Sublimation Printing Equipment- How to Set Its Picture Settings and Requirements

As the primary sublimation printing equipment for large-size photos, I think that lots of users will run into using CAD for attracting, however, the Mengtai printing program does not sustain direct import of CAD DWG style declare printing. Therefore, exactly how to make use of the photo maker to print What about CAD file graphics?

If the inkjet sublimation printing equipment image-maker hole system software you are making use of sustains direct printing and also result, there is no demand to transform the image layout of the CAD documents. For example, the photo print printing system can sustain CAD to straight output images with the photo maker. Nonetheless, it is used in many domestic image machines. It makes use of the Montetel hole system. Montai is a fairly common printing and result slit system for domestic photo printers, yet the frequently made use of photo layouts for Montai programs are JPG, TIF as well as other layouts. As a result, when utilizing residential photo printers to publish output, we need to convert the CAD documents to the image style. The DWG format is converted to JPG or TIF photo layout so that it is convenient to import images in Monteri and also print them out with an image machine.

sublimation printing equipment

The brief approach is as complies with:

AutoCAD comes with a PDF printer, you can make use of the DWG to PDF.pc3 that comes with the system, as well as you can also print PDF drawing files. Various, you can pick to use pdfFactory or DWG to PDF.pc3 that comes with the system according to individual routines;

Step 2: Print range option window, and after that click the okay button to conserve to the defined location;

The third action: Then utilize Photoshop software application to transform the vector PDF right into a bitmap documents JPG layout that fulfills the requirements, open the PDF file simply saved with PS, as well as a dialog box appears. Readjust the resolution value that meets the drawing requirements. Shenzhen Wuteng Photo The device below readjusts the value according to the printing convention demand of 300 pixels as an instance, and after that presses verify to import it into PS.

In this action, you can conserve the image in JPG style, or you can save the photo Perform filling up or another modifying handling.

After the above steps are completed, the conversion of CAD DWG layout submitted to JPG image data can be finished. After the conversion is finished, it can be imported as well as attached to the photo maker for publishing through Montai.

What are the needs of the picture maker for printing photos

The picture maker is a large-format sublimation printing equipment with high printing precision and excellent color reproduction effect. The growth of China’s marketing sector has actually considerably increased the demand for printing devices such as image equipment, and a lot more and more customers are making use of image-makers.

1. Size:

The size of the photo picture is the same as the real required screen size, it is different from printing, as well as there is no demand to leave the bleeding part. In the inkjet firm, there is normally a margin after outputting the display. Usually, the margin is 10cm from the margin of the tidy display. As displayed in the figure, you can negotiate with the inkjet outcome firm the number of sides to leave for buttonholes. The cost is calculated per square meter, so the display dimension remains in centimeters.

2. Picture resolution requirements:

As a whole, 72DPI/inch is sufficient for the image. If the image is too big (as an example, the document’s dimension surpasses 400M when the actual dimension of the new picture is presented in PHOTOSHOP), the resolution can be suitably lowered, as well as the resolution can be controlled within 400M.

sublimation printing equipment

3. Picture mode requirements:

The picture attire utilizes the CMKY mode, as well as the RGB setting, which is restricted. The current inkjet printers are all four-color inkjet, as well as their shade is totally different from the printing shade. Obviously, when drawing images, comply with the printing criteria, as well as the inkjet firm will readjust the color of the screen to be near to the example.

4. Needs for the black part of the picture:

It is strictly prohibited to have a solitary black worth in the photo image, and C, M, Y shades need to be contributed to developing a mixed black. If it allows black, it can be made: C=50M=50Y=50K=100. Specifically, when utilizing its results in PHOTOSHOP, focus on transforming the black part to four-color black, or else the black component will certainly have horizontal red stripes on the display, which will certainly impact the overall result.

In the manufacturing procedure of the pictured equipment, sometimes the shade of the computer system is various, which is the shade cast. So, what are the factors for this failure?

If you want to compare, you can’t expect the pictures printed by the photo machine to be exactly the same as the colors on the computer, because the monitor is RGB true color with a wide color gamut, and the inkjet photo machine is CMYK false color so the color gamut is narrow, and the software automatically converts the mode. The general solution is to adjust the color cast.

2nd: Please inspect whether the setting of the picture in Photoshop is RGB or CMYK before printing, and also alter the mode of the picture to CMYK when outputting the picture with a residential image device.

Third, color distortion is likewise related to computer color administration, present resolution, printer resolution, and also publishing media.

Fourth, if the residential digital sublimation printing equipment you use demands to be equipped with 4 or more print heads, please check whether it coincides brand name. Due to the fact that the ink colors of the exact same brand name photo machine have good complementarity and also control, so regarding ensure the recreation of their shades.

Fifth, inspect whether there is ink breakage on the print head of the picture device as well as whether the large ink container lacks ink.

Sixth, please check whether it is set to save ink or return to printing.

sublimation printing equipment

The above are the five factors that the editor has introduced to you that will create the color cast of the imaging device. If your picture device likewise has color actors, you can discover the reason first, suggest the right medicine, and fix the issue.

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