The Fabric Sublimation Printer-How to solve Its Broken Ink failure

The competition in the fabric sublimation printer market is increasing, as well as its strength is no less than that in the network sector. Therefore, both equipment dealers, as well as product distributors, are striving to reduce prices to acquire market benefits. Specifically, in the consumables market, brand names are irregular, competition has actually ended up being disordered, thoughtlessly decreasing costs, as well as bringing numerous hidden dangers to top quality. The introduction of inkjet printers in the early 1990s brought a historical revolution to the interior and also outside advertising market, and also the driving force of the change originated from the technology of numerous consumables. Just envision if the imaging device is still using initial consumables, can the indoor as well as exterior advertising and marketing industry have Today’s thriving advancement? Nevertheless, after disorderly competitors, “winning by high quality” has actually ended up being an empty talk, and also there are many misconceptions in the industry. It is immediate to let customers comprehend the market and also leave misconceptions.

fabric sublimation printer

The PIGMENT exterior ink can be made use of on the inkjet fabric sublimation printer design, the cost is too high, the manufacturing procedure is made complex, and it is just suitable for making small as well as medium-sized images. With the steady popularization of micro-piezoelectric makers, it is recommended that users make use of Muto oily makers in outside production because Muto oily makers have steady shade, quick rate as well as exceptional security, as well as are most ideal for outdoor high-precision manufacturing. The oily solution carried out on the micro-piezoelectric machine mostly has the complying with features.

Affordable: The current production expense of oil-based ink is much less than any kind of water-based PIGMENT ink on the marketplace.

High accuracy: still keep the accuracy of the original picture equipment, can print the typical 720DPI photo with real shades on the layered towel.

Wide range of consumables: Sunbao oil-based ink can be put on a range of light cloth, PVC adhesive, and also some special products.

Easy to make: the display can be utilized after spraying, as well as splashing UV glue is also more convenient than laminating flooring.

Misunderstanding one: oily ink

For the photo machine, water-based inks created by Japanese original manufacturing facilities or Taiwan were primarily utilized in the early days. As a result of the variety of readily available consumables for micro-piezoelectric modern technology, the oily roadway became possible. In the recent duration, numerous firms have released oil-based inks. Much of them are fishing in troubled waters. They make use of low-grade inks that are even strongly corrosive to the machine to make revenues. Their actions are outrageous, and some device suppliers have actually additionally followed suit. Forcibly put on an oily hat on oneself, in order to gain sales, hesitate to deceive customers, triggering specific misconceptions to individuals.

Micro-piezoelectric modern technology is established by Epson of Japan. Its innovation is developed based on neutral ink. As a result, acid-base inks will certainly not be suitable for the nozzles of this technology. Anything yet range will create clogging. Oil-based inks In the development of ink, every procedure should be purely examined, and also this technology is still not mastered in China. The oily market is presently chaotic. Please try to find genuine oily ink to avoid being deceived. At present, only Epson100 oil-based ink and also Sunbao oil-based ink on the market are neutral, and any solvent ink is highly destructive, as well as blocking is unavoidable, especially in dark colors such as red, ink, and also blue.

Today, the majority of the micro-piezoelectric makers are made in Japan. Various other manufacturing generally utilize low-priced PVC materials, including vacuum ink pumps, ink pads (TERMINAL), and some pipes, any solvent inks that are extremely important to the stability of the machine. It is harsh to PVC products. For that reason, the security of the maker will be considerably influenced. Some maker suppliers replace some of the products in the machine with metal materials. However, due to producing accuracy issues, it is always disappointing. As a result, the security of the equipment is exceptionally inadequate (such as the automatic ink pumping modification of the device). In order to draw ink by hand with a syringe, it will certainly create excellent damage to the nozzle), as well as the scrap price is extremely high, which practically boosts the manufacturing expense. Some equipment dealers did not explain this clearly to the users, as well as triggered misconceptions to the individuals. They incorrectly thought that the problem could be solved only after a substitute. The dealers shirk the numerous losses created to the customers for numerous factors.

Big dye fabric sublimation printers can utilize solvent inks since any kind of part of the inkjet printer can resist rust, and also ordinary lamp towels are constructed from PVC. Because making use of solvent inks on micro-piezoelectric designs can only be made use of to deceive individuals or particular equipment dealerships for making sales.

Misinterpreting 2: Obstructing price

Since the ink can just utilize neutral ink as well as does not respond with any type of material, the ink must be attached to the coating. In order to expand the exterior weather resistance as well as improve the water-proof performance, the water-based PIGMENT ink adds UV (anti-ultraviolet) components to the ink.

Because the water-based PIGMENT ink must likewise be covered with an anti-ultraviolet film to make sure exterior weather condition resistance, the UV part in the ink have to be in a specific percentage, otherwise obstructing is inevitable. The solvent ink can just lower the UV component to reduce the blocking rate, so the outside weathering period of the solvent ink will certainly not exceed 2 months.

Misunderstanding 3: Weatherability

In addition to the crucial connection in-between climate resistance as well as ink, the variables that impact climate resistance consist of: material, whether there is a layer externally, UV direct exposure time (the test mistake is as well huge with UV light direct exposure, and also the result is undependable), rains, and the pH of the rainfall.

In the case of using the very same ink, the exact same ultraviolet rays, and also rains, the choice of material has the greatest effect on weather condition resistance, because various products have various ink absorption as well as different surface antacids resistance, which affects the ink retention on the material. Over time, the textile with a covering externally is absorbed in the covering as a result of the ink, and also the covering has anti-ultraviolet, acid as well as alkali resistance, so the weather resistance can be considerably enhanced.

fabric sublimation printer

We know that the primary performance signs for measuring the top quality of lightbox fabric (PVC material) are: tear resistance, UV resistance, permeability, ink absorption, light transmittance, and whiteness.

There are 2 kinds of lightbox fabric production methods: laminating (calendering) and also knife scraping:

The greatest function of this process is that it has excellent printing efficiency as well as general ink absorption performance, yet the price is reduced, the optimum size can reach 4.2 meters, as well as its shortcomings are also extremely apparent. Because of the simple devices as well as manufacturing procedure, it is immune to peeling off, The UV resistance is poor, as well as the phenomenon of thermal expansion and also contraction takes place at high temperature or low-temperature level.

2. Knife scuffing production is to use the fluid PVC slurry to the front and back sides of the base towel, and afterward use the drying process to make it totally incorporated into a whole. Since the knife scratching product is entire, the detachment phenomenon can be removed, the UV resistance can be enhanced, and it is not influenced by temperature level, it has great splicing performance, and the ink adsorption degree is significantly improved.

As a result, using the exact same ink and the exact same natural surroundings, the weather resistance of the knife-squeegee light box fabric is about 4 months longer than that of the laminated manufacturing lightbox towel, mostly due to the fact that the knife-squeegee lightbox towel has excellent ink absorption and also After the covering is used, the layer is integrated with the cloth.

The ink is absorbed in the finish, and also the layer gives an additional layer of protection for the ink, as well as the finish itself, has the capability to stand up to ultraviolet rays, as well as the coating has a significant buffering result on rainfall disintegration, thus substantially expanding the exterior climate resistance time. If the link does not have the ability of anti-ultraviolet, scratch-resistant, as well as rain-proof, the outdoor weather resistance will certainly become very short, so large-scale inkjet printing The ink utilized in the tools has excellent anti-ultraviolet as well as anti-scratch capability.

An additional point that digital fabric sublimation printer still needs to remind users is the connection between weather resistance and sunlight time (ultraviolet rays). Due to the fact that outside signboards have different instructions in the south, east as well as west, the direct exposure time to ultraviolet rays is various. As a result, the exterior weather resistance time needs to be identified by the outside sunshine time of more than 6 hours. It is in fact incorrect for some individuals to evaluate the weather resistance with ultraviolet light irradiation because ultraviolet light irradiation is very various from outdoor sunshine. Just the results of the outside sunlight test and rain examination hold true and are also trustworthy.

fabric sublimation printer

It can be seen from the above that oil-based ink can just be utilized with no corrosiveness to the maker, and also every part of the device has been examined by the original factory. Any kind of replacement of any kind of part will impact the stability of the maker and also leave hidden dangers to the regular procedure of the device in the future. It is very harmful to use uncoated light box cloth and also solvent ink on any type of micro-piezoelectric equipment, and it is likewise exceptionally harmful to the machine, and this is not visible quickly, so the user is selecting consumables Take care to stay clear of blunders. The uncoated lightbox towel is printed with normal ink without UV components, and also the exterior weather resistance can not be assured. Therefore, it is the most important thing to get out of the misunderstanding brought on by some dealers and also protect your own interests.

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