Inkjet Sublimation Printing Machine-What Factors Cause Its Ink Crossover Failure

In the inkjet sublimation printing machine printing process, ink plays an important function. The high-grade, as well as high-fluency photo ink, can make the inkjet printing of the sublimation printer play a better result. Simply put, ink is the soul of the inkjet printing devices of the picture machine.

Why is ink the heart of inkjet printing tools for inkjet sublimation printing machines? Due to the fact that the sublimation printer has no ink, it is simply screen equipment that can only be checked out and also worn in all. Ink is one of the important as well as needed printing consumables for the imaging device. As a result, picking premium ink is also an extremely important thing prior to printing.

inkjet sublimation printing machine

In the inkjet printing application of the pictorial maker, in addition to the close collaboration between the ink and the nozzle, the high quality and security of the top quality ink will certainly additionally straight impact the performance of the inkjet printing of the photographic machine. The print head of the photo equipment is one of the most essential and also expensive parts. If the quality of the ink causes constant obstructing, ink damage, etc, it should be stopped quickly to prevent damage to the print head.

Different print nozzles need to be outfitted with ideal ink, or else the framework might be ruined, the result of the printed image will be impacted, and the nozzle may be damaged. It will inevitably produce troubles such as irregular ink thickness of numerous shades, color distinction in the ejected image, as well as easy blocking of the photo device. Although today’s piezoelectric nozzles have great compatibility with inks, at the same time, various types of inks are focused on different inkjet printing media. In our everyday inkjet printing applications, such as indoor water-based inks, outside eco-solvent environmentally friendly inks, UV ultraviolet treating inks, and so on. However, when choosing a picture machine and ink, users must focus on choosing high-quality initial ink from the manufacturer. Here, we primarily present the requirements for the use and choice of outside inks. We understand that in order to satisfy the requirements of great outdoor weather resistance, water resistance, light resistance, acid as well as alkali resistance, and so on, outdoor inks can only make use of pigment inks (usually called solvent-based inks). Ink, oil-based ink, or eco-solvent ink). This type of ink is made from pigment particles, solvents, dispersants, stabilizers, anti-UV representatives, and various other resources by mixing as well as mixing. Since this type of mixing is physical, not chemical, regardless of how special the formula is, no matter just how progressed the manufacturing procedure is, the physical mixing can not be kept in a steady state for a very long time. After a specific time period, the blending will become Separation occurs, resulting in delamination as well as precipitation of the ink. Additionally, as quickly as the ink is generated, this kind of delamination and also precipitation phenomenon begins to progressively happen, however it is not so significant that it can not be utilized. The difference between the inks of various makers is the length of storage space-time. High-quality inks can be saved for a long time and can be utilized for quality assurance.

The top quality of the ink can determine the quality of the inkjet sublimation printing machine, as well as the service life of the nozzle. Currently, the production market of ink for printers on the marketplace is exceptionally made complex, whether it is original ink or suitable ink. The proper choice of ink and the right maintenance of the print head are problems that every inkjet printer customer can not neglect in use.

Since the printer discharges warmth when it is working, everyone will generally lower the a/c unit, however, the lower the temperature level will certainly influence the ink of the printer.

What brings you today is the effect of reduced temperature on ink.

Intoxicated of temperature, the slimness of ink will alter, which is a physical phenomenon, yet what adjustments are the form, as well as its essence will certainly not alter.

When the ink comes to be thicker, the thickness will certainly additionally increase. It is advised not to pour thinner or varnish into the ink for mixing to change its thickness.

The service to the ink enlarging phenomenon triggered by temperature is as complies with:

1. Put the initial ink in a warm location and let it heat up gradually to go back to its original state.

2. In case of emergency usage, it can be heated on the surface with boiling water.

Finally, it is advised that you maintain the working place of the picture device at concerning 27 ° C.

The high-grade digital inkjet sublimation printing machine ink has excellent compatibility and can be applied to a range of publishing media; the ink supports ink decrease transformation modern technology, and the color is abundant. The premium inkjet inks of the photo device use the most effective setup ink unique dyes to make the raw materials have great solubility, so the shade saturation is high, the shade density value is as high as 1.3 or even more, the color reproduction is great, the shade range is broad, and it is in line with the ink shade monitoring requirement. Compared with the worth, the shade difference is the smallest, and the color is preferable for the requirements of the graphic image exporter. At the same time, high-quality inkjet inks are much more eco-friendly and also use premium, non-toxic raw materials to make the product non-toxic, odor-free, non-irritating, and corrosive. It is more secure as well as extra environmentally friendly in operation. Additionally, the drying out rate is quick. It is better for the fast outcomes and mass production.

inkjet sublimation printing machine

Top-quality inkjet printer ink should have the following characteristics:

1. It has excellent stability.

2, ultra-high-precision (1440dpi) performance, printing without star points, and flying ink.

3. Superb fluency, appropriate for a variety of interior products.

4. Nano-level fine filtration makes inkjet extra smooth as well as effectively prolongs the service life of your print head.

5. The actual eco-friendly and odor-free solvent, the sprayed picture is safe and also odor-free, and has the smell of the ink itself. It can be made use of whether it is adhesive image paper or hanging in the bedroom inside the mall.

6. Much more affordable rates help consumers win better advantages.

One of the most stable residential ink for interior picture devices, will not block the nozzle, will not damage the ink, and also the ink has excellent moisturizing efficiency. It can lower the variety of power-on cleansing to differing degrees, save ink costs to differing degrees, and properly expand the life of a great print head.

What elements create the ink crossover failure of the piezoelectric photo maker.

Ink on the picture machine, that is, the picture will certainly have variegated colors when printing, as well as the colors of various shades, which will certainly be mixed with each other, which will impact the right performance of the original shades of the photo. This will certainly not only affect the printing color effect of the photo device but also influence the work effectiveness.

What is the source of this failing, as well as what are the aspects that cause the ink crossover failing of the piezoelectric printer?

1. The impact of ink return on ink cartridges of nozzles, ink sacs, and ink tubes.

Ink sac damage, air leakage, and also ink return issues in the ink supply system of the image machine, as a result of the negative air pressure brought on by the unfavorable pressure of the air, the ink backflow happens in the pipes related to the ink supply system of the photo machine, as well as the printing of the image machine after the heartburn of other shades of ink. String ink.

2. The result of nozzle cleaning:

In case that the dye inkjet sublimation printing machine nozzle is not broken, the ink crossover may be due to making use of a cleaning fluid bubble nozzle. It is advised that you do not saturate for also long. On top of that, if the equipment has actually been in usage, you can clean and also cleanse the sprinklers more often, and there is no demand to soak the lawn sprinklers regularly. In some cases when the photo device is simply turned on, the ink might be crossed. At this time, you might wish to cleanse it a couple of times to see if there is any kind of variegated color. If there is still, it is recommended to print 100 yellow, 100 red, and 100 blue shade blocks. Evaluate it, and also it will return to typical if it hits a meter or two.

3. Influences connected to the nozzle blade and ink stack.

As an example, the aging of the printer’s wiper blade, the decrease of the ink stack’s ink absorption feature, and the long use of the ink pile cap will conveniently create the printer to print ink. At this time, it is required to consider the substitute of relevant repairs. If the movie is filthy, it is suggested to clean it on a regular basis or change the position of the nozzle to solve it.

inkjet sublimation printing machine

The above elements will conveniently trigger the inkjet sublimation printing machine’s printing ink to malfunction. If you, the individual of the image printer, have experience in your inkjet printing job, you might desire to parameterize the above elements to fix and also resolve them individually.

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