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DTF film printing has occupied a place in the digital printing market. Everyone knows that DTF printing consists of an inkjet printer and a powder shake machine. In addition, PET film, textile pigment ink and hot melt powder are needed, so how do we choose these consumables?

DTF Printing

1.DTF Film Printer

You can use DTF printer to uninhibitedly print any planned example on the covered PET film and move them on the vast majority of pieces of clothing, which is exceptionally high proficient. Sublistar can furnish with 30cm DTF printer, 60cm DTF printer and 1.2m DTF printer to suit your needs. The printing speed is high and the quality is truly steady.

2.Shake Powder Machine

Usually, what we sell is a two-in-one printer + powder shaker, but if the customer needs a printer or powder shaker, we can also meet it. Our powder shaker has undergone continuous upgrading and optimization, and the technology has gradually matured. Some improvements have been made in materials and functions. Welcome to visit our exhibition hall.

3.DTF film

Sublistar DTF Film, which has a gentle contact feeling, secure printing ablity, brilliant colors, suitable for printing small phrases washing labels ,suitable for most sorts of clothes and lots extra environmentally friendly. It can at once use DTF pigment ink and warm soften adhesive powder to gain large-scale quick warmness switch manufacturing barring cutting, and recognise lower priced high-effiency applications. It can be exceedingly environment friendly Large-scale production, decreased labor costs, easy operation, and awesome effects. We additionally can furnish with warm/cold peel two sorts of movie for distinctive needs.

4.Textile Pigment Ink

Sublistar water-based pigment textile ink is designed for printing on DTF, or direct switch film, which is a new science for clothes warmth transfer-digital warmth transfer. Our ink is High coloration density and it has vivid shade and accurate fluency. No blockading the print nozzle and bleeding after printing. So you don’t want to fear about rubbing. Our white ink doesn’t solid colour and it has a robust overlaying ability. The completed garment will now not residue oil.

DTF printer

5.Hot Melt Powder

Sublistar hot melt powder is designed for printing on DTF, or direct to film, which is a new technological know-how for T-shirt warmness transfer-digital offset warmth transfer. Sublistar can furnish you with 5 types of warm soften DTF powder(super nice powder/ exceptional powder/ regular powder/ coarse powder/ Jeans powder/ decrease temperature powder)for a variety of choices.Our powder shakes clean and without residue.It will frame a glue layer after the DTF printing cycle and suits for various sorts of films. It’s environmental pleasant and can be used for most sorts of clothes like customized T-shirts, group clothes, Work clothes, marketing shirts, jerseys, luggage and different fields. The photograph transferred has shade retention and resistance to a couple of washing.

The whle solution of DTF printing not only requires high-quality equipment, but good consumables are also very important. Our equipment has high stability, the ink is environmentally friendly and will not block the nozzle. There are five types of hot melt powder to meet your transfer requirements for different substrates. The film is soft and smooth. Sublistar provides you with all the machines and consumables needed for DTF printing, including software. Welcome to consult!

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