Inkjet Sublimation Transfer Printer-What To Do if Its Image printed has Color Problems

Inkjet sublimation transfer printer printing image gradient how to do, when you use the photo machine for a period of time, have you found some photo machine printing out of the image some gradient image, in this case, we should take what method to better benefit our image overall color degree?

inkjet sublimation transfer printer

Tell you a point of view is, in fact, professional our image appears similar situation, the structure of main and our equipment has great relevance, sometimes you can see some images appear on color difference, the change of the four colors appear different amplitude if some inkjet appears less, plus some ink volatile, If the cleaning time is too long, the overall situation will be dry, at this time we need to take appropriate methods to avoid the phenomenon of inconsistent image color.

Some digital inkjet sublimation transfer printer manufacturers have years of experience and a similar situation, they will check the nozzle condition, first check whether the nozzle cleaning time has arrived, then need us to do a good job of cleaning in a timely manner, to clearly should be separated when cleaning, this can avoid the off-color problem, we still need to pay attention to in some technical professional skills, In this way, some devices can avoid the color difference problem, and our images are more vivid.

Actually, there is a more simple way to maintain certain humidity problems in actual operation, this kind of problem on season find the suitable method, if the ink dry too fast, as long as we adopt appropriate strategies to better take corresponding policy better, as long as the way to get the corresponding mitigation, the picture color will have a better texture, If you add more ink, our production costs will go up accordingly.

Solve the breakdown of inkjet sublimation transfer printer ribbon

In the use of inkjet sublimation transfer printer needle printer, the most prone to failure is the failure of the ribbon, how to solve such a problem:

First of all, the reason may be because the ribbon breaking tension is too large, this situation may lead to this situation, each time only tensile or very perfect, can appear this kind of circumstance, but if appear such problems, we just need to broken bits and then sewed up again, individual, need to change the can!

Second, sometimes the ribbon wire to take off the edges, or napping or winding ribbon round, lead to ribbon round was stuck, so we should first consider to open the printer cover, and then tell the ribbon inside rotate and open handle, in the terminal position of the ribbon box back gently, and then open the power supply, the machine will automatically to restore!

inkjet sublimation transfer printer

Third, the failure of the ribbon drive wheel or fracture can produce friction phenomenon, the cause of the result will be caused by the drive belt, you can adjust the position of the character chain so that it does not have friction, but if it has broken, it should be replaced, completely replaced!

For some ribbon links, we should be true for the sorting of these there is a problem, from the bottom, are some of the most obvious problems, any problem appeared disorder, is likely to be true will improve these problems, but we do know a lot of these problems, only from the basic problem, To continuously improve or a status quo content.

How to extend the color brightness of inkjet sublimation transfer printer spray painting

How to extend the color brightness of the spray painting of the piezoelectric photo machine, many people think that no matter what parts are used, there is a deadline, but in order to increase the color and luster of the spray painting, we should take which method is better, the following will explain this problem in detail for you:

Judge whether the fading of inkjet sublimation transfer printer has the following points:

1: If our printing picture appears leg color phenomenon, you can fade in the dark without light, and if the use of light or neutral will also occur this phenomenon.

2: Inkjet sublimation transfer printer printing picture, if there is a leg color phenomenon, to a certain extent, it will not then fade, but there is a slight difference, sometimes, the film caused by the phenomenon of fading is also a lot of, which we should be careful.

Piezoelectric pictorial machine color, generally we will think, generally, according to the length of ultraviolet irradiation time on our prints are usually outdoors, so in this case, the ink in the fuel should be controlled in 6 magnitudes, indoor storage time should be in three years or so, consider above all is ever by ultraviolet light, see if tubes inside the ultraviolet light is normal, That’s what happens when it’s shoddy.

How does the inkjet sublimation transfer printer print high-quality effect lamp film

Photo machine as the primary large-format printing equipment for advertising printing, in advertising printing application, is very wide, it can print many paper media materials, such as common printing cloth, stickers, gum, lamp, canvas and so on.

In numerous advertising print paper medium material printing, advertising light piece of pictorial machine print to print is very popular with the merchants, light piece of spray print, colorful, shelf life is long, print the picture pattern is clear and delicate, exquisite, clear after light color is gorgeous, good vision, high contrast, rich layers, high saturation, high temperature resistant low-temperature resistance, waterproof and UV protection do not fade, It is not limited by size and volume, diversified production methods, low cost, and short production cycle. Therefore, in order to better display their products, businesses use lamp printing, decoration, or advertising applications, the effect is very good.

Lamp printing refers to inkjet printing on the lamp in front of a variety of light sources, mainly used for commercial exhibitions and advertising. The use of the lamp is distinguished by slides and advertising lightbox lamp film two kinds; The material used from the lamp is divided into transparent lamp piece, back blowtorch piece, positive blowtorch piece, outdoor lamp piece, etc. So how to print out a good lamp? How to print the quality and efficiency of the lamp?

First of all, when advertising image design, we have high-quality pictures of material, design, save the output after the completion of high-resolution images of the source file, pictorial machine print import large pixel, high-resolution images of the source file to print the image with high resolution, and high-resolution color effect of the lamp, if the quality of the source file if not, No matter how good the photo machine, no matter how bad the operator can not play a good image. Therefore, the pictorial machine printing light piece of graphic design, print design high-quality source file as far as possible, using vector material or high clearly the quality of the material picture, in the design of the image with AI or CDR drawn in CMYK color mode, according to the size of the design, save the corresponding image format, such as high pixel JPG image format or tif format.

Moreover is the application of high-performance inkjet sublimation transfer printer, choosing high-quality outdoor piezoelectric photo machine to print, such as inkjet sublimation transfer printer in the lamp printing, the effect is very good. At the same time, an inkjet sublimation transfer printer with high-quality original ink, a high degree of color reduction, good performance, is the best printing equipment for lamp printing. In addition, warm reminder, photo machine must choose the original ink, because the non-original ink can not guarantee the color of the photo machine, such as the surface of the randomly selected ink may appear color, not only can not print beautiful lamp color but also easy to lead to the related unknown fault of the photo machine.

inkjet sublimation transfer printer

Finally, the printing skills, the purchase of the lamp material can not be too bad, for the indoor can choose positive spray mode, play out of the lamp sunscreen, waterproof, and do not cover film. Is a blowtorch is printed directly on the lamp on the piece of material, the effect of the printed box and whether to turn on the light and back spray image to use for printing on print, the print on the menu option, have the printed is installed inside, on the premise of not turn on the light show effect is poorer, because of insufficient internal light lamp slice of pervious to light quality is not very good, The lack of light makes it difficult to read the print. Positive blowtorch sheet is the front coating, printing image colorful, rich layers. Positive blowtorch sheet can be water-based ink printing, can also be solvent ink printing, but after the completion of the inkjet sublimation transfer printer printing need to be film processing, improve its color saturation and waterproof, improve the service life. For example, in the application environment of the milk tea shop, the lamp can also be made fully transparent or semi-transparent if the lamp is made of a positive spray lightbox. A fully transparent lightbox piece is fully transparent, only under the irradiation of the light, will appear colorful, and no lamp irradiation will appear dark. A semi-transparent lamp piece is translucent, also called too white, semi-transparent lightbox piece in no light irradiation will also show the effect of color photos, and by light irradiation, will appear more gorgeous.

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