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What’s the DTG Printer?

DTG Printer

Matthew Rhome invented the first direct-to-garment printer in the 1990s. In 2000, he was granted a patent, and during the next five years, a number of competitors were introduced to the market. There were various types of these printers available…

How To Remove DTG Pretreatment Stains

DTG printing

When using a DTG printer, your aim should always be to produce flawless designs. Unfortunately, sometimes you may notice stains, crystallization or bleaching from the pretreatment used on the garment. If you do notice imperfections on your garments and are…

Improve Color Fastness For Digital Printing

For friends who buy digital printers, many people are most concerned about color fastness. So what exactly is color fastness? In fact, color fastness belongs to a branch of the color characteristics of printed fabrics. Today, SUBLISTAR will introduce to you…

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