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T-Shirt Printing Machine Designs Your Own Sweater

1.What is a T-Shirt printing machine?

What is a T-Shirt printing machine? If you are a creative person and have a good sense of fashion, you can make money by selling sweaters and shirts online. There are many ways to make money by selling sweaters online, and some methods are much easier than others. One of the easiest ways to make money selling sweaters is to design and sell sweaters yourself and sell them on various websites.

I believe that if you have tried to sell sweaters, you will want to have your own printing machine for sweaters. This machine is a T-Shirt printing machine. In this way, you can save more production costs. At the same time, you can expand your market based on your original market share.

With the improvement of material living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the pursuit of the spiritual world. Many people want to own more than one piece of clothing. And these clothes are best to be different from others and have their own unique characteristics. Previously, our website introduced more than once that the T-Shirt printing machine can be used to design T-shirt patterns. At the same time, the designed pattern can also be transferred to the sweater.

Sweater2. What is this process?

Why is the machine name a T-Shirt printing machine, but it is used to print sweaters? In fact, there are two types of T-Shirt printing machines. One is DTG Printer. The other is our protagonist DTF Printer today. DTF Printer is a universal printer in the apparel industry. Regardless of the material of the clothes, there is no limit to the color or the material of the fabric. Both can successfully transfer the pattern on the fabric you need.

First, a T-Shirt printing machine is required. This machine consists of two parts. One part is a printer, and one part is a powder shaker. The printer part is responsible for linking the design pattern on the computer side and outputting the pattern. Then, the designed pattern is firmly adhered to the PET film through the powder shaking and drying all-in-one machine. When the rewinding is successful, it can be cut down. Then transfer the pattern onto the sweater by a hot press.

The biggest advantage of this machine is that it can directly print hollow patterns with one key, no plate making, no lettering, no matter how complicated the pattern is, you can use the printing software to analyze the hollowing effect you want as long as you input it into the computer. After the pattern is printed, it is directly output to the powder shaker for automatic powder shake, heating, and drying. The one-stop production is the finished heat transfer. The entire workflow is very simple and efficient. Moreover, the hand feel of this pattern is very soft, without a feeling of coldness. Whether it is a T-shirt or a sweater, it is very breathable and comfortable.

In terms of configuration, the T-Shirt printing machine is equipped with I3200 print heads, 4720 print heads, or XP600 print heads. Our Sublistar brand owns a variety of T-Shirt printing machines with different print widths. 300mm/600mm/1200mm, 1800mm machines will be introduced later. The white color is output at the same time, and the printed picture has high precision and beautiful colors. Mould integrated platform, wide printing width is optional, liftable pressure roller can adjust the smoothness of printing materials. Imported ultra-quiet guide rails, low noise, and high precision, the trolley has a collision design to protect the nozzle. Large 5-liter ink tank, automatic ink supply, smooth printing, and continuous printing. The front, middle and rear triple drying and automatic rewinding and unwinding system can save time and effort.

In application, the market prospect of this machine is also very broad. The printed heat transfer can be transferred to cotton fabrics, nylon fabrics, polyester fabrics, PVC, EVA, and other materials. As long as it is matched with the corresponding pressing machine, personalized customization of products such as T-shirts, pieces of denim, skirts, hats, shoes, and swimwear can be achieved. This article focuses on sweaters.

T-shirt printing machine

3.How to match the sweater?

I have introduced so much about the T-Shirt printing machine before, and then I will focus on the sweater.

Whether it is spring, autumn, or winter, there will be people who like to wear sweaters. And simple and easy to match. The loose-fitting sweater is matched with a chic waistband shirt, and the pink color adds a playful and elegant feeling. Irregular tailoring of the bottom hem, full of trendy flavor. The design on the sleeves is also very unique. Exudes full elegance.

If you also like cartoon prints or chic sweater jackets. Wearing it casually shows the cutest side of a full-featured personality.

The outside of the sweater can be matched with a black or brown down vest. If it is cold, it can be matched with any high-collar or low-collar base shirt except green. If you are afraid of the cold, many popular Korean scarfs and snoods can also be matched.

In the current market, a large part of people already has the idea and concept of customized clothes. But many people still buy printed clothes on major online platforms or offline physical stores. Or some people will choose to customize clothing with exclusive meaning on a major holiday or an anniversary. Mainly still high prices. Using our T-Shirt printing machine can help you save costs and reduce expenses. And it occupies a small area. Only the cost of one machine and consumables needs to be invested in the early stage. After receiving the goods, guide the installation, easy and convenient.

Finally, I hope you can be inspired after reading this article. If you have any questions about our T-Shirt printing machine or want to know more. Feel free to contact the email address at the bottom of our website.

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