Sublimation Printing Machine- The Storage Method and Attention Issues of Machine and Consumable

The era of sublimation printing machines has actually just begun. So how to buy a good digital printing machine ends up being very essential in the digital printing era. If many consumers are a lot more worried regarding after-sales, because regardless of what sort of device, there will certainly be after-sales troubles. So how do select an electronic printing machine?

sublimation printing machine

1. Material kind of sublimation printing machine

Coiled materials, reduced pieces, coats, garments, and so on all refer to the form of fabrics, as well as companies can pick digital fabric printing press according to the form of materials they make. The choice of printing accuracy: Generally talking, silk, as well as chiffon as well as various other delicate fabrics, need greater accuracy, while materials with coarser fibers call for reduced precision. It is also required to consider whether the picked fabric printing press can meet the consumer’s precision demands. At the same time, the greater the accuracy, the slower the effectiveness. While seeking high precision, do not fail to remember whether the printing speed can satisfy the criterion.

2. Printing process of sublimation printing machine

Digital sublimation printing machine generally has 2 printing processes: direct shot printing as well as thermal transfer printing. The straight injection process fabrics have a variety of applications. They can be put on hemp, silk, woolen, cotton, polyester, nylon, and also modal, however require sizing, steaming, cleaning, and so on. Refine, reasonably large investment, the fastest direct-injection fabric printing press in regards to speed is Kyocera nozzle (about 40,000 yuan per nozzle), complied with by Xingguang 1024 (greater than 20,000) nozzles, which are high-speed nozzles, medium-speed Typical nozzles are Ricoh G5, Seiko, Konica 1024i and so on. The heat transfer accuracy is high, the investment is tiny, and there is no need for pre- as well as post-processing, however, there are few appropriate textiles. It is generally utilized in chemical fiber materials. Generally, Epson nozzles are utilized, which are very sluggish and ideal for publishing examples. The option of the nozzle of the printing machine: The nozzle of the fabric printing machine plays a crucial role in the precision of printing, the dimension of the inkjet volume, the printing rate, as well as the manufacturing price. It is the most fundamental part of the fabric printing press. Today, the mainstream fabric printing machine nozzles in China have: Starlight, Kyocera. As a palatable, the nozzle needs to be replaced every few years, so the longevity and also replacement cost of the nozzle have to additionally be thought about.

3. Maker stamina

Regardless of other factors, choosing a large-scale manufacturer is the front runner. Massive producers are relatively total in r & d technology as well as after-sales innovation. The r & d strength of the supplier determines whether the products generated with their tools are affordable in the marketplace. Strong, powerful after-sales support can address your concerns.

4. Residential imports

my country’s technological manufacturing level is ending up being a growing number of fully grown, as well as the gap with imported makers is obtaining smaller and smaller. In this regard, firms can take into consideration the list below consider choosing imported fabric printing machines or domestic textile printing press: First, cost elements Imported equipments are extra expensive in terms of products and also taxes. When selecting a textile printing machine, imported makers are often a lot more pricey than domestic ones. Second, the crucial modern technology. The primary core technology of the textile printing machine is the nozzle. Domestic fabric printing machines additionally use imported nozzles. A lot of the devices made use of by some producers are imported from abroad. In regards to equipment modern technology, domestic imports are practically the very same. Third, customer service. Great after-sales service support is one of the tricks. Excellent after-sales service is to find to the door to fix the trouble in time as well as solve the problem effectively.

5. Various other elements

Site choice: tools area as well as required ecological problems, the ecological conditions are generally shown in temperature level and humidity. The expense of printing: workshop rental fee, labor prices, water as well as electricity expenses, acquisition equipment expenses, n ink consumption, nozzle loss. Devices operating problems: comprehend the detailed requirements of equipment power, air pressure, voltage, etc. There is no ideal equipment. Just the very best device for oneself is the most crucial. In the choice of textile printing machine, you need to select according to your actual circumstance as well as needs. Don’t select the costly one, only select the ideal one.

In order for an electronic inkjet sublimation printing machine to outcome a refined as well as perfect model, in addition to a high-precision electronic printing press, the top quality of consumables is likewise an essential part. Just how to maintain the consumables of the digital printing machine from being harmed throughout storage, and what should I typically focus on?

sublimation printing machine

Storage methods and precautions of sublimation printing machine consumables

1. Running atmosphere: temperature

18 ~ 30 ℃ (65 ~ 85 ℉), loved one humidity: 20 ~ 65%, also reduced temperature and also moisture will easily generate fixed electrical energy, which will certainly influence paper feeding accuracy and also printing accuracy, and also will damage the ink head as well as the main board of the printer circuit.

2. Stock storage and also transport

Please maintain it under relatively stable ecological problems (the temperature level difference ought to not be as well large), prevent heat and straight sunshine, as well as keep the ground and also air dry. It is suggested to place it horizontally prior to use. The variety of stacking layers need not surpass 8, as well as any heavy objects, must be stacked ahead. When dealing with and also using, it must be managed with care, not throw, as well as prevent imprint, wrinkles, fractures, etc. caused by difficult objects pressed, massaged as well as punctured. After uncoiling, take notice of protecting both ends of the material to avoid damage brought on by extrusion.

3. Relaxing use:

After opening up the package, all procedures should be accomplished with soft white cotton gloves to prevent scratches or spots on the surface of the product. Extra products ought to be put back into the moisture-proof bag, plugged at both ends, and after that put back in the box. Try to prevent excessive contact with air to stop the ink-absorbing coating from absorbing moisture airborne and influencing the ink absorption performance.

sublimation printing machine

4. Publish outcome:

Do not utilize inferior suitable inks (specifically some inks blended with pure water). It is advised to utilize original inks or trusted compatible inks to make sure the printing result. Since our item examinations are all published with original inks, some low-quality inks might seriously influence printing, such as extremely low printing precision, shade distinction, ink loading, ink blood loss, and also ink leaking. Before outputting, attempt printing with a small example to observe the impact, and afterward make modifications in the printing software to obtain the most effective result effect. Please describe the printer handbook for other matters needing interest in printing.

5. Post-processing of sublimation printing machine:

After the textile sublimation printing machine, do not touch the display before the ink is entirely dry. Put it horizontally to make it fully dry. Focus on ecological sanitation when laminating flooring to stay clear of excessive dirt from influencing the laminating effect.

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