Sublimation Transfer Printer-How to Prevent Adverse Effects of Static Electricity on It?

If the sublimation transfer printer has electrostatic tentacles everywhere without a ground wire, the entire printer is a metal conductor, so it is difficult to avoid electrostatic reactions. Severe static electricity will cause the ejected ink droplets to change their direction before printing, causing the phenomenon of sticking. If this phenomenon is not resolved for a long time, the electrostatic voltage on the inkjet machine will reach 6-10V, which is very likely to cause damage to the print head. The effect of static electricity on the printer is very huge, (seriously it may damage the motherboard and print head).

When you touch the case with your hand, you may get a severe electric shock. Everyone knows that this is the effect of static electricity. It will not only bring you flesh and blood, but the most important thing is that it will break down the chips on the board and memory, and cause great losses inadvertently, so we must target The case is well protected against electricity.

sublimation transfer printer

Before touching the sublimation transfer printer

Static electricity is sometimes brought to the case by users themselves. High-temperature and dry indoors are high-risk areas where charges are generated. Due to low air humidity, chemical fiber clothing, carpets, cushions, etc. are rubbed, and static electricity will be generated. When the static electricity reaches a certain voltage, it will be released, which is the phenomenon of “electric shock”. When the user’s hand is in direct contact with the boarding card and memory chip in the chassis, static electricity will instantly enter the internal circuit from a certain pin of the chip, burning the transistor and metal wiring inside, causing invisible damage.

Therefore, before opening the dye sublimation transfer printer, you need to first release the static electricity on your hands, such as touching metal objects such as door handles, water pipes, or touching the wall or wet towel with your hands to “release” the static electricity from your body. The best way is to wash your hands so that the static electricity will flow away with the water, and then dry your hands before opening the case.

Connect a ground wire to the sublimation transfer printer

Inside the chassis, the power supply will also generate a lot of static electricity, especially when the capacitors of some inferior power supplies are cut corners, and the static electricity will escape into the chassis outside the power supply, so the chassis must be grounded.

At this time, you need to use a power strip with a ground wire. When installing the machine, many users are accustomed to asking the merchant for a power strip gift. The merchant will naturally not give you any high-priced and high-quality products, so many cheap and inferior power strips are used at the power inlet of the computer. If in these low-quality power strips, the ground wire is omitted, then static electricity cannot be discharged through the ground wire.

Then we can build this ground wire for the chassis by ourselves, first find a wire. Strip two ends to expose the copper wire, wrap one end on the metal screw of the chassis, and tighten the screw. Tie the other end to a tap water pipe, heating pipe, or aluminum alloy window (note: make sure they are connected to the ground) to prevent static electricity. Remind everyone, don’t tie the grounding wire to the gas pipe, because the electric spark of static electricity will cause the gas explosion, it will be very dangerous.

sublimation transfer printer

Create a true grounding power strip

Even if you switch to a power strip with a ground wire, sometimes it may not be able to prevent static electricity. Whether you live in a building or a bungalow, the circuit wiring in your home has been formed. If the power socket on the wall has only two phases and is not grounded, then all the electronic products plugged into the socket will not have a Grounding function. Therefore, we can use the previous method to create a “real” grounding strip.

The chassis power plugs are generally three-phase, one-phase live wire, one-phase neutral wire, and the top phase in the middle is the ground wire. The sockets on the power strip are also designed in this way, and the ground jacks of all sockets are connected in parallel. Remove the end of the front ground wire that was originally tied to the chassis screw, tie a small metal piece, and insert it into any ground wire socket of the power strip, so that all the sockets on the power strip are grounded, And the chassis power supply is also grounded. This is grounded from the power inlet end, which has a better anti-static effect and can also prevent static electricity from more peripherals such as monitors and printers plugged into the socket.

Comments: Anti-static for the computer is a necessary measure, it can avoid damage to the accessories. For users who like to toss about computers, you can also buy an anti-static wrist strap, just like workers on the production line do safety first. In addition, the removed accessories can be placed in an anti-static bag, which is more appropriate whether it is stored or carried.

sublimation transfer printer

Ways to eliminate static electricity from the sublimation transfer printer:

In order to ensure the service life of the machine and better maintain the machine, the most important thing to eliminate the electrostatic reaction of the printer lies in the following aspects:

1. When operating the inkjet sublimation transfer printer, it is necessary to keep the indoor temperature as stable as possible, not to fluctuate high and low, and to pay attention to changes in temperature and humidity.

2. When using the printer, try to use ink with a higher viscosity, so that the antistatic effect will be better, because the heavier the ink droplet, the smaller the electrostatic effect.

3. An important link is to do a good job of the grounding wire, the bottom wire is best to be the whole wire, no joints and good contact with the machine. The grounding problem must be taken seriously, the main operation method: the copper plate must be welded well, the copper wire should be buried in the moist soil 1.5 meters below the ground, and the saltwater should be poured. It is best to use the whole wire for the ground wire, without any joints, and make good contact with the machine.

4. The humidity around the machine reaches 40-60% relative humidity, so that static electricity generated by friction between the printer and the object will also be transmitted out of the air, and will not affect the ink droplets on the print head. The standard for purchasing an industrial humidifier is not to consume less than 4 liters of water per hour. If the ventilation is good, try to choose a humidifier with water consumption of 6 liters per hour.

5. The electrostatic brush can usually be used for universal flatbed printers to solve the occurrence of electrostatic problems.

The price of the textile sublimation transfer printer is not cheap, so we need to be more careful in the later maintenance and use, including some daily maintenance and nozzle maintenance. Based on the above analysis, solving the electrostatic reaction of the universal printer can make you better maintain the normal operation of the machine and avoid the occurrence of static electricity.

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