Digital Sublimation Printer-How to Solve Its Print Head Problems of Color Lines

In the digital sublimation printer, there is an attractive line or a drawing block on the print head, is it a wonderful condition? As there are many reasons, let’s discuss:

If there is a line of ink scarcity in the whole inkjet digital sublimation printer nozzle or between successive dots. The main factor for pulling the line is that the nozzle does not spray or the ink supply is insufficient, as well as the negative pressure is unstable, which creates the nozzle to hang ink.

Related to emergence. Typically, it is revealed as solid or white lines that are plainly and also equidistantly arranged in the direction of the nozzle setup. When publishing the nozzle state diagram, it can be observed that the splicing placements are overlapped, spaced, or poorly feathered. This kind of pull line checks as well as adjusts the regular operation of the belt. It can be solved by readjusting the spray point transfer position of the nozzle or changing the feathering. It ought to be noted that in the case of printing different grayscale graphics, the degree of feathering needed for the very same handover position may be different.

digital sublimation printer

If triggered by procedure and also ecological elements, the item will certainly have uneven ink shake; dirt and also other contaminations will certainly be presented throughout the ink filling up process; the cleansing nozzle is not standardized; the environmental dust sticks to the nozzle; the nozzle or sponge for cleaning and upkeep of the nozzle is completely dry Impurities such as ink or polish powder. In terms of ink and equipment, there are ink sedimentation and also cluster to create individual false bits; after the lasting procedure or cleaning the ink pipe, specific ink debris fragments adhering to the tube wall surface in the ink pipeline drop off; the top quality of the filter is not excellent; the ink supply pump, blood circulation The fine impurities triggered by the abrasion of pumps, stirring tools, and so on; the ink supply mode of some inkjet nozzles without blood circulation can easily cause ink precipitation and also clog at the exhaust end of the nozzles. Cables with plugging residential properties are usually pressed as well as cleaned in series; clean the print head with a dust-free towel moistened with cleaning liquid; turn around the ink supply of the print head as well as reverse flushing of the ink electrical outlet tube; suitably enhance the print voltage of the print head as well as continuously print high-gray images; Eliminate the nozzle and lug out unique cleaning and also various other ways to remove it.

The main reasons for the bubbles in the nozzle are the incomplete exhaust of the brand-new ink, the leaking point in the ink path, the inadequate ink supply, the remaining bubbles in the ink course, the not enough opening of the defoaming pump, as well as the big negative pressure of the nozzle, which leads to air suction., The nozzle hole of the nozzle becomes more abraded or perforated to cause air suction, and also the nozzle ink pipeline has air bubbles however not discharged, and so on. Find out the detailed factors for the presence of bubbles and also eliminate the matching faults; enhance the number of ink squeezing cleaning as well as get rid of the bubbles inside the nozzle to resolve the issue.

Related to dark bricks. When the shade of the brick is exceptionally dark, the ink usage of the large-area high-gray picture will certainly go beyond the ink supply capability of the ink circuit, which will easily result in the periodic absence of ink in the individual nozzle areas of the shade ink that is made use of way too much. The inkjet rate can be decreased by lowering the frequency of bricks; if required, adjust the color design of the artwork; for inkjet makers with a micro-circulation ink supply, consider briefly minimizing the opening of the flow pump.

digital sublimation printer

Just how to fix the problem of printing shade cast on the digital sublimation printer

Short-term files must be stored in the constant room of the hard disk. If the files on the hard disk are as well spread or the disk is fragmented, the optimum continual vacuum will not suffice. For that reason, it is suggested to frequently erase or move some useless or rarely used momentary documents to launch more Huge hard disk space, on top of that, comply with the operations listed below to defragment the disk: “Beginning” >” Programs” >” Accessories” >” System Devices” >” Disk Defragmenter”, typically just defragment C drive.

1. Close unnecessary applications

Free up system sources as long as feasible. Too many applications are opened, system resources are exhausted, or there are conflicts. Before doing a large-format inkjet job, it is recommended to restart the WINDOWS system.

2. Focus on the use of RIP software application

A. If you utilize the Photoprint software program throughout the textile digital sublimation printer printing process, put the Production Manager at the leading edge of all running home windows to guarantee that the program can acquire as much system resources and also CPU processing time as possible.

B. If you use Montai software program throughout the printing process, if you wish to keep the information transmission secure throughout the printing process, it is best to prevent reactivating the Montai software program. As a result of the requirement for data transmission, a dongle is needed to read the data, and the reboot of Montenegro will certainly additionally send data to the dongle. Currently, it is very easy to hinder the information being sent as well as cause information complication.

C. Readjust the interaction setups in the split software program:

To readjust some setups in the PHOTOPRINT software application, please do the following: “Edit” > “Setups” > “Outcome Instruments” > “Setups > “Communications”, and afterward readjust the value of “Not chosen” to “120”.

D. If you can’t wait, select “Send out Currently”, it is best to create the task file first and afterward print it. Or pick “Waiting” in the dot matrix picture processing, and after that send it after the computer finishes the hole processing.

digital sublimation printer

3. Inspect the working environment

A. Inspect power intake:

Please inspect whether the bordering high-power dye digital sublimation printer such as a/c, fridges, particularly scanners are turned off during the printing process; solid electromagnetic fields will interfere with the outcome of the inkjet printer; at the same time, do not position the inkjet printer and high-power electrical devices On the exact same power supply line; in addition, in areas with unsteady power supply, it is best to equip printers and computers with on-line uninterruptible power materials (UPS).

B. Examine the grounding of the inkjet printer:

Static electricity will certainly have a bad impact on signal transmission, so please use top-notch three-phase power sockets and also plugs, and also link to a common ground cable to make sure that the device has an excellent grounding.

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