Sublimation Printing Machine-Can Epson i3200 Printhead be used On It?

Sublimation printing machine-as the I3200 print head is becoming more and more popular, many people want to know whether this print head is suitable for it? Epson recently launched an I3200 print head. This print head uses the latest technology and adds more control units. At the same time, it can get Epson’s technical support. There are different types of I3200 print heads, among which eco-solvent print heads can bring a different printing experience.

Epson I3200 nozzles mainly include I3200-A1, I3200-U1, and I3200-E1. In the I3200 series nozzles, I: represents Innovate’s innovative and new technical architecture; 3200 represents: the number of nozzles 3200; A1 in A: represents Aqueous, Water-based, 1 should represent a generation; U in U1: represents UV, 1 should represent a generation; and E in E1: represents Eco-solvent, weak solvent, 1 should represent a generation.

On the surface, it is a question of print head selection, but different nozzles are applied to different inks and different market needs. To better improve the consistency and coordination with ink and media, this is the original intention of Epson I3200 series print heads divided into different types, such as water-based, UV, and eco-solvent, with targeted subdivision.

Epson I3200-E1 print head uses eco-solvent ink. Epson I3200 eco-solvent print head maintains the high accuracy of the water-based print head but also overcomes the harshness of water-based ink to the substrate and the production of pictures cannot be applied outdoors. And other shortcomings, for users who print outdoor advertisements, they can not only have the printing accuracy of water-based nozzles but also can be used outdoors.

sublimation printing machine

So which sublimation printing machine user groups are suitable for this type of sprinkler?

As mentioned above, the speed of the 3200 print head is relatively fast. When the digital sublimation printing machine user chooses, it is suitable for users with a stable and relatively large volume. Compared with the previous five-generation head and the new five-generation head, its speed is nearly twice that of theirs. Because for a large number of users, the birth of this sprinkler saves them from requiring multiple machines to operate at the same time or even working overtime until late. Many users have heard that the life of this nozzle is relatively short and unstable. In fact, after many experiments by the manufacturer, its overall performance is very impressive, and the price/performance ratio is also very good, so there is a stable amount, or Users with a relatively large amount can rest assured to buy!

If someone asks: Who is the sales champion of sublimation printing machine nozzles in the past ten years? Many industry experts may not hesitate to name the Epson Fifth Generation Head. As a print head with excellent quality, stability, and durability, ink drops of only 3.5pl, high precision, and sufficient supply, this print head is unmatched in status and contribution.

Since the launch of Epson’s fifth-generation print heads around 2008, it has almost become the symbol and pronoun of digital sublimation printing machines and has won the sales champion of photo printer print heads for more than ten years. Although countless high-quality photo machine nozzles have emerged in the past ten years, and there are also many eye-catching ones, they are still unable to match and match the five-generation heads for various reasons! However, in the field of science and technology, from material science to precision assembly technology has been In continuous innovation and progress, is there really an eternal champion in the sprinkler field? Obviously not.
Compare the various data of the i3200 and the fifth-generation head F186000.

sublimation printing machine

i3200 vs fifth-generation head (F186000) of sublimation printing machine

1. Appearance of the nozzle

In the I3200 series, I: represents Innovate’s innovative and new technical architecture; 3200 represents: the number of nozzles is 3200;

2. Number of nozzles

i3200: 3200 nozzles, four pairs of 8 rows of nozzles, 400 holes in a single row

F186000: 1440 nozzle holes 8 rows of nozzle holes, each row of 180 nozzles

3. Ink drop size

i3200: 2.5pl small ink drop-higher precision

F186000: 3.5pl small ink drop, high precision

4. Ink drop characteristics

i3200: Closer to circular ink dots, smoother picture

F186000: Normal ink dot

5. Printing speed

i3200: 26-33 square meters/single nozzle 4pass per hour

F186000: 13-16 square meters/single nozzle 4pass per hour

6. Nozzle width

i3200: Effective width is 1.3 inches

F186000: width up to 24.5mm (about 0.965 inches)

7. Nozzle accuracy

i3200: The third generation of piezoelectric technology, using Precision Core micro-film piezoelectric printing chip, 2.5PL variable point up to high-definition image level, 3200dpi accuracy

F186000: The second generation of micro-piezoelectric technology, 3.5PL ink drop size, comparable to the effect of high-definition photos. With a fineness as small as 0.2 mm, no matter how small the material is, it can perfectly print a satisfactory pattern!

8. Printhead applicability for sublimation printing machine

i3200-E1- Eco-solvent version nozzle (enhanced corrosion resistance for internal materials and special glue) i3200-A1-Water-based version (A in A1: stands for Aqueous, water-based) i3200-U1-UV printing version (enhanced adaptation to high-viscosity inks) Sexual improvement)

F186000: Suitable for water-based, oil-based, solvent, UV, paint, sublimation, etc., it is a multi-purpose nozzle.

9. Nozzle features

i3200: Color blocks are cleaner and smoother. At the same time, the ejected ink droplets are close to a perfect circle, accurately positioning the picture. Supports variable ink drop technology, realizes multi-gray printing, reduces picture graininess, smoother color transition, and brings high saturation and gorgeous color output.

F186000: The second generation of micro-piezoelectric technology, the core technology was born at the end of the 20th century; the relative printing speed is slightly slower.

From the above comparison, we can see that after the EPSON print head factory optimizes, improves, and upgrades this print head, the i3200 print head has all the features that can replace or even surpass the fifth-generation head and all the characteristics of an excellent photo print head!

In recent years, many dye sublimation printing machine users and factory owners in the photo processing industry have been complaining about the speed of outdoor photo processing. Even some factories, in order to increase the photo-printing speed, would rather increase the cost and choose the water-based 4720 printheads with less durability but faster speed, so as to improve the printing efficiency. A high-speed, high-precision and high-durability print head has become a rigid demand for the photo processing industry!

Epson i3200 series has 3 different models corresponding to different applications. The i3200-A1 nozzle is suitable for water-based ink, the i3200-U1 nozzle is suitable for UV ink, and the i3200-E1 is suitable for eco-solvent ink.

sublimation printing machine

So is the Epson I3200 print head suitable for sublimation printing machines?

The answer is yes, and this combination is getting more and more popular. Our Sublistar also launched the 1.8m, 2m, 2.6m, 3.2m inkjet sublimation printing machine. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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