Sublimation Printing Solution

Sublimation Inkjet Printers

For wide-format inkjet printers, Sublistar specializes in the development, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and service of wide-format sublimation printers. We provide turnkey solutions, including printers, inks, media, and software. If you are looking for top-class and affordable sublimation printers to meet your mass production needs, look no further than Sublistar. We are a reputable company with unmatched experience in selling high-quality sublimation printers.

Sublimation Papers

Our sublimation transfer paper has a microporous coating for faster sublimation printing. Instant-dry with extra-high ink absorption capacity, excellent durability, and outstanding efficiency guarantee a highly efficient production process. Excellent color brilliance on polyester textiles and coated substrates. Wide applications for sportswear and functional textiles, fashion, soft signage, home decor textiles, personalized interiors, skis and snowboards, and merchandising products.

Sublimation Inks

Sublistar digital sublimation ink offers brands a superior digital printing experience by delivering vibrant color with maximum transfer efficiency and minimal drying time. Sublistar ink also boosts efficiency and enhances overall productivity by saving on ink coverage and, consequently, drying power.

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