Sublimation Transfer Printer-Ten Major Problems for Novices in Operation

When using the sublimation transfer printer, some novices have never been exposed to it. I really don’t know how to operate the machine. Below, I will give a simple answer to the twelve questions that novice operators often encounter.

1. The car of the sublimation transfer printer did not return to its original position

Q: The printing carriage does not return to its original position during the boot process or after sending the print command.

A: This kind of problem can be roughly divided into three categories:

(1). After turning off the power, I did not notice that the platform was still outside. After waiting for a while, an error is reported after booting;

(2). When sending the print command, the platform is still outside;

(3). Software setting error

The two cases of 1, 2 are caused by the fact that the dye-sublimation printer platform is not in the initial position. Therefore, you must pay attention to the position of the platform when turning on and off the machine. In such cases, read the manual carefully or consult the after-sales master, and set the correct printing options in the relevant RIP software step by step.

sublimation transfer printer

2. The printing trolley hits the left to stop

Q: When the digital sublimation transfer printer started up, the carriage suddenly hit the left to stop, and it made a loud noise.

A: The problem still lies in the grating strips of the sublimation printer, and the surface must be kept clean. If the grating strip sensor is also very dirty, it must be wiped.

3. The printing carriage of sublimation transfer printer moves very slowly

Q: The printing carriage of the dye-sublimation printer suddenly moves very slowly during startup or printing.

A: Lubricate the print carriage rails.

4. The red light of sublimation transfer printer on the ink tank

Q: The red light on the ink tank is on during printing.

A: The ink cartridge lights are on because the machine is equipped with an ink shortage alarm system. When the sublimation printer runs out of ink, it will give an early warning to remind the operator that ink needs to be added.

5. Should the ink be filled up?

Q: There are many customers who have not been in touch with sublimation printers. After receiving the machine, they rushed to add ink but did not listen carefully to the training of the after-sales master and watch the manual and operation video provided by us. When they received the machine, they rushed to add ink. In order to reduce the number of ink refills, some customers believe that it must be filled up. We are very responsive to tell you: these practices are all wrong.

A: Do not fill up the ink when refilling the dye-sublimation printer, just add half of it, because the working principle of continuous ink cartridges is different from that of refilled ink cartridges. Cause the printing to run out of ink;

On the other hand, the phenomenon of printing ink dripping is prone to occur.

Finally, pay attention to the color of the ink, don’t add the wrong color.

sublimation transfer printer

6. Print interruption

Q: During the printing process of the sublimation printer, the task is not finished, the printing cart platform suddenly returns to its position, and there is no error reported on the keyboard of the machine.

A: Check the following 5 points

(1). Check whether the USB cable of the printer is loose;

(2). Uninstall the dye sublimation transfer printer driver on the control panel, restart the computer, and reinstall;

(3). If none of the above works, check whether the C drive is insufficient disk space;

(4). Try another computer;

(5). Check whether the input voltage is stable.

7. The color cast of the printed pattern

Q: Yesterday, I used it normally, but today I suddenly found a color cast in the printed pattern. Is the print head broken?

A: First, print the test strip to see if there is a lack of color; if you find that some of the color lines on the test strip are seriously damaged, try to clean the nozzle, and then print the test strip to ensure that each color is excellent and normal.

▲Remarks: Many people will neglect to print the test strips. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a good habit of printing the test strips before turning on the machine every day. You can only continue printing after ensuring that the test results are normal, otherwise, it will cause color differences.

Eight, the pattern has left and right ghosting

Q: During the printing process, I suddenly found that the pattern has left and right shadows. Is the print head broken?

A: In such cases, you can first try to wipe the grating strips with a clean cotton cloth or paper towel. Its position is at the upper end of the printing carriage rail, a long transparent strip.

▲Remarks: Some customers do not pay attention to maintenance when using the textile sublimation transfer printer, the operating environment is messy, and the printer body is full of waste ink. The grating strip is a precision component. If there is dust or even ink on it, the sensor on the back of the printing cart will not work properly, which will cause double images in the printed result. Therefore, in the process of using the printer, it is also necessary to ensure that the surface of the printer is clean.

sublimation transfer printer

9. The color of the sublimation transfer printer does not come out and it is not clean.

Q: Yesterday, the nozzle was checked normally, but the color does not come out today, and the nozzle cannot be cleaned.

A: This kind of situation is mostly caused by too much waste ink on the surface of the cleaning unit. As long as you clean it carefully and clean the print head, it will be easy to recover. Remember to reprint the test strip before making the product.

▲Remarks: In the case of long-term use and no regular maintenance, waste ink will accumulate and dry on the surface of the cleaning unit, which will greatly affect the normal operation of the cleaning unit. The nozzle of the sublimation printer is very It is easy to cause some clogging of the spray eye.

10. How to locate the printing?

Q: After adding ink, many customers are anxious to print things due to excitement, but they have trouble facing the printer and don’t know where to put the material.

A: Actually, you don’t need to worry about this. For customers who buy our machines, we have a series of one-on-one training. Until the church, you can read the user manual and operation videos carefully if you don’t have a good memory. Print the coordinate line. With the X and Y coordinates, you can set the output coordinates in the RIP printing software, so that the pattern can be accurately printed in the corresponding area. If you are not familiar with the drawing software, contact the after-sales department for further training or remote assistance guidance.

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