Newly Installed Sublimation Printing Machine must Pay Attention To These Problems

Heat sublimation printing machine is a common type of printing equipment, matters to be noted before installation and preparation before the installation of inkjet heat sublimation printing machine.

1. When purchasing an inkjet sublimation printing machine, the user needs to have the equipment shipped from the supplier and delivered to the customer’s workplace. Users must check the appearance of the manufacturer and the stability of the packaging during the purchasing and evaluation process to avoid unnecessary damage to the graphic machine during transport.

2、Open the graphic machine packaging before installation and check that the graphic machine accessories are complete, such as relevant accessories, driver CDs, mask software CDs, relevant sensitive devices, installation kits, circuits, and other basic related devices and equipment, and whether they are in the equipment list.

sublimation printing machine

3, choose a good installation environment for the thermal transfer printer, such as the photographic equipment working environment of the supply voltage is stable and regular, the room temperature and the temperature of the working area, the level of the equipment. air, etc. and try to avoid placing the machine in a place where it is easy to get dirty, for example near the street. Also, please take care to prepare the grounding conditions of the heat sublimation press in advance. For individuals with problems, it is recommended to connect the thermal sublimation printer in advance to the computer system connected to the photo machine and to equip the photo equipment with a suitable power conditioner. These are designed to better maintain the voltage in the photo equipment office and provide a quality workplace for the photo equipment.

Notes on the installation of the sublimation printing machine

1. Place the appropriate Maker rack equipment and install the rack and mainframe in accordance with the relevant installation guidelines. In the process of setting up, pay attention to the installation of each device and fix the corresponding screws so that the producer does not drink water and other phenomena after installation, which will certainly affect the thermal printing press sublimation printing.

In particular, the print head installation operation must be set up in accordance with the installation guide or the instructions of the installer, such as the processing of the print head, the connection with the ink bag and ink tube, the print head data line, and the car control board, the need to pay interest on the print head data line. After the connection is completed, several checks, such as 4 or 5 checks, etc., are required before switching the power supply to run and print tests when there are no problems at all.

3. Once the cartridge is installed, check that the relevant ink supply tubes are connected correctly and refill the cartridge. When adding ink to the cartridge, please be careful not to include too much ink. Start the ink pump to suck up the ink and feed it directly into the nozzles, or perform the ink pump feed operation manually. Once complete, check the flash print and test for correct printing. If it is typical, the installation is successful.

sublimation printing machine

4, Follow the instructions to connect the dye sublimation printing machine to the computer, install the relevant software applications and drivers, set the appropriate IP address if the network is connected, and follow the instructions to test the internet access on the computer system.

What is the life span of the sublimation printing machine related to?

Is the lifespan of a thermal sublimation printer related to the motor? Usually, piezo picture machines have two motors, a paper feed motor, and a car motor. Therefore, we need to pay attention to these small details when printing. Beware of the hassle of moving back and forth. The speed at which the nozzle moves will definitely affect the proper start of the motor. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to all aspects during use.

When replacing the motor, be sure to pay attention to what is required.

1: When replacing the motor, disconnect all power materials. When opening the packaging, use a screwdriver. The motor mainboard is damaged.

2: When replacing the motor, we first remove the belt and pay attention to the details. Attention to detail must be paid when mounting and dismounting to avoid damage to the motor. Equipment that needs to be replaced must be upgraded in time. Use the same equipment to avoid additional damage.

When purchasing, we first check that all parts of the motor are complete and that there is no damage. We can now open the motor cover without rotating it. If the drive is damaged, avoid some unwanted phenomena that can affect the normal work of the piezo mapper.

The use and maintenance of the thermal sublimation printer in wet weather should be done properly. With regard to safety measures for the use of imaging equipment in wet weather, I would like to share the following points with you.

1, drawing machine workplace to pay attention to moisture. doors and windows and other vents should be closed in the morning and evening to prevent outside moisture from being drawn into the room.

2, the digital sublimation printing machine text overlay should be covered to prevent the relevant circuit cards and components from being short-circuited due to moisture in the air.

Print media easily absorbs moisture and eventually becomes damp, while damp image material also tends to spread the ink. Place the image material back into the original product packaging after each use and try not to touch the floor or walls.

4. The ink on images printed by the thermal sublimation printer moves slowly until it is completely dry. Users are advised to turn on the print heating function of the photo maker or turn on the relevant drying tool of the photo maker to speed up the photo. The image has dried. Especially if the user needs to display in layers, they need to wait for the film to dry completely before applying it. If the film becomes immediately blurred, use a hairdryer, heating system, etc. for local home heating and drying.

sublimation printing machine

5. It is recommended to use exhaust air followers in the working environment of the screening equipment or to turn on the air conditioning dehumidification setting; if the humidity is too high, you can place some moisture absorbers in the room.

Taking these precautions and keeping your printer in a humid environment will not only help you to work more efficiently, but will also extend the life of your printer and improve print quality.

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