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Sublistar single-pass sublimation printers use piezoelectric inkjet printing technology. They can ensure quick and accurate high-speed printing. They offer exceptional digital printing with high quality, speed, and functionality.


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Classic wide format dye-sublimation printer ideal for fashion, jerseys, sportswear, soft signage and more.
Wide format dye-sublimation printer for every application to support your established business with great performance and high-quality output.
Large format dye sublimation printer, to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, simple operation, excellent quality, ultra-fast print output.
Ultra-large and wide format dye sublimation printer, single pass printing technology. A combination of professionalism, performance and stability.
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ultra-thin gram-weight  sublimation transfer paper


Cost reduction

Our Sublistar sublimation printer uses ultrathin sublimation paper. This paper is designed to save time and money by increasing process efficiency during industrial textile printing. It can also save ink. One of the advantages of thinner digital sublimation paper is ultra-fast ink absorption and drying.


Supporting 1.8m, 2.6m. 3.2m Printing


Large format printing

The printing width of this sub printer can reach 1.8 meters, and it is easy to print in one pass with high printing speed, high production capacity, high efficiency, and low cost. It’s more suitable for industrial batch printing. 


High-frequency motor and Large-capacity ink reservoirs


High Speed

Compared with other printers, the Sub-1808 dye sublimation printer pays more attention to the customer’s experience. At present, dye sublimation printers with 1/2 pcs printheads can not satisfy the customers’ demands. Clients want to improve efficiency. Therefore, our Sublistar sub printer 1808 uses 8pcs Epson i3200 print heads. It can reach the fastest speed, which is 420 sq m/h!


More industrial, faster, and exquisite.


High Resolution

When it comes to printing, high resolution is super important. The higher the dpi figure, the finer the print quality that the model can produce. A high-quality image looks beautiful and professional. Many printers can now output graphics at a resolution of up to 2,400 dpi. However, the resolution of our sublimation printer can reach 360 x 3600 dpi!


Supporting 1000M printing

Sublistar sublimation printers support large-roll printing of ultra-thin gram-weight (28g and 35g) sublimation transfer paper with a transfer rate of up to 95%. It can print up to three kilometers of transfer paper at a time. That’s to say, you don’t need to frequently change the paper, which is helpful for lower labor costs.

More benefits

We provide our customers with one set of computer-installed ripping software, ink cartridges, USB cables, a manual, a toolkit, and wearable spare parts. In addition, once you buy our printers, we’ll send you 1 set of sublimation ink and 1 roll of sublimation paper. They can be used after unpacking, no need to install or debug, and even if you are not a technician, it is easy to operate.


Applications from Sublistar Sub Printer Solutions

Digital textile printing is changing many sectors. The Sublistar sub printer is designed to handle various kinds of printing tasks, for various industries.


Automatic nozzle cleansing And moisturizing

The Sublistar sub printer is equipped with automatic cleaning and moisturizing system. The nozzle (print head) of the sub printer can be cleaned to make the printing ink smoother and protect the printer nozzle to extend its service life. And the software is free, simple to operate, easy to use.


Double THK high-precision mute rail

We use double THK linear, ultra-silent Class-S guide rails with upgraded magnetic scale. These THK mute linear guide rails are imported from Japan to effectively reduce the resistance as well as noise and ensure high-precision and smooth printing during the operation of the printer.


Nozzle anti-collision system
Intelligent air-heat dryer

Two-speed heaters blow out moderately warm air to dry the polyester fabric with the roller running. The sub printer has built-in infrared drying plus an external fan for double drying, and the bottom is equipped with another group of fans, which can make the pattern dry immediately and more efficiently.


Low ink alert

 This high production sub printer is equipped with a low ink alert system. When the ink is running out to some extent, the machine will sound an alarm to remind you to add ink. This system can help provide print abort.


Large-capacity ink reservoirs

Four units of 5L super large capacity ink reservoirs provide ink independently and continuously, which guarantees the long-term continuity of ink output.


High-frequency motor

 A 400-watt independent servo motor can make the sub printer operate flexibly and efficiently by using the frequency inversion technique.


Nozzle anti-collision system
Nozzle anti-collision system

The theoretical method is proposed to lower bagging deformation in kitted fabric during printing to some extent, which can avoid the improper use of the nozzle and extend its service life.


Fluor rubber pressure roller

A US Fluor rubber pressure roller can prevent static electricity and wrinkled fabric from flying ink, making it more accurate for the printing of large shafts and lightweight sublimation paper.


































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