer

In the application as well as operation of the inkjet sublimation printer, if you make use of high-quality ink + superb efficiency printing devices + superb software program combination, you can certainly accomplish a more best color result for your inkjet paint. Because a ready-made ink curve is an inkjet plan set for a particular scenario (for example a particular ink, a particular inkjet printer, a specific print tool). Therefore, in the selection of consumables for the image machine, it is suggested that users must choose and also make use of the original ink supplied by the maker or the advised top-notch ink because the initial ink of the printing tools has actually passed the shade gamut examination and calibration of the printing tools and also ink., Supply the best ICC contour for picture maker printing devices. Pick the initial ink to achieve far better color reproduction. Other inferior inks did not comply with the printing color basic well and fell short to attain better color curve modification, so the shade distinction during printing was large as well as the image high quality was bad.

Therefore, in terms of the color precision of dye inkjet sublimation printer printing tools such as photo printers, the 3 core elements of inkjet print result quality are: high-quality inkjet sublimation printer equipment, high-quality original ink choice, slit printing program (including vehicle driver, ink outcome program ICC curve Etc.), the marriage of the three will certainly yield good outcomes. If any of the three aspects is not good, the outcome will be poor.

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