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Sublimation Inkjet Printer-How to Solve The Problem of Its Ink Cartridges?

The ink cartridge of the sublimation inkjet printer is a very fundamental part of the picture machine. It is utilized to store the printing ink as well as finally complete the printing. Particularly for some printers that are not very expensive, one printer can be acquired for the money of 2 ink cartridges. As a result, it is advised that the majority of customers have to take into consideration the high quality as well as usage of the ink cartridges when purchasing photo printers.

sublimation inkjet printer

The high quality of the ink cartridge is really vital to the total procedure of the digital sublimation inkjet printer. Even if the top quality of the ink cartridge is very good, if it is made use of for a long time, there will certainly be essentially minor troubles, such as ink leak in the inkjet printer. To fix this issue, First of all, we should recognize the cause of ink leakage.

According to the functioning concept of the ink cartridge of the photo machine, the reasons for the ink leak of the ink cartridge can be recognized, which may be the complying with elements:

When the ink cartridge is used to a specific degree for a long period of time, it will cause air to be sucked into the ink cartridge through the air shaft of the ink cartridge, therefore preserving a particular pressure worth, and also when this stress worth is destroyed, it will cause ink leakage of the ink cartridge. Amongst them, extreme interior temperature is the most common factor bring about extreme interior stress of the ink cartridge, as well as if the problem of ink leak is not resolved in time, the harm will be terrific. The most common damage is the obstruction of the nozzles as well as ink pipelines, which is severe. It can additionally create a short circuit and so on.

The remedy is as complies with:

Use paper or a dry cloth to dry the dripped ink. Generally, as long as you manage the optimal temperature level for work, ink leakage will not happen.

How to address the problem of ink back on the photo machine

When using the photo machine, take note of the impact of the ink return failure of the picture equipment on the print output. When we encounter the ink return failure of the picture machine, we have to immediately inspect the appropriate ink supply pipeline and relevant parts of the over-inking, and find as well as fix the issue to fix.

The photo equipment is a type of sublimation inkjet printer. The ink return failure is additionally a typical printing fault in the day-to-day use the photo equipment. When the ink sac shows up back, it will affect the normal print job of the photo maker, as well as impact the quality of the published image as well as the shade of the picture. Result. Although minor faults are fairly easy to solve, the losses triggered by minor faults can not be ignored.

Typically, the ink return failing of the dye sublimation inkjet printer may be triggered by the relevant ink supply over-inking devices as well as the atmospheric pressure of the ink supply tube. For the remedy to the ink return trouble of the piezoelectric printer, you can refer to the complying with procedures:

First off, examine if there is any air leakage in the ink cartridge of the photo machine: Under regular circumstances, there might be some air in the ink supply tube of the picture equipment Nevertheless, some air is thought about regular. However, to avoid the siphon impact and return, if there is a big quantity of air If air gets in, it will create air pressure, which will cause the ink in the ink bag to flow back, causing the printer to have ink return failing.

Second, examine whether the ink bag of the image device is leaking: the ink bag leaking will certainly additionally cause the ink back phenomenon like the ink storage tank leak, and this phenomenon is also relatively usual.

Third, examine the tightness of the ink supply tube and also whether the interface get in touch with is secured as well as closed: the ink supply tube is not attached securely, which will trigger air to enter the ink supply system and also trigger ink backflow.

If the ink bag, ink tube is damaged or has a small hole, please replace it directly. In addition, a one-way shutoff switch can be set up on the ink supply pipeline, and the one-way valve button can be transformed off throughout the idle time of the printer to more avoid ink backflow.

sublimation inkjet printer

Exactly how to fix the trouble of ink crossover in the picture maker.

Piezoelectric printers are frequently made use of inkjet printing devices for advertising and marketing inkjet printing. In the inkjet printing outcome job, if you come across the trouble of variegated color in the inkjet printing of the printer, it will certainly affect the original shade of the inkjet image, and also there will certainly be a big color difference.

Variations in the printing of picture printers are normally brought on by ink stringing faults. Basically, the images of picture printers will have variegated shades during printing. Various colors and also shades are blended with each other, which impacts the photo, color inconsistency, as well as Color styles are blended with various other shades, and ink crossover is likewise a phenomenon that commonly happens in image printers.

The adhering to products are likely to cause ink skewing in the inkjet printing of the picture machine:

1. Malfunction of the ink sac of the picture device

Damage to the ink bag or ink tube damage as well as air leakage will cause air to get in the ink supply system, produce adverse pressure, as well as trigger ink heartburn, resulting in blended shades and variegated shades. It is recommended to replace the ink bag.

2. Ink stack as well as wiper failure

If the print head wiper blade of the image maker is aging, the ink pile ink absorption feature is bad, and also the ink pile cap is utilized for a long period of time, it will be simple to generate variegated shades. Currently, it is necessary to clean up the wiper blade as well as replace the print head wiper blade as well as ink stack.

3. Influence of negative stress of ink supply system

The ink skewing in the inkjet printing of the picture maker is commonly brought on by the unfavorable pressure of the ink supply system. You can examine the appropriate pipelines of the ink supply system, the one-way shutoff button, and so on, whether the ink is backflowed or otherwise.

It is recommended that the customer print an examination strip on the image maker before inkjet printing to check whether the inkjet printing of the image maker is typical. If there are still variegated shades, it is advised to make use of 100 yellow, 100 red, as well as 100 blue shade blocks, and the printing examination is about one meter, which can essentially prevent printing ink string failing.

sublimation inkjet printer

The duty of cleansing fluid and moisturizing fluid for image equipment nozzles

In the daily maintenance of the textile sublimation inkjet printer, everyone commonly uses nozzle cleansing fluid and also moisturizing liquid, particularly oil-based ink or eco-solvent ink. What is using nozzle cleansing fluid as well as moisturizing liquid for this type of exterior image device?, As an individual of the image device, do you know?

Photographic equipment  the daily maintenance or cleaning of the nozzle of the inkjet equipment is crucial for the nozzle cleansing liquid and the nozzle hydrating liquid. The nozzle cleansing fluid is mainly for the cleaning effect of the nozzle, so as to prevent obstructing the nozzle as well as extend the life of the nozzle. In addition, the feature of the moisturizing fluid for the print head is to maintain and moisturize the print head, as well as hydrate the print head throughout idle time to stay clear of the blockage of the print head, the solidification as well as drying out of the ink on the nozzle hole of the print head, and decrease the ink as long as possible. The nozzle plugging failing brought on by drying up keeps the printer in a smooth state of ink result in all times.

The ink used in the picture device is divided right into water-based ink and also oil-based ink, so is the cleaning fluid universal? The cleaning fluid utilized for water-based ink and oil-based ink is different, so the cleaning fluid is additionally various.

If we unintentionally stain the ink on the ground or various other places, we can also utilize the cleansing fluid for cleaning. The cleansing fluid is likewise destructive as well as can not be used to tidy ink stains on clothing.

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