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Use UV printer to undertake signboard business! Easy printing, high quality.

The signboard, as the name suggests, is a plate used to mark the guidelines. Signs are generally composed of words, patterns, and other contents, which play the role of advertising, instruction, and warning. According to the function of the signboard, it can be roughly divided into information, guidance, location, image, and prompt.

The traditional signboard printing is usually made through the silk screen printing process. The process is complex and the cost is high. The UV printer can save you from this trouble! Compared with the traditional signboard printing process, the universal printer has the advantages of a simple process, low material and labor costs, non-proliferation of ink, and good accuracy and clarity of words and patterns. It can print exquisite multi-color patterns and text, and so on. It is a good choice for the printing and production of signs.


UV flat-panel printer does not need plate-making. The color of the product is fast and the cost is particularly cheap, and it can output computer software with various pictures. The color can be changed directly on the computer. After the color is changed, it can be formed at one time and printed immediately, meeting the requirements of rapid sampling and making finished products in the fastest time. For mass printing, it can also be modular template color printing, saving time and improving production efficiency. The full-color image can be completed at one time, and the progressive color can fully achieve the effect of photo quality.

Volume production

Personalized design, mass production. As long as the drawings are input into the computer in PSD, CDR, and other formats, the patterns of various colors can be printed on the materials, and the color printing is successful at one time. There is no need for redundant operations. In mass production, the products only need to be placed on the large-scale UV printer plate according to the printing area, and one-time printing is completed. The operation is simple, convenient, and fast, and the production cost is low.


UV printing completely eliminates the traditional color printing mode and method, and no longer uses the simple manual operation and technical color printing decals in the past. The UV printer uses a better combination of synthetic pictures on a computer with higher technical content and independent control technology, which can accurately align the area and location to be printed. The powerful function of UV printers in printing flat panel materials has become a consensus. If you need to deal with non-flat printing materials, such as cylinder printing products such as wine bottles or thermos cups in-cylinder printers, accurate alignment is very important.


UV machines are widely used. At the same time, its printing is not limited to materials and will not cause any damage to those materials. This wide range of applications is unmatched by traditional printing. It can not only be applied to tough materials such as stone, metal, crystal, glass, steel, wood, etc., but also to soft materials such as leather, inorganic materials, and organic materials with complex components or unique structures.

Materials used to make signs are usually ones of non-metallic, metal, or ceramic. Non-metallic materials include acrylic, two-color plate, PVC, plexiglass, and wood; Metal materials include stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy, brass, and aluminum; Ceramic materials include pure ceramics, metal-ceramic composite glass, and so on. This is precisely the field where UV printers can be used.

Printable signs


Giving people accurate information about the surrounding environment. So people can know their location and surroundings.


Solving the problem of route selection and direction orientation, so as to meet the demand of finding the destination.

Current location

Informing visitors that they have arrived at an area or place. Identifying the destination information.


Reflecting the environment, culture, and spiritual image of a region.


The act of prompting visitors in a specific area or place. It means a prohibition, and it should be noted in explanation.

The ultimate goal of signboard design is visual communication and information dissemination. Therefore, the visual effect and performance should be considered first in the selection of materials. To express the traditional culture or the natural style, we should consider using wood, stone, and other materials that are easy to express the style; To have the flavor of the times, novel and unique personality, we shall consider using acrylic board, PVC board, etc. On these materials, a UV printer can easily print patterns or words, with bright colors and good effects.

The sites where signs are located are divided into indoor and outdoor according to the environment. Sometimes, these plates expose to sunlight, wind, and rain. Different geographical locations will have different climatic characteristics. Humidity, precipitation, and temperature are all factors affecting the life of signs. The signboard printed by UV machine is durable. Even if it is used outdoors, the service life of the signboard can be guaranteed.

Signs are not only plates with words or patterns, but also advertisements, fads, and culture. A good signboard can cooperate with other environmental elements. For traditional cultural signs, more consideration should be given to the history and connotation; In Modern signboards, the design needs to be unique and fashionable.

Fantastic design, of course, must be equipped with brilliant printing methods to truly reflect the effect. The super powerful function of the UV printer can ensure that the designer’s creativity can be shown incisively and vividly. Buy a UV printer to undertake the business of making signboards. It is absolutely worth the money.

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