Sublimation Printing Equipment-How should Its Maintenance be done?

Many newbie individuals of sublimation printing equipment, do not know just how to keep the photo equipment. Actually, in basic terms, the day-to-day upkeep of the sublimation printing equipment is mostly for the maintenance of the nozzle.

The dye sublimation printing equipment is a wide-format shade inkjet printing tool that makes use of a piezoelectric print head. A lot of the piezoelectric printers on the marketplace today utilize Epson’s piezoelectric print heads, such as Epson fifth-generation heads, seventh-generation heads, and 5113 print heads. Whether it is a version with a single nozzle or a double nozzle, for using a piezoelectric printer, the top quality of the nozzle directly impacts the printing effect of the printer. Daily upkeep of the nozzle is very important. Excellent maintenance can significantly prolong the life of the nozzle.

sublimation printing equipment

So, just how should the maintenance of the photo machine be done? When using the printer every day, after turning it on, it is suggested to publish an examination page initially. The function of this is to check the problem of the nozzle and see if it can be printed for formal work. The printing technique of this test web page is as complies with: General photo Device suppliers will put the examination printing feature under the cleaning feature. Simply open up the cleaning function panel, and you can see that there is an examination printing alternative below. After clicking OK, the printer will certainly start to print a color bar. From the printing effect on the color bar, we can judge whether the nozzle is obstructed or abnormal. If there is not a problem, then the printer can start to function generally. If the published color bar is certainly abnormal If so, it needs to be cleaned. With the general built-in cleaning program in the photo machine, right now, we are only required to pick an equivalent cleansing mode, such as micro-wash or strong clean, etc. After picking, we can await the photo machine to instantly Nozzle cleaning has actually been done.

Usually talking, as long as these two actions are done, after that every person can safely begin utilizing this image maker for printing.

The fundamental upkeep method of the photo equipment during usage

High-precision photo equipment is a large incurable sublimation printing equipment with costly printing costs, high usage as well as upkeep prices. The adhering to are some standard upkeep and upkeep approaches in usage so that the high-precision photo device can function usually as well as be made use of for a long time.

1. Exactly how to deal with regular nozzle clog in the process of inkjet printing

1. Very first press the PAUSE trick to stop the printing operation, and then push the PURGE secret to move the machine head to the rightmost cleansing placement.

2. Maintain the power of the devices on, as well as disconnect all the signal lines of the fluid level sensor attaching the supporting ink storage tank to the control panel of the maker’s head.

3. Unplug the ink supply tube on the print head, and then make use of a glass syringe to remove the special cleansing option to cleanse the print head. Technique: Usage 40ml of cleansing service each time, once every 10 minutes, 3 to 4 times in total amount.

4. After cleansing, re-plug the ink supply tube and also the signal line of the fluid level sensing unit, and then proceed with the formerly put-on-hold printing work.

2. Just how to preserve the nozzle after the work is completed on a daily basis

After all the inkjet sublimation printing equipment printing tasks are completed daily, in order to maintain the printheads in the best working condition as well as stay clear of blocking the nozzles because of the volatilization of solvent-based inks, please permit the tools to stay overnight after the printheads are maintained as complies with.

1. Switch off the power of the tool.

2. First tidy the moisturizing sponge with a special cleaning service, and afterward put the cleaning solution on the sponge to soak it.

3. Move the handpiece back to the cleansing terminal on the far appropriate as well as make the nozzle snugly incorporate with the moisturizing sponge.

4. Leave the tool in this state overnight.

3. The therapy method when the above treatment approaches are ineffective or briefly inefficient

1. Get rid of the printhead from the printhead tray.

2. Pour an ideal amount of unique cleaning options into a tidy glass container to submerge the nozzle

The all-time low of the nozzle needs to be 2-3mm, and after that secure, the glass container with cling wrap as well as let it stand for more than 1 day.

Note: The signal user interface at the top of the print head should not touch the cleaning fluid, or else the print head will certainly be damaged.

Lasting use the ink tube of the sublimation printing equipment

The cleansing liquid is a type of “cleaning agent” developed according to the features of the ink. The complying with explains under what situations, exactly how to use the cleaning remedy properly.

When a brand-new maker is installed, given that each machine has actually been filled with ink prior to it leaving the factory, there is also a safety liquid in the pipe and also ink head. We need that when the brand-new equipment is set up, the cleaning fluid must be used to clean up the pipeline.

Second, frequently make use of the cleansing option to clean up the scraper and also ink pad weekly. Pure water and alcohol have low solubility for ink, and alcohol has a slight corrosive result on the scrape, so we advise that you do not utilize pure water or alcohol for cleaning.

sublimation printing equipment

Third, routinely make use of cleaning liquid to clean the pipe, it is advised (3-6 months). If the ink is used for a long period of time, there will certainly be attachments on the tube wall surface, and also the accessories will certainly affect the level of smoothness of the ink, as well as the cleaning fluid, has a strong solubility for the add-ons, so the pipeline ought to be cleaned up regularly.

Fourth, occasionally as a result of the poor workplace as well as the strongly fixed electricity of the maker, a great deal of cotton-like dirt will stick to the surface area of the ink head. If it is not cleaned for a long period of time, it will certainly cause oblique spraying and clog of the ink openings. Consistently put cleansing beads into the ink pad to make the ink head much more moisturizing.

Whether the security of the power supply can affect the security of the photo maker

For inkjet printers, nozzle connecting is a typical fault. As a big wide-format inkjet printer, the printer uses piezoelectric inkjet modern technology or thermal frothing modern technology, and its plugging failure will certainly also occur. exist. What I want to briefly define today is whether the plug of the outside image machine has any impact on the voltage instability?

When using the digital sublimation printing equipment to print photos each day, it is usually discovered that the image machine is obstructed, specifically when the picture device is put on hold for a very long time and the upkeep work of the nozzle is refrained from doing well, the failing of the picture device is mostly blocked. Yet could these failures be associated with piezoelectricity? The voltage of the picture maker is unstable when it is functioning, will it create the picture device to be blocked regularly? It can be stated that there is no straight connection between the voltage and the nozzle plug, however, the unpredictable voltage can easily melt the nozzle circuit, such as damage to the major board, which might also cause damage to the nozzle circuit in extreme situations. If the voltage is unpredictable in the atmosphere where the printer is utilized, it is recommended that the customer mount a voltage stabilizer for the printer, and also it has to be set up, so far better protect the print head.

sublimation printing equipment

Therefore, the unstable voltage will certainly not obstruct the head, yet it will certainly lead to a sharp shortening of the life of the print head, or even shed the print head directly, specifically the thermal frothing printer. Nevertheless, whether it is a thermal lathering photo equipment or a piezoelectric photo machine with the most up-to-date piezoelectric technology, it is still recommended to set up a voltage regulator for the photo maker, as well as the earlier it is used, the safer it is. Adding a stabilizer is not costly. Costly, if the damages to the print head are triggered by unstable voltage, it is worthwhile. The thermal lathering print head is fine, and also its price is not expensive, but if the print head is frequently harmed as a result of voltage troubles, it is additionally a migraine. For the piezoelectric picture equipment, as well as this, the piezoelectric photo device utilizes Epson’s piezoelectric nozzle, which is the core part of the picture maker, as well as its high quality, is crucial to the picture machine.

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