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Sublistar DTF Printer VS Other Brands DTF Printer

The DTF Printer continues to attract customers with its preferential prices and unique features. In the past two years, I believe that if you have been paying attention to the digital printing market, you must know what DTF Printer is. Among them, the DTF Printer of the Sublistar brand is constantly updated. The functions are becoming more and more perfect, and continue to bring more comfortable experience to customers.

Today, we will focus on the comparison between the DTF Printer of the sublistar brand and the DTF Printer of other brands. I believe that if you want to own a DTF Printer after reading it, you know how to choose it.

1. Install the nozzle before shipping

First of all, because Sublistar is a Chinese brand and a company engaged in foreign trade. Then it is bound to face language communication. Many times, foreign friends buy machines in China, but they do not understand the Chinese installation instructions. It is possible that the installation is wrong, causing the machine to be damaged and unable to operate normally. It will affect the progress of the work, and may eventually suffer heavy losses. Our Sublistar brand really does it. Before shipping, we will install the printer head for you.

As we all know, the print head is the core of DTF Printer. All sprinklers are installed and shipped to avoid the trouble of not understanding the technology. Avoid incorrect connection of the sprinkler cable, which may cause the sprinkler, decryption card, and head board to be burned. This is an important part of the machine. Once damaged, the machine cannot be used normally.

The nozzle is installed correctly, and the ink tube and ink sac are connected incorrectly, causing ink problems. Ink may contaminate the nozzles, block the nozzles, and shorten the service life of the nozzles. Our DTF Printer is ready to use out of the box, saving installation time and unnecessary trouble.

It is summer in China, and the temperature in coastal areas is relatively high. If it is exported to the southern hemisphere, an additional configuration is required. It is the ink circuit constant temperature system. Anyone who has used DTF Printer knows that white ink can easily clog the print head. The nozzle is blocked, delaying the construction period, damaging the machine, and shortening the service life of the machine. The ink circuit constant temperature system has an internal heating function, so that the machine can be maintained at 25~26℃ forever. In the case of low temperature, it can maintain the smoothness of the ink without clogging the nozzle.

At present, few other brands on the market can install the nozzle of the machine for you and then ship it. Usually, they send you all the parts of the machine, give you an installation video, and then let you do it yourself operating. It’s easy to make a mistake.

Suction function2.Machine details

Our Sublistar brand DTF Printer, when we participated in the exhibition of related machines, we found that the press roller of the machine is also one of the indicators to test the performance of the machine. The main transfer medium of DTF Printer is PET film, which is thicker than sublimation transfer paper. Therefore, if the pressing area of ​​the pinch roller is small, it is likely to cause the PET film to deviate. The deviation of the PET film can easily lead to misalignment of printing and unclear patterns. Seriously affect the transfer effect, our DTF Printer pressure roller is 1.5 times that of other brands on the market. The area is larger, the film is more stable, and the printing is more accurate.

The printer itself has a platform suction and heating function. Our printer has three-stage drying in the front, middle and back. The ink is printed on the PET film and it will dry quickly. Suction is to further ensure that the PET film does not move, and the printing is more accurate. Our suction platform is set on the outside. It can further reduce the motor’s hot air and water vapor sucking into the inside of the machine, reducing the chance of causing the motor to get damp.

The suction system of some DTF Printers on the market is installed inside the machine. It is easy to suck the hot air into the machine, which will increase the load of the machine’s motor and reduce the service life of the motor.

Newly added tension control system, speed adjustment may be required during the printing process, which can be adjusted automatically at a constant speed. Provide corresponding guarantee for high-speed and stable printing.

Powder box3. Constantly updated and progressed

We upgraded from manual operation screen to touch screen, Auto PLC button, easy and automatic operation. At present, most of the buttons on the market are manual buttons, which require manual operation. It’s more troublesome, and you have to calculate the time.

Our DTF Printer is equipped with a guide belt. The PET film is conveyed by the guide belt in a stable and orderly manner. It can be rolled or flat.

Many DTF Printers on the market have no tape configuration, which is very prone to misalignment during the printing process. They can only print rolls, not flat sheets. There are restrictions on the types of consumables.

Suction platform: front and rear suction configuration of our DTF Printer, (compared to some powder shakers on the market: no suction or internal suction) suction is external, which can reduce water vapor and heat from entering the machine and reduce the possibility of motor damage Performance, prolonging the service life of the motor.

In order to pursue low prices, the current DTF Printers on the market neglect the most important product quality. Drying is an important function of the machine, but in order to save costs, the quality of parts and components of some machines is not high. It directly causes the hot-melt powder to not dry, and it is prone to white edges and sticky powder. Our DTF Printer double-layer drying up and down, heating tube up and down, increase the drying speed and ensure the drying effect.

Powder return-free function: the use of hot melt powder is more efficient and cost-saving. There is no other brand on the market that can do this function. Conical powder box function: a new conical sawtooth baffle is added, with holes on both sides, hot melt powder leaks evenly, reducing the number of operations of dusting and painting, and reducing the load of the motor. This is also our latest improved feature. Two powder receiving boxes: freely switch between coarse powder and fine powder. More refined operation.

I believe that after reading these, you can compare other brand shakers on the market and compare various functions. You will make the most practical choice. Low price has never been our pursuit, we only make high-quality good machines. Finally, I hope that with us, you can choose the most satisfactory DTF Printer machine.

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