UV DTF printer

SUBLISTAR A3 Roll-to-Roll UV DTF Printer

UV DTF printer is a kind of digital printer that can print on surfaces that UV printer is unable to print on, for example, curved surface. Usually, A3 size UV DTF printer can meet daily demands. Therefore, this passage will detail SUBLISTAR’s A3 size roll-to-roll UV DTF printer.

Product highlights of A3 UV DTF printer

  1. Support different types of Epson printheads such as Epson I1600, I3200 and HD-I3200-U1. Hence, you can choose right printheads according to your specific needs.
  2. Realize white+color+varnish printing at the same time, outputting prints of bright color and excellent durability.
  3. Even small crystal labeling will transfer good effect.
  4. Automatic roll-to-roll printing and laminating, without manual operation. This saves a lot of time and labor cost.
  5. White ink circulation effectively prevents white ink precipitation and ensures smooth printing.
  6. Small designs are customized in bulk, and small prints are textured.

Professional features of A3 UV DTF printer

Ink Supply System

Ink supply system

With a large ink cartridge, the Sublistar A3 UV DTF printer can print patterns with bright colors. In the printing process, the white and colorful inks as well as varnish output simultaneously, making the production more convenient.

Mute Motor and Rail

High-precision and mute rails make the printing smooth with low noise and a better operating environment.

Mute Motor and Rail
Waste Ink Alarm

Waste Ink Alarm

When the waste ink bottle is full, the monitoring device will make an alarm sound: a device for storing waste ink. When the waste ink is full, there will be an audible alarm prompt.

White Ink Stirrer

The component that derives the circulation of white ink. Please make sure that the stirrer is still running when the printer is turned off. It effectively avoids white ink settling and makes the printer start and works faster next time.

White Ink Stirrer

Printing process of A3 UV DTF printer

  1. Design patterns on the computer
  2. Print patterns on the A film
  3. Laminate the B film automatically
  4. Cut the film to transfer to the items.

Applications of A3 UV DTF printer

This A3 roll-to-roll UV DTF printer can be utilized in many items, no matter what even or curved surface.

If you want to find more about this UV DTF printer, please contact SUBLISTAR’s professional sales.

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