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Sublistar DTF Printer’s Three-Generation Advantage Is More Prominent!

DTF Printer has occupied a place in the digital printing market. Major manufacturers have also been continuously updated in sales services. Actively listen to the feedback of the use of major customers. In the process of making machines, try to avoid the problem of customer feedback again. This article mainly introduces the comparison between the three generations of the Sublistar brand’s three generations of machines, with our original blue old machine in the exhibition hall. This article is mainly explained from the perspective of DTF Printer‘s ink system update and changes in the paper inlet system.
1. DTF Printer Ink Road System Update
DTF printerDuring the printing process of white ink, the original DTF Printer was prone to three phenomena: broken ink, print stripes, and dripping ink. In this case, the suggestion given by the technicians is to adjust the parameters of the ink pressure plate. However, this situation is very common. Each adjustment is too cumbersome to solve the problem from the fundamental. The most important thing is that it is very difficult to achieve stable printing and low efficiency. Even if the nozzle is cleaned or changes the parameters again, it is not cured, so it is necessary to change the problem from the design.
When the original DTF Printer was designed, there were ink-voltage circuit boards, and the PLC LCD display (with more than 600-609 parameters adjustable, the above are the options of two nozzles, and 4 nozzles were more). There are also filters, ink pumps, and back-ink pumps, which are not in the system after the update.
In order to run a more stable and simple operation, the new DTF Printer puts a filter and a peristaltic pump during the design. The DTF Printing Machine run in our exhibition hall is the updated machine. It can be achieved with a stable printing of more than ten meters, and the three white ink abnormal conditions mentioned above have not appeared.
Let’s explain the design ideas of the original ink road system. The ink tube is connected by four white ink sacs. Next to it is a horizontal bubbler (small buffer tank), and the side port of the foam is connected to the trachea, which is the ink return tube. The idea of the design is to bring a stable ink supply and maintain stability. However, the idea is right, and there is a problem with the design. The position of the ink sac is wrong, which directly causes the peristaltic pump to not provide stable ink pressure. The buffer tank is too small, the pressure of the white ink is unstable, the pressure is lacking when the pressure is too small, and the ink is dripping when the pressure is too large. Constantly adjusting the parameters will also make people exhausted, and they must be fundamentally solved.
In the updated machine, the ink spray head does not belong to the main direction of the white ink cycle. It is diverted from the buffer tank. It is equivalent to adding a plug -into the buffer tank. Naturally, it can obtain a stable white ink pressure and achieve stable printing. We can be the following figure as an example:

DTF printer
From the above graphics structure, we can see that some simple structures can solve the problem. It is too complicated to lead to more problems. A simple structure can achieve a good effect. Why do you need so many complex structures, causing more trouble?
2. Digital DTF Transfer Printer Paper -entering System Comparison
When I put on the consumable film in the exhibition hall, I was a little confused. The old DTF Printer has a paper motor. In the process of walking forward in the PET membrane, the transfer film will repeatedly entangle between multiple roller shafts. (Tighten up and step forward). This method is a bit complicated, and once a mistake is wrapped, you cannot go normally.
The new model also adopts a simple mode, no motor, no multi-gear bite, with simple paper delivery. The PET membrane does not need to be wrapped repeatedly between the roller axis. There is a torque stable friction piece in the paper delivery device. It can achieve accurate walking paper with step motors.
The original machine adopted the continuous tension system because it absorbed the production experience of machines such as inside, outdoor photo machines, leather machines, and other machines. Of course, you want to move to the application of the DTF Printer. In addition, the paper inlet motor of the old machine is running at all times, and gear dislocation, damage, seal, or nut offset occur often occur. It is also possible to stain the PET membrane coating.
From this, summarize the reasons why DTF Printer updates the paper inlet system:
(1) As one of the important transfer media, the PET membrane is one of the printed platforms, and there are cardboards on the left and right. There is a wind-absorbing platform in the middle, which will not be easily arched. When the grid of the oven part, when the PET membrane enters the oven, it cannot use the suction of the codpiece and the wind suction platform. Therefore, the reason for using tension is explained.
(2) The coating on the PET film of the DTF Printer consumables is very easy to receive damage. Can the coating be perfectly transferred by the friction of multiple roller shafts?
(3) DTF Printer’s currently largest printing width is 1200mm. We have also updated the wind absorption system. The suction power is stronger and stronger.
Therefore, no matter what problems the machine is, we can find problems in daily use. After timely feedback, we will solve the update in time. In order to complete things faster and better.

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