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The Cheapest Way To Produce Customized T-Shirts Is DTF Printer?

DTF Printer and DTG Printer and screen printing are now the best way to produce T-shirts.

Now with the improvement of living standards, people’s pursuit of the spiritual world is getting higher and higher. Many small entrepreneurs with business acumen have seized the opportunity at this moment.

Personalized customization is a small amount, so DTF Printer and DTG Printer are definitely the most suitable printing. Screen printing requires a certain amount. Otherwise, the cost of making a piece is very high, and it has to be plate-making; there are some domestic machines that do well in DTG Printer printing, so you can consider putting it into use. After-sales maintenance is also reliable and peace of mind. The cost of imported branded machines is very high, but this is a bit difficult for small entrepreneurs to maintain funds.

1.DTF Printer can customize patterns

Machine embroidery is embroidery. Nowadays, most customized T-shirts are printed; the pasting is not strong; therefore, the most suitable ones for customized customization are DTF Printer and DTG Printer. DTF Printer is designed or customized patterns to be printed through a printer and a powder shaker and dryer. Then heat transfer through a hot press.

The most important thing is what kind of T-shirt you need to make. If it is a small batch of personalized customization or more diversified patterns, it is recommended to use DTF Printer and DTG Printer. Single-piece printing, no plate making is required, and printing can be done if there is a picture. Go to the factory to buy a blank T-shirt, you don’t need to stock up, and you can print it quickly when you have the order. The technology is as convenient as using a printer. You can print the patterns you want to print from your computer to your clothes at any time, and the customized prices are relatively favorable.

Silkscreen is too troublesome and suitable for mass production. No matter which method you choose, there are many steps. It is very time-consuming, and the only convenience is that its mass production is fast. At present, screen printing is basically produced by large manufacturers.

If you want a more three-dimensional pattern. Consider custom embroidered T-shirts. The embroidered patterns are soft to the touch, bright in color, and strong in three-dimensionality. The price is also more expensive than digital direct injection.

DTF Printing

2.DTF Printer can choose the right fabric

Choosing the right fabric for custom T-shirts is a very important part. Now, most T-shirts are made of pure cotton fabric.

There are also some pure cotton fabrics with polyester material, which have a better moisture-wicking effect. If you want a better moisture-wicking effect, you can choose a quick-drying T-shirt for customization.

Polyester cotton: This should be very common. It is not easy to deform or wrinkle. The fabric feels hard, and the comfort is not as good as pure cotton, but it is soft and thick. If it is 65% cotton T-shirt fabric, it is still acceptable, but if it is 35% cotton, don’t ask for it. It’s uncomfortable and pilling. Why waste money?

Combed cotton: There are many T-shirts that are made of pure cotton, but the fabric is marked as combed cotton. Many socks are included, but there is no problem. Because it is indeed a kind of pure cotton. However, it is better than ordinary cotton. It can make T-shirts more high-end texture, softer, more comfortable, more washable and durable, and will have a certain gloss.

Mercerized cotton: Silk cotton fabric uses cotton as raw material and undergoes special processing techniques such as singeing and silk to produce clean, bright, soft, and wrinkle-resistant high-quality silk. The high-quality t-shirt fabric made of this raw material not only preserves the high-quality natural characteristics of cotton, but also is shiny and bright, moisture-absorbing and breathable, good hand feeling, rich in patterns, comfortable and free clothing, and can well demonstrate the wearer’s temperament grade.

Cotton and Hemp: Hemp fibers come from various hemp fabrics, and are the earliest anti-hemp fiber materials used in the world. It is a cellulose fiber, which has many qualities similar to cotton fiber. Due to its low yield and other characteristics, it is called cool fiber and noble. Linen is a durable and comfortable fabric with a rough style, which is quite popular among consumers of all walks of life.

Pure cotton: Pure cotton is the most commonly used t-shirt fabric. It is breathable, skin-friendly, water-absorbent, and cost-effective. Unlike other high-end t-shirt fabrics, it has undergone special processing, but it is still 100% cotton. Maintain the natural characteristics of high-quality cotton. The price of pure cotton cloth is also more appropriate, which is a good choice. It is true that some 100% cotton is treated with special processes such as depilation and softening, and it also belongs to high-end fabrics.

DTF Printing

3.DTF Printer can print any T-shirt color

Before the technology was immature, the machine could only print a certain single-color t-shirt. The DTF Printer printer can be said to be a universal printer for machines in the clothing industry. As long as you choose the high-quality hot-melt powder used in combination, you can print patterns at will, without worrying about the possibility that the printed patterns will show up. Real customers use feedback, and the effect is visible.

Many companies need to reflect their corporate culture when customizing corporate cultural shirts. Avoid the same possibilities as other companies. All colors are required, and these can be printed on DTF Printer. University clubs, student unions, etc. will have a large demand every year.

In summary, because DTG Printer is only for pure cotton clothing. In real life, there will be other materials mixed in cotton clothing. Therefore, if it is a small entrepreneurial enterprise, DTF Printer is the best investment machine.

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